Vegas Sheriff: We Couldn’t Have Prevented Attack

Las Vegas law enforcement says they don’t believe they could have prevented the massacre Sunday night at the Route 41 Harvest festival.

The death toll of the worst mass shooting in the history of the country has now reached at least 58, with more than 500 wounded. The shooter, Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire on Jason Aldean concert-goers from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort. The shooting spree ended when Paddock took his own life as authorities closed in. When the SWAT team busted through his hotel room door, they found the shooter dead along with a cache of around ten guns.

As Americans grieve the most deadly display of violence in the country since 9/11, many are asking if anything could have been done to prevent Paddock’s actions. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters in a press conference on Monday that he does not believe authorities could have prevented Paddock from carrying out the heinous act.

“This individual was described as a lone wolf; I don’t know how it could have been prevented,” said Lombardo. “We didn’t have any prior knowledge to this individual. It wasn’t evident that he had any weapons in his room. We have determined that there has been employees going to and fro to his room and nothing nefarious was noticed at this point.”

So far authorities have not specified any possible motive for Paddocks’ murderous campaign. Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, told the Daily Mail Monday morning that he and his family are “dumbfounded” by the actions, having seen no indications prior to the massacre that his brother was capable of such an act.

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  • Alan404

    An honest cop speaks.

  • Bernie

    To all you phony libs,
    Murder is illegal. Does it prevent people from committing murder?
    So tell me, how many more or stronger laws will prevent murder?
    Driving drunk is also against the law. But people still drive drunk and kill (murder) people.
    It’s so easy to make left-wing White supremacists look foolish!

    • Sandy Archer

      I am with you. These libtards are just ridiculous. Box cutters, planes, card, knives, hammers..people who want to kill will find a way!!

    • Bruce Kellar

      Most of us break the law every day once if not more. The main difference is the morality of the violation. I have never met nor have I known a white supremacist. But then again I am only 70 years old. I attended college while still in the Army, in uniform so have met many liberal supremacists. They were willing to greet me as I departed the plane from Vietnam. Most were so despicable they resembled vomit.

      • Bernie

        Correct, Bruce.
        I’m 75 and a Vietnam era vet.

  • James Raleigh

    I DISAGREE !!!!!! If law enforcement had Snipers in high positions to guard over the concert they could have engaged to shooter immediately!!!! He would have gotten an initial volley out but would have been stopped well before the 9 – 11 minutes he was able to continue firing!!!! Snipers guarding such events should become a standard precaution…

    • Alan404

      I wonder as to the following. What else “should become a standard precaution”, aka What Price Glory? Oh by the way, re your opening, “I disagree”, fine with me, as I hold that it is, at least supposedly, a free country, a premise not universally accepted, as you may have noticed.

    • hwobstj

      And if that was the case then someone could just place a concealed bomb somewhere. Recall the Boston Marathon? Face it, borders need to be more secured and people need to take heir own safety more seriously. The world is a dangerous place and the only way to stop all of the things you would like is to control every human being all the time. Tell me, at what cost will you relinquish all of your liberties?

    • Bruce Kellar

      Agreed, his ass would have been grass. However he could have done a lot of damage still!

  • shadowlee

    Stephen Paddock-Muslim, ISIS, ANTIFA, Anti-Trump, Anti-Republican, and a Registered DemocRat. Do you need a baseball practice also ?

  • Bruce Kellar

    I am certain we will discover this is politically motivated. More than likely from the left. Being liberal gives one an excuse he only needs to make up in his mind. The very term “LIBERAL” means no limits on the application of thought or action. With the building insanity of leftists the most amazing, is that the process of liberalism has not produced many more of these situations. Hang on folks. Liberal chaos is abundant. Sadly from their perspective, completely forgiven no matter the atrocity. The disease is rampant and contagious.

    • Jorge Rivas

      Well said, Mr. Kellar. the New Liberalism is a contageous disease where everything is permitted as long as it permits everything, a dangerous, paradoxical toleration according to R. R. Reno. By driving all dissent from the public square, they believe they are “all-inclusive.”

      • Bruce Kellar

        Maybe it is the inverse. By creating maximum dissent from the public square everything now becomes tolerable. George Soros was educated by his Nazi fathers and so it is difficult to understand. One must be a product of the new US (hippie) education system to comprehend their lack of logic. We can be certain their only real focus is what may benefit their insane logic.

  • David Chou

    I have an idea for preventing this situation from happening again. 1. metal detectors and bag scanners at the doors of every casino over a certain height. 2. No rifles allowed upstairs, check them at the door, pick them up when you leave. 3. pistols are allowed upstairs. 4. In the same bill that does this, I want the NFA repealed because it does nothing to prevent crime. I think most people would agree with this.