Twitter CEO Admits Accounts Were Shadowbanned

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently admitted that Twitter’s algorithms “were unfairly filtering 600,000 accounts, including some members of Congress,” based on the followers they had.

“In the spirit of accountability and transparency: recently we failed our intended impartiality. Our algorithms were unfairly filtering 600,000 accounts, including some members of Congress, from our search auto-complete and latest results,” said Dorsey. “We fixed it. But how did it happen? Our technology was using a decision making criteria that considers the behavior of people following these accounts. We decided that wasn’t fair, and corrected. We‘ll always improve our technology and algorithms to drive healthier usage, and measure the impartiality of outcomes.”

“Bias in algorithms is an important topic. Our responsibility is to understand, measure, and reduce accidental bias due to factors such as the quality of the data used to train our algorithms. This is an extremely complex challenge facing everyone applying artificial intelligence,” he added. “For our part, machine learning teams at Twitter are experimenting with these techniques and developing roadmaps to ensure present and future machine learning models uphold a high standard when it comes to algorithmic fairness. It’s an important step towards ensuring impartiality.”

  • Deanne Guess

    NOW what are they going to do with this new information?

  • Alan404

    The answer from Twitter might well run as follows. The Computer Did It. An interesting answer, which strangely fails to address the following questions.
    1. Who programmed those nasty computers.
    2. Who directed the referenced programming, after all, programmers are employees, employees operating based on the instructions of their employers.

    Regarding action against disrupters of proper hearings, arresting them might be a good idea.

  • cardmaster1

    WHO is going to monitor the monitors??

    • shamu9

      Who watches the Watchers?

    • KhanBuryKhan

      They don’t need monitoring. They said so. 😉

  • Bill Tressler

    What in the world does that mean? How exactly do you consider the behavior of followers? You mean to tell me that all the followers of Socialist Democrats are pristine and saintly? This is a bunch of hogwash!

    • Terry Butts

      Apparently it means that if enough strangers click “follow” that they feel should be silenced they applied the ban on the account they were following instead of them.

      In simpler words illegally using guilt by association to punish people for the words or actions of others who simply followed them on social media.

      Kind of like the way certain “ACTIVISTS” sign up for newsletters just so they can falsely report them as spam. acting as if they just received them without requesting that they wanted them because they wanted them blocked by certain spam filters.

      Frankly to me their excuse just sounds like an attempt to divert blame from their deliberate censorship of any fact or idea that runs counter to their political agenda.

  • Ballistic45

    AS usual, Leftist blaming others for their evil… In this case “the computers” did it…

  • gardeauxandrew

    Pass the blame game huh ! idiot liberals!

  • Kent Powers

    I have had twitter & facebook postings edited & cancelled, we are being slowly but surely issued propaganda true or not to try & convince us to support the left although every single agenda they have tried in this country & many others have all failed. In 18 months under Trump this country has made an about face turn around in every aspect of our lives, who could even imagine going back to the horrible democrat cartel administrations?