What Will Happen During Trump’s Face Off With Kim Jong-un?

National Security Adviser John Bolton stated to ABC that President Trump is going be sizing up North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un at the scheduled meeting in Singapore.

Bolton stated, “The president is going to make the decision when he sits down with Kim Jong Un just what exactly the North is up to, and he’ll size him up. And he’s an outstanding ability to do that. We’ll see what comes from it.”

  • quarkie009

    We should not trust Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, to be honest in any negotiations regarding their nuclear weapons program, as well as their other military weapons systems. Dictators have a personal habit of defending their own power base. They will not leave quietly in the night time or day time.

  • Ilene Richman

    I totally disagree with Pres. Trump of removing the cell phone company from the tariffs. This cell phone company has spied on the US and taken our technology. Trump had no right to do this. Who cares if Chinese workers are out of work? We have to only worry about american workers having jobs. China has stolen our technology and secrets and we have run up a tremendous trade deficit with China. Let China cut the trade deficit down to 0 if they want to work with US. And we do not need Chinese cell phone companies spying on the US. Stop this cell phone from being sold in US now. Sorry Trump. This is not the Art of the Deal. The Art of the Deal is that you had China were you wanted them. Have them eliminate all trade deficits of US now. IMMEDIATELY. Then we will talk turkey with them. The Art of the Deal is to have your opposition against the wall not to give into them. Anyone can do what you are doing . Give into the enemy and China is the enemy. Remember they are building three islands in the South China Sea and militarizing these islands. They are our enemies.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    We’ll see how this all plays out. Trump is not following Rocket Man’s script. Nothing on our side has changed a bit. We still have our whole program in place. That’s what that little dictator wasn’t counting on to happen. Oh well. He’s testing Trump like a 3 year old.

  • ahrcshaw

    Trusting NK is not an issue, I for one trust Trump so let it start, The difference between Trumps negotiations and that which Iran had with John Kerry is simple, Transparency, Safe gurards, and non regulated inspections that clearly define NK ending its Nukes, ballistic missals and confirmation by Congress. None of which were in the Iran deal. And if that does not happen, there will be no deal.