WikiLeaks exposes huge CIA secret

WikiLeaks has struck again, exposing another national security secret from the CIA Thursday morning. The latest leak is documentation from a CIA project called Dumbo, which allows the CIA to take over webcams and gain physical access to computers.

In the announcement, WikiLeaks released the following explanation:

“Today, August 3rd, 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the Dumbo project of the CIA. Dumbo is a capability to suspend processes utilizing webcams and corrupt any video recordings that could compromise a PAG deployment. The PAG (Physical Access Group) is a special branch within the CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence); its task is to gain and exploit physical access to target computers in CIA field operations.

“Dumbo can identify, control and manipulate monitoring and detection systems on a target computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It identifies installed devices like webcams and microphones, either locally or connected by wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) or wired networks. All processes related to the detected devices (usually recording, monitoring or detection of video/audio/network streams) are also identified and can be stopped by the operator. By deleting or manipulating recordings, the operator is aided in creating fake or destroying actual evidence of the intrusion operation.


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  • vannievogt

    The 1984 plan. Watch everyone all the time.Continually promote fake news.

  • ConservativeMe

    ALL of our Intelligent agencies ahve seem to become corrupt to the core.. time to investigate the investigators and comey has turned the once respected FBI to the FBL Federal Bureau of Leakers just as clapper has tainted the CIA.. #DTS!

    • Chuck

      Sadly the U.S,. intel agencies ar closely aligned with the international globalist/bankster carte. Their primary goal is supporting these criminals, with the needs of the country that they supposedly represent being secondary.

      • Ron C

        Has always been that way with the CIA, and the CIA runs operations against this very nation. As was told by the death bed confession of E Howard Hunt, ex CIA agent!

  • Ted Panek


  • John

    I’m not impressed with a government that undermines the freedom and safety of its citizens rather than protects them, especially with our governments (federal, state, local) , where the obligation is reinforced by law.

    • Tony

      Blame your congressmen. They are the ones that allowed it in the first place. Congress sets the rules and funds their projects. Lets put blame where it belongs. Congress. They are responsible for all of it.

      • Ron C

        The congress are lied to also…at least until they become part and parcel to the evil corruption!

  • forgottenvet

    WE were warned Orwell’s “1984” this would be the future of a Fat, Lazy and ‘Don’t ask me, I don’t Know’ attitude of Americans who Only intension in life is to ‘Get’ before they are “Got’. Guess what fat-slobs, you wanna keep ‘getting’ all you possibly and greedily can? We’ve given up on our Freedoms for Security. Eat It.

  • milmac

    Time for the once intelligence agencies to be investigated, as there does not seem to be any intelligent personnel employed by these agencies anymore. Most seem to violate the oath they take to protect, support, and defend our Constitution and the United States against all enemies, both domestic and foreign.