Will Small Business Be Affected By Tariffs?

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) is demanding President Trump to along with giving aid to farmers to also aid small businesses which are facing issues from his new trade policy.

Shaheen stated, “Well, we have 140,000 jobs that are at risk if these tariffs continue. It was very good economic news this week, but that’s why it’s so hard to understand why anyone thinks the uncertainty around these tariffs and potential trade war are going to be good for the economy.”

“People here are very concerned from the Little Bay Lobster Company that lost huge orders every week to China they are worried they’re not going to get that market back, that they have gone to Canada, to manufacturing companies like Filtrine over in western part of the state where they make water filtering systems. This is affecting businesses. One of the things I was very sorry to hear Ambassador Lighthizer say this week when he came before Appropriations Subcommittee was that while they’re talking about a bailout for farmers, they’re not talking about help for small businesses who are being hurt.”