Will Other Nations Move Their Embassies?

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) believes other nations will follow in the steps of the United States and place their embassies in Jerusalem as well.

“Guatemala is going to open up an embassy in Jerusalem in two days,” he stated. “Paraguay is on the way. I think you’re going to see a lot of countries out of Western Europe start to follow the United States’ lead. I bet you some of those countries who are our traditional allies will probably be the laggards in this. But hey Brian, that’s fine. I mean, do the right thing and some of these smaller countries who have done that — I think they’ve shown a lot of courage in doing so.”

  • JCWS1

    Donald Trump,
    and it just keeps getting better and better.
    God bless our President and his family.

  • Joe Williams

    Kudos to Guatemala (and Paraguay) in the face of the world’s rsmpsnt antisemitism. Maybe many more countries will follow, thus showing the terrorism-fuelled s d intolerant Muslim nations, that their world-view is quite unacceptable.
    President Trump showed true leadership and a derd sense for promoting liberty.

    • CJ

      too many scairdy cats in today’s world. Thank God, President Trump stood up to the bullies of this world

  • JoAnn Graham

    We will always stand for Israel

    • CJ

      as well we should

  • Gardener8

    President Trump did the right thing.