Trump Vs The Ideology of Jihadism

Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka, formerly National Security editor for Breitbart News, was a guest onBreitbart News Sunday with SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam.

Gorka said one of the most important points to stress about President Trump’s trip to the Middle East is that it’s not an “apology tour,” as his predecessor President Obama’s tour of the Middle East has been derisively described.

 In particular, he said President Trump’s address to the leaders of Muslim nations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Sunday was “completely different” from President Obama’s famous (or infamous) speech in Cairo in 2009.

“You actually had the Muslim Brotherhood sitting in the front row, let’s remember that, at the beginning of apology tour,” Gorka said of Obama’s speech.

Kassam noted President Trump used the words “terror” and “terrorism” 31 times in his speech, versus Gorka’s count of “zero” mentions by President Obama.

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  • Dannie Poe

    There is little doubt in the minds of freedom loving individuals that Islam wants to destroy the Western Culture. Islam is a ideology of dominance and not of love as the Liberals proclaim. What breeds Radical Islam? Fundamental Islam breeds Radical Islam. 80 % of all Muslims are Fundamental Islamic Muslims so where does that leave the globe? Open to a attack of Radical Islam across the globe. Trump is correct when he tells Muslim Nations that it is their problem and not the world’s problem. Simply put: Radical Islam can only end when Islam puts a stop to it. Trump has made it perfectly clear that he hates the “evil losers” and will kill these “evil losers” if he must to protect America’s citizens and those who support him. For the first time Trump has put Radical Islam on notice across the globe. He did not lecture the Islamic Nations, but simply voiced the reality all nations must accept. You kill innocents, you will be hunted for the losers you are. This is a brave move considering the fact that we live in a Political Correct society. Being Political Correct will no longer protect you. President Obama chose Islam over our US Constitution. For this we will be remembered as the President who made Islam Political Correct. The fact is that Islam in American is NOT OR WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTABLE as long as we have our US Constitution. Any ideology that vows the overthrow of US Government is TREASON no matter how the Liberals want to justify it.

    • Dr. Huevos

      Dannie, You are so right. But freedom has many enemies. Many are in our own government, law enforcement, and the legal system. And other places. Lust for power in many forms such as theft via taxation. An example that comes to mind is many local governments and possibly a couple of states believe they own the rain and air, regulating and criminalizing those who try to collect rain water which falls upon their property. Stealing property and cash from people, through abuse of power and deceit. For example; Fabricating a scenario to justify stealing cash from individuals, by unjustified and unsupportable slander. ( explaining that someone with a large amount of cash is automatically a criminal and therefore gets no due process or any other rights, or a return of property). Local governments and states that pick and choose what constitutional rights they will honor. Californicate is a good example of this. Their dastardly lies infringements and fraud toward the second amendment, the fourth the first and others. If california thinks it’s so special, then lets see some other states bringing back slavery? Our country is fighting a war on many fronts, more than Germany had in WWII. Since the horrible “anti-humanity” movement which gained traction in the sixties,(call it whatever you like). Whose goal is to destroy the spirit, freedoms and aspirations of the west, and perhaps mankind altogether. And to replace civilization with the tyranny of millenials past, to send us all to the stone age, because of their jelousy and resentment of the sucesses of free peoples. You can insert Islam, liberalism, communism, and so on ad nauseaum. Never Give Up. Dr. Huevos

    • “Fundamental Islam?”

      It’s called MAINSTREAM ISLAM, for the record. The Islamic State (ISIS) is doing everything written in the Qu’ran and Hadiths that command them to do what they are doing.

      “Radical Islam” is redundant. Islam is radical at its core.