Was Trump’s “Thief” Insult Racist?

CNN co-host John Berman spoke about President Trump recently calling Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum a “thief.”

Berman suggested that Trump’s comments about the Tallahassee mayor’s questionable tenure was “a racial dog whistle pure and simple.”

“Look, that is a racial dog whistle pure and simple,” stated Berman. “He did it on Twitter, he tried it out in New Haven on Twitter earlier in the day, talking about Ron DeSantis’ Harvard-Yale degree and Andrew Gillum being a thief there, trying to set up that dichotomy. And I cannot stress enough when he is doing it. He is doing it after the bombs sent around last week, after the anti-Semitic attacks last week. The president very much still directly engaged in this type of identity politics.”

  • Stephen Howe

    Thief? Looks more like a Groid or some sorta monkey to me…

    • william couch

      I’d put don lemon, april ryan in there also..

    • glo1934

      OOOH, be careful using the word monkey, I think it got someone in trouble wasn’t it DeSantis who said something like “They’ll monkey it up,” or some such inane state of old, and it was immediately perceived as “RACIST.” Again, I have seen monkeys in many colors and hues

  • Ex democrat

    I guess “dog whistle” is the new
    left-wing talking point!
    Does the left ever engage in “dog whistling”?
    I guess not. They’re so much wiser and “honest” than the average guy.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization always have the Pot call the Kettle black.

    • glo1934

      No they engage in RACE BAITING and in INCITING VIOLENCE; “dog whistles” are too subtle for anyone with such a violent nature as the KKK DEMS

  • Susan K.

    The answer to the question is obviously “no”, unless one believes that all blacks are thieves. I guess we know now what John Berman believes.

    • glo1934

      Pretty much what I said; I have always been under the belief that thieves come in all sizes and colors, but they seem to appropriate everything for themselves and be the perennial victims of discrimination; They need to retire that RACE CARD, its lost its sting; I for one no longer give a crap about the indignant “That was Racist” bullshit

  • Patrick Feeney

    This is the worst thing ever happened! Oh the shame of it all! The shame of it all!

  • kate777

    Just another Democrat’s response to try to stir up trouble among the GOP and the Independents and the ‘Walk-Aways’ to not vote for GOP candidates because President Trump is Still President. Just remember it was the Democrats that stayed seated during President Trumps’ speech before Congress as to honoring Our Men and Women in the Military, in the Blue-Law and Order; It was Obama who bowed to Globalist, apologized for America, who lied and deceived Americans-still doing it today. Not one single day has passed where the Democrats have not complained, lied and attempted to deceive the American people as to President Trump because they are terribly afraid the Democrat Ideology will be rejected completely. We watch the Democrat News Media daily ignore the good President Trump is doing and attempting to do for the American people. We the People are Tired of the Democrats’ lies and dirty tricks, not only on our President but on We the People. MAGA/KAG

  • Robert Kahlcke

    A thief is a thief, regardless of color or he/she.

  • Varmint~

    Chicken sh!t Berman you just have to play the race card don’t you! The truth is from the the mayor’s record he was/is a thief and stole from the people plain and simple and now he thinks he is fit to be sit in the governor’s chair, I don’t think so and neither does our President and he is damn sure right! It’s a shame that all of CNN is this crippled and always lies when the truth would suit better! The sooner you all go away the better, your in the wrong country to spew this crap!

  • Melataz

    You really need to GROW UP

  • Dennis Anderson

    I`m tired of this one sided race thing. People get thrown off the air waves if the say nigger – nigger- nigger. Now here`s something that I will digress? I have had enough of this nigger racist crap.You blame Trump for this devide when you know Obama said this boy could have been my son. There is no arguement why not use your heads instead of your skin tone.

