Trump’s FBI Nominee Has a Hillary-Crushing Resume

While Democrats and the media wait with baited breath to hear potentially newsworthy Senate testimony from former FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump made a newsworthy move of his own Wednesday by naming his nominee to replace Comey at the Bureau, The Washington Post reported.

Trump announced via Twitter that he has nominated Christopher A. Wray as the head of the FBI.

An Atlanta-based attorney who has worked as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer, Wray also served for a few years in the Department of Justice during former President George W. Bush’s administration as head of the Criminal Division.

“I will be nominating Christopher A. Wray, a man of impeccable credentials, to be the new Director of the FBI. Details to follow,” Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning.

Trump is certainly correct about Wray’s “impeccable credentials.” Wray is a graduate of Yale Law School, and clerked for a justice on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. In 2003, he was nominated by former President Bush as assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division, where he served until 2005.

During his 2003 to 2005 tenure at the Justice Department, Wray oversaw efforts to take on corporate fraud and clean up the U.S. financial markets, including a task force focused on the scandalous financial debacle that arose from the massive bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation.

His work heading the Criminal Division also included going after drug traffickers, intellectual property thieves and distributors of child pornography, as well as corporate fraud and other white collar crimes.

Wray also coordinated the investigation of the snipers who terrorized the D.C.-area capitol shortly after 9/11 and brought indictments that broke up several suspected terror cells operating within the U.S.

Wray appears to be an excellent choice by Trump to head up the FBI, as he is well-versed in rooting out and exposing crimes of corporate executives and politicians, which is just the kind of swamp-draining Washington needs.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/trumps-fbi-nominee-resume/

  • old codger

    I hope he gets the nod and hangs the crooked b i t c h and her husband, then go after good old Oblowme!!

    • Old Codger, one thing the article conveniently omits is that Wray represented Chris Christie as his main defense lawyer during Bridgegate and made sure that federal investigators never got to Christie’s cell phone.

      Now, only Trump can see linking himself to Bridgegate as a step up. So be it…

      • Gammi2Anna

        Didn’t Wray successfully represent Gov. Christie as his main defense lawyer? Donald J. Trump is probably the most successful businessman in America, is 70 y/o and the only candidate that did not ‘need’ the job as POTUS. Your snide remark about President Trump linking himself to Bridgegate as being a step up is childish and ridiculous. Is there one thing you can think of that the deranged members of the big loser party will not be ready to beat President over the head with? The Trump haters and the MSM fakers/liars have even gone after the President with the scoop-gate and Coca-Cola special privilege-gate stories. Meanwhile, our streets are being blocked by paid protestors who are blocking the roadways, stopping passage of emergency vehicles transporting critically ill persons to the hospital, breaking out windows and setting fires of businesses, where many people work to make an honest living to support their family, stealing vehicles that they demolish and or set fire to and attack citizens just trying to get to work, using pepper spray or urine to the face and etc. Do you support that behavior or do you despise it as much as you do President Trump? Either way, just know that WE, the Deplorables voted for Trump to be President and no matter what the militant antagonist and idiots do, he will remain as our POTUS until the next election, which is a little less than 4 years from now. Wonder what would happen if everyone just got on the side of making America the great country we were formerly known as and stop all the hatred and destruction? Gee, wonder who is so afraid to even give that scenario a chance? Maybe the party of losers?

        • Hmm, Gammi, sounds like your explicitly describing how rightwingers immediately went after Obama when he first came into office.

          How is it ‘fake news’ when they’re reporting exactly what Trump said or did. Speaking of ‘fake news’…where’s the evidence in the 3-5 million illegal votes, or Trump dishing out he had the largest inauguration crowd, or Obama wiretapped him?

