Univision Spreads Anti Immigrant Propaganda

Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos who recently spoke to Tucker Carlson stated that America is turning into a “hostile and even dangerous country for refugees and immigrants.”

Ramos stated, “I think the United States is becoming a hostile and even dangerous country for refugees and immigrants. We have a long history of being accepting of immigrants from countries where they are fleeing violence and poverty and lack of democracy. I think that’s precisely what the United States is. At the end, Tucker, I think it’s a matter of deciding what kind of country do we want to be.”

“It seems at this point that we are talking about a few hundred refugees and putting it in the 65 million refugees that are in the world, the United States except and only 84,000 in 2016 and this is going to be even less. So it’s a matter of deciding what kind of country do we want to be.”

  • Bernie

    If we’re so dangerous, why do immigrants (illegals) want to come here?
    In one way, Jorge is correct. We’re allowing MS13 to run the streets.
    It’s soooo much safer in Mexico and elsewhere. Huhhhh, Jorge?
    It’s so easy making left-wing jack wagons look foolish.

  • Dodie1990

    If you think we are hostile and dangerous please stay away. Most think it is here that the Free ride begins. Not wanting to stay in Mexico with the same language and culture the “caravan” is busy invading the U.S. for all the benefits they know they can get. And we stupidlt let them in. Build the wall close the border deport illegals.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      Forget the wall, mine the border after several become dog food they will get the message.

      • MaGuFer


    • Perry Fernandez

      I second your idea.

  • Dennis Drew Webb

    Hey , let’s face it , It’s an INVASION . Which is A BASIC DECLARATION OF WAR !! I wish OUR GUYS , had orders to return IMMEDIATELY, NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS ! That would change a lot of MINDS !! They can come LEGALY OR NOT AT ALL !! NO MORE FREEBIES !!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Hey Little Georgy, wait till they have open season with no bag limit.

  • Tom/irish

    Tucker should call out whoregay for the race pimp he is and always will be….the jerk has citizenship in Mexico and the US…pick one you schmuck

  • 4Pip

    If Jorge thinks we are a dangerous country he should understand that it became dangerous when the illegals came here. They come in defiantly now and expect it to be a welcoming place,that can’t happen with their attitudes. When will they learn that they have to come in legally not as criminals breaking and entering. Vicente Fox in Mexico thinks we are racist for wanting to stop these invasions but he must be also as they never let anyone stay in their country-

  • marcus J

    Jorge Ramos is an Anti American Leftist Liberal Liar , First of all these Foreign Criminal Invaders are not Refugee`s or Migrants or Immigrants , They are Criminal Invaders in Mexico , Mexico refuses to enforce their Immigration Laws and is aiding and abetting these criminals to Invade our Country ,Like they have dumped their own Garbage in our Backyard for decades ,Now Mexico is helping the Central American Garbage that has Invaded Mexico to Invade us along with 16% of the entire population of Mexico that is currently Mooching and Leaching off the Tax Payer Dollar , Here in Arizona we call them Unregistered Democrats instead of Foreign Criminal Invaders

  • Countryman12

    I blame Trump now for all the garbage coming into this country. He should of placed army personal on the border with orders to shoot any scum that tries to invade our country. It is war. We are broke. No money, but we keep putting out to this scum. Illegals live better than the average born American, all for the democratic vote.

  • justdave

    How about instead of coming to the US, fix your own country?

  • Pamela Rich

    I am tired of people illegally migrating to my country. I am sorry they don’t like the legal channels to come here, but I don’t care. If you entered illegally you should be shipped out immediately, period, end of story.

  • Terry Butts

    How is simply enforcing the laws past administrations REFUSED to enforce making anything dangerous for those who LEGALLY entered this nation?

    Oh thats right they mistakenly think sneaking in and hiding from the law not filing or saying anything about asylum etc unless they are caught somehow makes someone a refugee or immigrant.

  • Maggietish

    Ramos is a total racist and hate monger. The United States is a sovereign country and even if he doesn’t like it that’s a reality. Since he is obviously unhappy with the United States why is he still living here because certainly no one will miss him when he goes and the sooner the better. Illegals are crossing our borders and going on every government giveaway program paid for by the American taxpayers because of the Democrats and people like Ramos who want to destroy this country and our freedoms and rights. Build the Wall now and kick out all the people who are illegally in our country now.

    • Tony Barreda

      Illegals took over the 13 Colonies, illegals took over the Alamo and illegals wrote the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

  • wtr

    maybe the people should patrol the border we can have a shoot first then shoot again policy. then we can be a “hostile and even dangerous country for refugees”

  • Chained

    WE’RE HOSTILE AND DANGEROUS? Who the hell is this meat stick! Has this ignorant liibtard been to Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana or Venezuela or the Mideast for that matter? This guy has the audacity to call us dangerous when it is these illegal aliens bringing their drugs, gangs and other criminal element here that is killing, raping and robbing peaceful and innocent US citizens. This numbnuts needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Mojados stay home. You’re not wanted here .Period. You who are here, go home. Same reason. Adios.

  • MaGuFer

    Don;t break the law and you’ll see kindness and generosity, idiot!

  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    Clearly Jorge Ramos has no perspective on violence. Almost anywhere you go go these days it’s worse than the the U.S.Even here, because of these invaders mostly, it’s becoming less and less safe. That’s why so many are exercising their God given right to protect themselves with deadly force.

  • Nirva Nazaire

    To watch and hear about the immigrants caravan are so upsetting. Liberals are encouraging and defending illegal immigrants.