What Would Have Stopped Texas Shooting?

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) says there is not “a single piece of legislation” that could have stopped the school shooting in Texas.

Warner stated, “I don’t think there’s a single piece of legislation, but there’s a series of actions. Are there things we can do that would improve the safety of our schools? Absolutely.”

“Should there be more mental health counseling for troubled teens, the number of the incidents caused by young men time and time again? Absolutely. Making sure people are safer with their own firearms? Absolutely.”

  • Steve Volkle

    Sad to say but he’s right

  • Gerald Stephenson

    Wow a Dummycrat with some brains !!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Sleigh

    all schools should have securities to stop people at the door
    and put one way doors on the rest of the doors

    • CJ

      the others being EXIT only. Agree 110%. Too many ways to gain entry into a school, They should have guards & metal detectors at the entry door like at Airports. Sad day it has come to this; but aren’t our children’s lives worth it?

  • GrayRider

    He’s a snake in the wood pile. He wants to run for president and is trying to look moderate.

  • James Mark Brownmiller

    Simple solution, have President Trump federalize all of National Guard throughout the United States and place military patrols in ever school across the country! Pay the troops from the DOD budget!

  • voltage737

    Install metal detectors and a guard and make sure that anyone that enters the school has to go through it.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    That’s about half scary he must be up for re election and worried about the polls

  • Dodie1990

    Finally a politician who admits the truth. I give him a lot of credit. Never thought I would hear that from any politician especially a Democrat.

  • Alibaba

    What about put Big Pharma out of business? Their drugs, from treating sore feet to sour mood didn’t seem to help the problem!…

  • Rick

    Swamp Rats just can’t help themselves.
    The Democrat party is DEAD. Nov can’t
    come fast enough.

  • greenbriar

    Good take!

  • Paul Hunter

    He deserves a lot of credit for being so honest. Most of his party just tries to make political hay out of these tragedies. None more than my own Senator Chris Murphy from CT.

  • When pushed with the specific question will this new law stop the violence, every politician says no it won’t and then they quickly follow by saying that they must do ‘something’.

    If the law will not work, then why pass it?

  • Jmanjo

    Yes , there is stuff that could have been done. New laws…probably not! You cannot stop mentally thwarted individuals. If they want to kill someone they will find a way.

  • Estell Newton

    How about giving parents back their rights and letting them correct their children? If the children are mentally unstable, get them counseling and maybe put them somewhere for help. And not in the schools or foster care.

  • MIKE

    Thanks for the honesty Senator…..a breath of fresh air from the swamp is a good thing!

  • MIKE

    By the way….I hope you keep registration/confiscation out of the equation! We need more law abiding /patriotic citizens to take charge of this country! No more socialist ideas please!

  • Alan404

    Problem, I suspect, is not the need for more laws, or the lack of laws. Problem does seem to be one of officialdom or officialdumb, take your pick, sticking it’s head into the nearest sand pile, rather than paying attention to the obvious, to what is going on within their fields of control. We do not really need more law, laws that impact adversely on the sane, on the law abiding, on Mr. and Mrs. Everyday Citizen. What is needed is a wholesale house cleaning, one that would rid us of non- functioning bureaucrats and time servers. Will those needed desires ever actually be attained? Doesn’t so appear, but then, who knows at what point the long suffering publics patience might be exhausted.

  • Joe Williams

    “Making sure people are safer with their own firearms? Absolutely.”
    This last sentence reeks strongly like a thinly disguised call for more “gun control laws”, hence the man’s admission, that no existing law would have made a difference. Sen. Mark Warner is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes and appear to be a moderate. He cannot fool me ! Better read between the lines…

  • pics fixer

    I agree with the Senator. Why not add laws that can slow it down. That can be done. We have such laws about driving a car for instance. We can do what he is suggesting and also have sensible laws such as BG checks and age limits, proper and prudent care of fire arms. Home owner insurance companies make protective rules, contractors must follow safety guidelines, the same should be for guns. We need both of those elements.

  • Arthur Rubin

    I would have thought better of you. Sen. Warner said there is no _single_ piece of legislation which would _stop_ the shooting. There could be many pieces of legislation which would have (collectively) stopped the shooting, and there could definitely be legislation, consistent with the 2nd Amendment, which would have made the shooting more difficult .

  • pat

    Are all those politicians brain dead you can’t legislate public safety if laws were the answer and doing what they were intended there would no murders or prisoners in prison. The fact is criminals don’t follow the laws of the land and it’s useless to legislate more laws criminals are not going to obey. Laws cost money to enact and only seem to penalize honest citizens,case in point the background check, it is useless and has never prevented a single murder but us honest citizens have to put up with that b.s.everytime we buy a gun. The background check is just a way for the antiguners to penalize the honest gun owners it does no good and has to cost a fortune to fund everyone involved in its record keeping process.

  • Dillon650

    Here is what I think needs to be done. 1. Limit access to school. Electronically lock all doors from office except the ones being used with metal detectors. the doors can be unlocked at the office or if someone pulls the fire alarm.15 minutes before school starts lock all doors. Only access then will be through the office. 2. Increase the number of School Resource Officers in proportion to the number of students. 3. Student ID’s with bar code. If you don’t have correct bar code, you can’t enter. All bags to be inspected.

  • Brian Hogan

    Now if he will take the next step and support securing schools so shooters are kept out. Proper security would have stopped this. Just as it would have stopped the Parkland shooting, or any other school shooting for that matter.