Why Dems Are So AFRAID Of Kid Rock

On the one hand, we have Kid Rock running for U.S. Senate in Michigan, and on the other hand, we have a rather controversial figure reportedly aiming for office as well.

Brittany Soares reports that Olympic gold medalist and transgender celebrity Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner is the latest celebrity to reveal she has considered launching a run for Senate, The Hill reports.

“I have considered it. I like the political side of it,” Jenner told radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York, responding to a rumor of her mulling a U.S. Senate bid in California. “The political side of it has always been very intriguing to me.”

Jenner added that she’s “gotta find out where I can do a better job” over the next six months or so.

“Can I do a better job from the outside? Kind of working the perimeter of the political scene, being open to, you know, talk to anybody? Or are you better off from the inside, and we are in the process of determining that,” she said, explaining her thought process in determining her future in activism and politics. “And yeah, but I would look for a senatorial run.”

Sunday marked at least the second time in recent months that Jenner has teased a political future.

“At first I thought I would never run for office. Why? ‘Cause I got way too many secrets,” she told CNN in late April. “Now I have no more secrets. They’re all out. I’ve got nothing the media (could) go crazy over because they know everything.”

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source: http://thefederalistpapers.org/us/exactly-dems-afraid-kid-rock-meme

  • Gen11American

    Since the MSM is so ludicrously pro-homosexual, pro-lesbian, and pro-transgender, it isn’t the media Bruce (Caitland) Jenner needs to worry about it. It’s the mostly Silent Majority of decent Christian Americans who are FED UP having the most degraded 3% of our population lording it over the other 97%. We resent them jamming their pro-homo propaganda down the throats of America’s children at ever younger ages, trying to pervert and influence their sexuality and create “gender confusion” so the perverted numbers of LGBT can expand in the future. Their cancerous sickness is spreading, screwing up our society more and more daily. Perhaps they realize their days are numbered, and that makes them even more bold and insane. If they think American voters are into the “Diversity BS” as much as the Democrats, he couldn’t be more wrong! We’re utterly FED UP with the asinine emphasis on excess “Diversity” because it’s destroying this country!

    • Sybil Schroeder

      Yes damn straight

    • Judy McKinney

      Gen11American: I agree completely.

  • J. P. Lynch

    To Gen11American: great post! Agree 100% Liberalism is a mental disorder
    and they prove it every day ! God bless and save America!!

  • metheoldsarge

    I thought this article was supposed to talk about why the Democrats are afraid of Kid Rock. Instead, it turned into an article about Jenner running for Senator from California.

    Getting back to Kid Rock. I suspect that the Democrats are afraid of him because he could be the Nuclear Blast that could get Stab-me-now kicked out of her Senate seat next year. He has a large following of fans. I believe that many votes he will get will be from his fans who would normally vote Democrat. You add in all the others that just do not like her, perhaps he would have a good chance of defeating her in the 2018 Mid Terms. He has my vote.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    someone who acts like a democrat but has a brain and knows how to use it ,scares the sh*t out of brain dead liberals

  • jal64

    Disappointed I am … from the headline I expected to learn something about Kid Rock. VERY misleading lead. Who the HELLO cares about BRUCE Jenner? The basic knock against Trump is that he is no life long political nerd. BRUCE falls into the same category. For that matter, so does Kid. Celebs obviously have a big advantage in name recognition. They fail to realize that most ordinary folk, while they may be impressed with their special talent, have no use for their political “wisdom”.

  • Robert Andrews

    Misleading headline supposed to be about Kid Rock, I would like to hear about him. It turned out to be about the freak, Bruce Jenner, who I do not want to hear about and have no intention of even reading about him must less vote for him.

  • Truthteller

    anything that gets rid of Dems is a very good thing……