Vegas Sheriff Says He Thinks Shooter Had Help

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a Wednesday evening press conference that he believes alleged gunman Stephen Paddock had help and that there is evidence that suggests he didn’t plan to die in his hotel room.

Lombardo said that he has seen evidence that suggests that Paddock planned to escape but he cannot reveal what that evidence is at this point. Later in the press conference he double-downed on his statement and added that so far no one has been able to dismiss the theory.

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  • mac12sam12 The democrats are the mass murderers but they blame the NRA.

  • Seb

    “The LVMPD knows the motive behind the attack, but the FBI will not allow us to release the motive because it implicates the FBI in illegal arms deals and supplying arms to ISIS terrorists within U.S. borders.”

    “Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent who participated in multiple illegal arms deals in the Las Vegas area in a gun running entrapment scheme similar to Fast and Furious. Paddock thought he was engaging in another routine arms transfer, but ISIS operatives who were going to meet him learned about the entrapment scheme and Paddock’s true identity. They killed him and carried out the massacre, and then fled the scene.”

    The email concluded that people within the police department are “disgusted” and are “pushing for this information to be released to the public.”

    While this email cannot be confirmed as being written by an actual FBI agent at this time, this theory makes perfect sense. It’s entirely possible that this was a gun-running scheme gone wrong, and once ISIS realized they were being set up, they decided to retaliate. Remember that ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, although they wouldn’t provide any proof as to why.

    After months of targeting Las Vegas, perhaps ISIS had the opportunity to finally carry out an attack after being double-crossed by an FBI agent. Back in May, ISIS released a 44-minute-long video of the strip in Las Vegas, calling on their supporters to carry out attacks on this area.

    • coolman11

      The official story makes no sense why would you risk amassing 40 some-odd guns in motel room when active shooter attacks last 10 to fifteen mins, you could never shoot them all, witness video has loud gunfire and more muffled gunfire sounding like it came from another location, did isis have a whole side of the hotel checked out why was shooting coming from third floor early on, why would they frame paddock as antifa and not a far right like they like always do?

      • Clifford Deal

        Expanding their ops ..adding ANTIFA gives ISIS more folks to stir up..the more we fight eachother, the less we focus on ISIS. Divide and Conquer..

        • coolman11

          Or they’re in bed together some way

      • Robert

        please look at this video to will show there was a second shooter. Prove is in the pudding

      • kirkmcloren

        He was a confidential informant

      • coolman11

        Let me correct muffled shots could be him firing inside the building, but at what, if he supposedly attacked one guard why would he go through all this by himself and not guard the door? Come on almost no one believes there was one guy. The American people are not that stupid

  • James in Texas

    Really…………What was your first clue? Most common sense folks had that figured out the afternoon of the attack!

  • scorpian

    I agree with the Sheriff. To check into a hotel unnoticed with a cache of ammo and weapons is unimaginable. This unattractive woman who has two society security numbers two husbands already raises a flag of nefarious conduct. Who the hell is doing this investigation and why did she need an attorney if she had nothing to hide. This woman is a master of deception with two husbands and affair with a third who’s planning a terrorist attack against American’s. This whole crime plot stinks and there’s something real deep behind this. Tell the Democrats, Hollywood, Late Night entertainment to get the hell out of our lives. These people are nothing more than ignorant pathetic protected by armed security telling we the people you’re not entitled to self protection. Hollywood elites and late night entertainers live in a very different world, it’s a shame that people watch these empty chairs.

    • kirkmcloren

      I hear Soros is involved with the hotel. That would explain losing cameras on a floor and staying quiet

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    It is unconceivable that this evil man amassed several weapons and ammunitions inside his hotel room without help. I think those weapons were also intended to be used by his accomplishes in the murder. He stock filed his 49 weapons with tons of ammunitions in his 2 bedroom home. It is impossible that his girl friend could not find out about those war machines, and what he was planning to do with them. They were as powerful as machine guns, high powered auto machines. Why did the FBI not ask those questions?

  • Sam

    Why doesn’t he check the firearms for finger prints?

  • kirkmcloren

    Black op. There is video proof of 4 locations of muzzle flash, Bump stocks dont work with bipods, see pictures of weapons. Girl friend is married to 2 men. Trace her friends and relatives on Facebook 4 levels and see what you find. Same folks involved in 9-11