Scientists Create Humanized Mice From Aborted Babies

Did you know that your hard earned tax money is being spent on creating humanized mice with tissues taken from bodies of aborted human babies? Horrifying right? Well, that’s exactly what the people at the National Institute of Health (NIH) is doing with it.

In a report from CNS News, “The New Humanized Rodent Model Workshop” funded by NIH, is according to the AIDS Research and Therapy journal’s summary, a mouse constructed with “(h)uman fetal liver and thymus (20-24 g.w.).”

CNS says:

“It was ‘humanized’ with organs taken from babies five to six months after conception.”

“A single donor (one baby) provides sufficient tissue to implant 50-60 mice.”

NIH workers described the mice as “Triple Knock Out (TKO) mice that are bone marrow, liver, thymus (BLT)-humanized (which) become highly reconstituted with human immune cells and tissues.”

NIH is reported to have spent a whopping $107 million of your tax money in 2017 alone.

  • Elly

    What in the world is happening here? Wouldn’t our tax dollars be better spent to help with the debt in this country? This is as sinful as abortion itself. This is disgraceful.

  • Allie Davis

    Clearly this is an attempt to provide human gene research without using humans. It also may become significant in learning to grow replacement organs for humans in non-humans. Gross? Yes, and expensive, but is it better than experimenting on human beings? Spend some time on a cancer ward, or a dialysis unit, and you decide.

  • bill sexton

    aborted fetus tissue is DEAD. Unfortunate that the baby was terminated, but if it can be used to help understand medical miracles that can lead to cures of impossible medical horrors today then that baby has not died in vain. It is a good thing to use what is going to be thrown away to advance medical science. I am a conservative, but i am also a pragmatist. Many people suffer from incurable diseases that could one day be eradicated by advanced science. Stop being an idiot from mars and see the light.

    • Martin Randall Higley

      your words show the one with mental insufficiency. disease can not nor ever will be eradicated by fallen man.

      • bill sexton

        martin, we all have some form of mental insufficiency. maybe yours is just of another form, but for sure you have tinted your soul also. for all have fallen and come short of the glory of God. Now, if you are without sin, cast the first stone. stop being a hypocrite!

    • Estell Newton

      Babies should not die to do experiments on animals. This is just plain disgusting.

      • bill sexton

        i absolutely agree

    • TalkTruth

      I appreciate your slanted and slighted opinion. Please do the research, if you care to educate yourself in truth on adult stem cell therapy vs. aborted tissue stem cells. Of course, liberals will find the funding for aborted tissue because it fits their anti-life agenda. So aborted babies, who are being used as research now, as you stated, won’t die in vain? Do you, sir, have children? If you do what one would you use to do scientific research on for the “betterment of society”? Adult stem cells actually are much more successful in the eliminating and eradication of disease. And, no babies die in the adult stem cell process. “Stop being an idiot from Venus and see the light!”

      • bill sexton

        To answer your question ” do i have children” i took one look at the way my grown children turned out and ran to get a vasectomy. Now for the rest of the story, It is abhorrent that babies are killed. But, if they are already killed and the flesh is going to rot away, then why not use it to help eliminate diseases.I guess many Christians, i am a Christian, look at a baby boy having his foreskin cut off his penis as a requirement of God for the boy to be cleansed. Just another example of Christians going hog wild following every word from their infallible preacher and throwing out all science as black magic. There is too much hypocrisy, fantasy, and superstition in the minds of many so called Christians.

        • Galveston1

          Your comment on circumcision defines another example of the superiority of the New Covenant over the Old one.

        • TalkTruth

          As I said do the research if it’s not above your educational grade. Adult stem cells are more successful than aborted stem cells. Your so-called “ Christian” argument of if they’re already aborted…why not use their organs and cells to…doesn’t make ethical sense.

          • bill sexton

            you have a point, but so do i. Abortion is horrible. i don’t support it. Still yet, it is happening and you are never going to stop it. Many people are suffering incurable diseases that could be helped by using fetal stem cells. These are cells just like your finger nails and hair are cells. They do not feel pain when you cut them. If a sci-entice could use your cut off fingernails or hair, to maybe find a cure for Parkinson or some other dreaded disease, why not use that avenue? I am a Christian and a conservative, but i am not brain dead. Just as many Christians are against Euthanasia because of their own personal religious beliefs that if God wanted people to die he would make them die, superstition is removing freedom of choice from people who are going to die, are in pain, and wish to end the drama their own way. Stop pushing your personal religious beliefs, which are mostly superstitions i bet, on other people like me.

    • Loretta

      But the aborted baby should not be dead. Someone had to kill the baby. Are yoou so blind that you don’t see how corrupt and evil this all is. If this becomes common what willthey be doing next for “science”

  • Uncle Jo

    Can also be used for creating chimeras or possible medical horrors of today and the future.

  • Michael Simon

    I do not agree, this is an abomination most foul and needs to stopped immediately!!!! Stop it right now, you are in defiance of the Lord and He will not tolerate this sin

  • cookiero

    What a bunch of crap!!!!! What is this “The Enquirer?”

  • Bridget McClellan

    That’s nice and gross for sure.

  • Martin Randall Higley

    This is abominably wrong in any sense of humanity. truly can see the prince of the air behind it all. killing children to create biological nightmares. Just in time for recognition of Jerusalem to be recognized as capital of Israel. the Kingdom is coming.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Why? What is the purpose? What can possibly justify this kind of science?

  • Estell Newton

    Disgusting. This needs to be stopped.

  • A_patriot

    What is the purpose of this experiment? Not that this can in ANY way be justified. This is straight out of a SciFi HORROR film. What IS the world coming to? Don’t answer that, I’m not sure I want to know.

  • Linda Walter

    I find it hard to believe that this is true. Just what we need – more mice and less babies.
    What a disgrace!

  • mousekiller

    Is this mouse going to be ale to learn to talk to the doctors? or kill it for the good of medical teachings? Still aborting babies because it interferes with your job is murder. use a rubber stupid and it doesn’t go on the thumb

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Its Frankenstein – Frankenstein, not Frankensteinnnn!

  • Galveston1

    What was the name of that mad Nazi doctor working for Hitler?
    Looks like these people are channeling him.

    • bill sexton

      they called him the “mad doctor:. Last i heard he was 93 still alive living in South America. After the war he became a very successful medical doctor in Germany. He had originally gone to Vienna to medical school and was sent by Hitler to his first job working at the prison. He injected poison directly into inmates hearts to see how long it would take them to die. He removed arms and legs without anesthesia and did other operations to study science of dying. He was truly a “mad doctor”. Later, German authorities filed charges against him because Israeli war criminal chasers had caught up with him forcing the German authorities to charge him. Just before his arrest he was tipped off and fled to South America. He has one daughter who lives in South America and is probably living with her.

  • Kepha Hor

    It’s disgusting. It gives a public burning at the stake (for the abortionists and the Doktor Frankensteins who are doing this) a good name.