Trump Would Easily Win A Trade War

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted to press recently that President Trump “absolutely” thinks that trade wars are easy to win,  if “he is in charge of those negotiations.”

When asked if Trump thinks trade wars will be easily won Sanders admitted, “I think the president feels like if he is in charge of those negotiations absolutely. He’s the best negotiator at the table. And certainly have full confidence in his ability to help move things forward.”

“We have made great progress on NAFTA and we are hoping to have great progress on the trade negotiations with China.”

  • Richard

    If only he had the absolute backing of the (R) Party ! Too many dark shadows from the Progressive Left A-Holes, to put it mildly !
    Trump 2020 !!! We need to get the people to VOTE in the 2018 elections!!! The (D)s will be pushing the illegal votes !!!

  • Fabian

    Last time a Prez said the war is easy to win… Bush about Iraq. Negotiations? I hope he does it better than he did for the omnibus budget. We’ll see. I think the Chinese are going to dodge the Don. They have time but US administrations change.

  • Alibaba

    Sure! Any stupid toddler thinks he can rule the kindergarten, until he finds out the World is not confined to his playground and bedroom. And when a stupid toddler pokes the World, a lot of pain comes back! Unfortunately for all of us, not only for idiot!

  • Frank Roza

    If the obstructionists, aka demonrats,leave him alone we’ll get what we need for our country!

  • Philip fabiano

    Read this excellent Slate article on the subject (by Seth Stevenson): Donald Trump Is a Terrible Negotiator

    To summarize, Trump:

    sends confusing signals.

    Makes bold opening moves but then quickly backs down while receiving no concessions in return.

    Makes false accusations that poison relationships.

    Has been ignorant, boorish, and short-fused.

    “The first step in a winning negotiation, as any MBA course will teach you,” Stevenson continues, “is to understand the playing field. You need to burrow into the weeds on picayune issues so you know where opportunities for compromise lie. You need to zoom out and see the larger picture so you can suggest clever trade-offs. You must deeply grok the interests of all the players, and the stakeholders they answer to, so you can predict where they’ll bend and where they’ll stiffen.”