Will Trump Be Easily Defeated In 2020

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News that the recent success in the ”Roseanne” premiere, possessing over 18 million viewers, proved Trump will not be easy to beat in 2020.

Gingrich stated, “Every once in a while Hollywood makes a movie appeals to middle America. It does amazingly well. They won’t make a second movie, though because that is not how you get Oscars. You get Oscars by being anti-American, left-wing and cynical. So the culture of Hollywood is always surprised.”

“I think it is great she is doing so well. I think it is frankly funny she is pro-Trump, openly so. She is being successful. I think there is a message there. For those people that think Trump will be easy to beat in 2020 they ought to sit down and chat with Roseanne.”