    • glo1934

      That’s all Obama had to run on. You can’t seriously believe that if his skin had not been black he would have a chance of a “snowball” in hell would you. NO VETTING, no questions because they would be considered RACIST? Shredded the Constitution, diminished our Law Enforcement, and dismantled our Military but Congress remained DEAF and MUTE so as not to offend him; The media bent so low to continuously kiss his ass that they are still stooped. If he had been a white man, he would not have lasted a half term IF he had been elected to begin with. Congress remained blind, deaf and mute to the fact that he was NOT ELIGIBLE for the office of the Presidency and not a peep out of them when he had his records SEALED: The courts also played the race card to the max, refusing to accept ANY suits filed against him and demanding vetting and investigating his background, as one judge put it “because it would embarrass the president.” Really? a person who should NOT have been president? and the courts were afraid to embarrass him by disclosing his CRIMINAL FRAUD in usurping the office? To hell with America, don’t embarrass him it would be RACIST.

  • Calvin Harwick

    A thief is a thief is a thief nothing to do with being a racist except by guilt by an ethnic group ??????

  • Melataz

    MAGA in 2020

  • shamu9

    IF You’re WHITE, the innocent act of Scratching Your Azz is “RACIS”! It’s Now “RACIS” for Whites to Breathe! Hey Gillum! If you don’t LIKE IT, Go Home to the ‘Dark Continent’! There you’ll be in the Majority! Hey!! Gillum, how many Charges do you have against you??

    • glo1934

      Just what I keep saying; if you are offended by every phrase uttered and consider it personal, insulting and/or racist just go where everybody is the same color and you should avoid that problem; I am sure that there are parts of the Dark Continent where you will NEVER see a different color. What’s scary is that these people are running for public office. Seriously, with that sensitive touchy attitude?

  • BuddyBoy53

    Everything is racist in Amerika!

    • glo1934

      I say we start IGNORING them; That Race Card has outlived its use BIG TIME

  • Melataz

    John Berman needs to grow up BIGTIME

  • John Douglas

    He’s a thief and hes going to win . Bye Florida

  • glo1934

    WHY would it be RACISTS: Are only blacks THIEVES? I thought thieves came in every color, so why would be a RACIST remark to call someone who is a thief a thief, regardless of color of skin. Some people carry this RACIST bullshit to extremes and statements which have been used for centuries are all of a sudden RACIST as if a single “race” or “color” has a corner on that particular or whatever; I so freaking tired of that RACE CARD; RETIRE it – it’s way past its usefulness; get over it and take a remark in the context it was made and not to WHOM it was made with regard to race, ethnicity, etc. Get a life

  • Harpistjill

    Well lets see….did he take the $1000.00 Hamilton tickets and the trip to Costa Rica or not? That would determine whether or not he is a thief…..don’t really care about the color of his skin (which is really just based upon the amount of melanin that each of us and animals have to protect us from the sun’s damaging rays)

  • Joseph Morgan


  • albedamned!

    These people are certifiably insane!

  • Richard Pope

    In answer to the title of this article. NO!!!! Telling the truth about someone is not racist. Gillum is typical lying, thieving communist.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • MaGuFer

      Well said, Richard! Gillum will destroy Florida!

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    I would think calling President Trump a “Pig” would be a clear dog whistle of racism. Andrew Gillum is a clear racist. He accused DeSantis of racism for saying “monkey it up”. The only difference between a monkey and a pig is they are just a different animal.

  • dosadoe

    Gillum looks and acts like a thief and is using the Race Card to deflect attention from his crimes!

  • Jeffrey Gerolmo

    Dog whistles only the left can hear. Gillum has run the sleaziest , most corrupt mayoral administration in Tallahassee history. It has been under investigation by the FBI including especially Gillum so the term thief fits perfectly. If that’s somehow racist then it is the left who harbors this racism. If you hear the word thief and you automatically associate it with a black man then you are a racist .I work with a lot of black men and the last thing I think of them is thief .They are hard working decent people unlike Andrew Gillum.

  • john vieira

    What is it with the “leftist” type Dempncrap idiots…a thief is a THIEF, an illegal is an ILLEGAL an idiot is an IDIOT ( here they can ALL take a bow)…the second they cannot defend their position their detractors become “racist”….Well STUPID IS !!!

  • Bryan Hansen

    But apparently Gillum, or some Democrat, is trying to prove Trump right.