Who Liberals Want To Have Replace Haley

CNN’s network global affairs analyst Max Boot thinks former Trump administration Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy Dina Powell would be a great replacement for United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley. Boot stated, “I think somebody like Dina Powell would be a great choice because, again, she’s seen as a more moderate mainstream conservative. I suspect there will be a battle in the administration over this because John Bolton is the National Security Adviser. He’s a former acting U.N. ambassador, and my speculation would be that would be perhaps part of the reason why Nikki Haley is leaving is because her role has been squeezed down.”

He added, “In her first year in office, Rex Tillerson was the invisible man, so she was sort of the spokesperson for the U.S., the traditionally a role the Secretary of State takes on. And you had a national security adviser in H.R. McMaster who gave her running room. Now Bolton and Pompeo are much higher profile, much harder bureaucratic fighters. Bolton in particular I think is exerting his will in terms of U.S. policy towards the U.N. he’s on a jihad against the international criminal court. He loathes the U.N. I suspect he’ll want to put somebody into that office who will mirror his hard-line unilateralism, anti-nationalist views. Dina Powell would be somebody more on the Nikki Haley lines, more moderate and more acceptable to the rest of the world. This will be an interesting test as to where the power lies within the Trump administration.”

  • NCnative

    This is not a case of who the Leftist Liberals want to replace a Trump associate with, but in their desire to remove all Trump access to his own appointees. Dina Powell is not really a moderate, but one willing to follow the dictates of the Left and therefore will openly undermine Trump in order to limit his administrative dictates. I do not see where putting anyone who is willing to soft sell Trump’s directives upon a known enemy enclave, the UN, as acceptable as the voice of the Trump administration. Whereas Bolton is too hard line, Pompeo is still flying around trying to put out the bushfires started because the previous administration ran an administration of of selling out America, that Trump is once again regrowing and rebuilding. At this time, I do not have any favored that I would like to see championed, except that they must be willing to follow in the same steps and demeaner as Nikki Haley.

  • Jimmy Headstream

    And I’m supposed to care who the liberals want to replace Ambassador Haley because? When did Max Boot get elected to anything? Isn’t he part of the Clinton News Network cabal? If we were still following their direction our U S Embassy would still be in Tel Aviv, ISIS would still be a major player, our brave soldiers remains would still be interned in North Korea and Antifa would be the National Police Force! Thankfully we elected Donald Trump president and not HRC so they don’t get a “Pick”! Just like Federal Judges on the West Coast – when you completely politicize the Judicial system at the Supreme Court Level you no longer get a blue slip option!

  • Rob

    Sorry Max Boot! President Donald Trump will nominate a very Conservative Republican to be our United Nations Representative! Count on it!

  • albedamned!

    They want someone who has made a deal with the devil, them!

    • ward

      The dems proved in 8 years of bo’s treason that they are a #1 enemy that deserves “0” wants !

  • ward

    When the dem asses want something they have proven it cannot be a benefit for the U.S.A…. !