          Go head on and believe it…but delivering the proof, you’ll never achieve for it’s a hopeless task. It truly is ‘fake news’ blurted out by this president…

          • Gammi2Anna

            Stay tuned, the investigations are not over yet because the liberal, mean spirited idiots are too mind-numbingly stupid to just shut up. I think yesterdays witch hunt ‘hearings with AG Sessions’ may have given them a huge dose of “pie in your face”, but again, they are too angry and arrogant to just leave it alone. I am listening to one of the talking heads right now and guess what, they are now saying that Sessions answers are not what they or the American people wanted to hear. Is that because the truth does not fit into their plans? News flash, once again, the Democrats have proven that if they could get God into their scheme of Russian conspiracy theories they would be able to ‘catch him in lies deserving of impeachment’. Wonder who they’d pick to replace God. Maybe that foul mouthed Al Franken. Of course the nuttier than squirrel poop Maxine Waters, you know the one who actually ran down the street to get away from the reporter who asked about her tens of millions of dollars that were found in a Russian retirement investment account, might be a wonderfully acceptable beacon of truth and honesty, deserving of being Madam President. PS. she may have to wrestle Hillary Clinton out of the spot since that beast has gone into lala land where she believes that she actually won the Presidency. But let us be fair, the Democrats have never lied, misrepresented or done anything that could be considered illegal. immoral, dishonest or criminal. They care nothing about any of the BS they keep slinging, hoping to find something that will stick. They are like spoiled children that didn’t get the toy they wanted for Christmas and they are going to throw temper tantrums and make everyone’s life miserable until they get that toy. Well let me be clear. There has been a new awakening of the American people who care more about leaving a great and prosperous country for our children and grandchildren than living under a tyrant. Those that want to get on this train to “Make America Great Again” had better kick off their shoes that have been stuck in the Liberals mud bog and hop on board, because Trump is the engineer driving this train to the depot where we can find prosperity which will cost nothing more than our desire to work for what we want. No more living in Mommies basement like baby birds waiting for the Government to bring them their worm.

          • Sure Dems have been corrupt, but when they’re caught like Anthony Weiner, they lose in the primaries…as far as Refibs go when one of their own are caught, bless the little darlings, the right rewards them with new offices…like Mark Sanford and Greg Gianforte…

  • Kaywhever

    The Swamp is huge. Drain it !

  • maxx

    Wow! Trump must have one hell of an advisor or group of them to be able to come up with this guy. He looks like a pussycat but sounds like he acts like a bull dog. Just what has been lacking at the FBI. What kind of foolish nonsense will the democommies come up with this time? Schumer and Pelosi must be having a s*it fit about now.

  • Grant1959

    Hillary must be brought to justice along with her coconspirators, otherwise there is no equal justice under the law and the FBI and the DOJ if not our entire legal system will never regain respect or credibility and the effects of this lawlessness of this double standard, this hypocrisy will ripple through time and generations. To bring these criminals, these traitors to justice will snap the heads of the political and ruling class of corruption around and get their attention and perhaps order and integrity in government can be restored.

    • Too many commenters want to discuss the past rather than concentrate on the mega problems of the present administration and the present day world.

      • Grant1959

        You are kidding, right? This administration has even been obstructed from filling the presidential cabinet posts.

        • Wrong…most the unfilled seats is due to this administration not as yet picking anyone to fill them. Trump has yet to announce 470 out of the 556 key positional seats to even be considered a hearing…

  • J.B. Young

    Keep draining the swamp, President Trump!!!

  • America heard Comey’s testimony as to who said what when he met with Trump. Comey appears to totally disagree with Trump so people will need to decide whether to believe Comey or Trump who we know is a proven liar.

    • old codger

      Yo Ho!!! Brain dead!! Comey just exonerated Trump!! Crawl back under your rock, your mommy misses you! GFY!!

  • Camille Gilliam

    Good now we will have a chance to convict Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch, Obama and I’m pretty sure we will find a few more along the way. Oh yeah, like Podesta and Schultz, maybe Huma.

  • jon

    as has been said you need to know how to get down in the gutter to be able to clean up the mess found there !!

  • bobs33hotrod

    Maybe now we can start to have an Honest FBI, and other Security Branches of Government . Hope all starts with the Clinton’s and Obama going to Prison. Draining the Swamps. President Trump will Make good his Promises to the American people, NOW !!!
    BOBB ~!~