U.S. Army STILL hasn’t booted communist soldier

In recent weeks, photos of Army 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone promoting communism in uniform began circulating the internet.

Typically barred from promoting political affiliations while in uniform, Rapone’s actions were a major departure from acceptable military conduct. Even worse, the ideology he espouses is not only dangerous, but a moral enemy of the country he swore to protect.

Rightfully, many military leaders condemned the photos. For their part, West Point and the Army opened up an investigation into Rapone’s conduct.

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source: https://www.allenbwest.com/2017/10/04/u-s-senator-calls-soldiers-immediate-ouster-severe-penalties/


    He doesn’t deserve the “boot”. He deserves a good piece of “Hemp”!


    Which Congress person provided this communist their nomination?

    • Jack Huddle

      Let us guess?? A democrat………….Nuff said!

      • ONLYJB1

        Well of course a democommie. This is why I’m having so much problem researching the truth.

    • truthseeker

      Treason is the word that comes to mind. Before a new recruit goes to this School they have to take an oath , ” To Defend our Country against all foreign and domestic aggression”. Why do they find it necessary to ” Open up an Investigation”? He has disgraced his Uniform, Country, School and all of those in Uniform that stand quietly . Evil Thrives when good men do nothing. Hell night for him should be put to the maximum overdrive , as a lesson for any one wearing the Uniform besmirching the honor code. He decided on his own to mock our way of life. West Point will be walking the walk of shame, if they do not get a back bone and resolve this issue .

    • a reasonable question!

  • cathy

    He should be kicked out of West Point. If he graduated, give back the diploma and deny him his 4 years at school.

  • VirgoVince

    WHY NOT?? Give him a 2 gun salute; one
    in the head, the other in the other ‘head’!!

  • Bruce Kellar

    The liberals would have a fit. Their man being discriminated against. There are many communists in our congress to nominate and ensure this dissident’s continuance.

  • GSWhite

    This Marxist, 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone has his roots from the Obama’s administration. All those associated with him, including those who approve him for West Point should be exposed and routed out. In fact, all of the military should be reviewed and investigated to drain the swamp.

    • Chuck

      You are absolutely correct. He is very likely under the command of one of Obama’s political generals, you know the ones who replaced the actual American generals whom Obama fired because they would NOT FIRE ON THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN. It’s time for a purge in the command positions. Their politics are significant and potentially treasonous and in a military context CANNOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, infiltration is one of the weapons of the Marxist idealogues and Saul Alinsky would certainly approve.

  • Alan404

    And they may not, who knows.

  • JRT12

    Kick that TRAITOR OUT NOW!!!!!! CHARGE him for ALL $$$$$$ spent on him!!

  • Wumingren

    The Army already disgraced itself by failing to properly deal with Nidal Hasan.

    • ONLYJB1

      The Army was told to stand down on hasan! Oh, by the way, it was directions from the obama administration. Sound like Benghazi?

  • Marine68

    No children in my extended family will be joining our new communist Military; they are who will be sent against the people.

  • J.B. Young

    Rapone should be tried for treason.

  • Richard Nussbaum

    Get rid of this Traitor.

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    What’s the holdup?

  • Larry Cowden

    Time to break out the firing squad and line him up! No place in our military or this country for him alive!

  • Julie Smalley

    How is this pos allowed to spew this crap on social media no less and stay at west point how many have been kicked out of active duty for far less including women who years before entering posed nude in various magazines how can this a…hole be able to do this it makes no sense. This is scary allowing people like this to turn on the oath they vowed to protect América.

  • Ron C

    Every notice the FBI doesn’t investigate the democrat’s…??? The army was fundamentally changed as well by Obama…it should NOT surprise anyone that the army loves guys like Spenser Rapone…after all the army is fundamentally changed as well as the FBI…just saying!

  • antiliberal00

    He should be skinned alive to expose his communist innerself as well as those that are protecting him.