Trump Supporters Accused Of Being Paid To Attend

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell is claiming that the majority of people who attended President Donald Trump’s rallies are “paid to be there.”

O’Donnell stated, “This man is like a joke and mainstream media treated him as a legitimate candidate as if they were two equals, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was a falsehood from the start. I think the best thing we can do is encourage people to vote. Come November. We will save democracy or lose it. That is the whole thing. If we save democracy and turn the House, he’s gone. It will take however long it takes to have the impeachment trial, but we will start the healing in America and not being on different sides and understand what this man did was unfair and inhumane and even to the people who trusted him the most. That’s what’s heartbreaking.”

“You see these people at these rallies, most paid to be there, screaming he’s right and letting the racist deep dark corners of their soul flourish. It’s so against everything American. It really is. I hope we can flip this and save democracy. If we can’t, I have to believe fascism will take over in America. That will be the death of democracy, this 200 something-year-old experiment.”

  • Greg Zonker

    I think the death of the country will be if there is blue wave. I pray to God that everyone gets out and votes republican if you like the extra money in your wallet and the low unemployment and High GNP. We will lose it all if democrats take control.
    This message is coming from a person who voted for Hillery but as it turns out, is glad she did not win. I have since change my party affiliation.

    • Tony Barreda

      First, the only ones with extra money are the ones the ones trump helped, the so called elites. Housing, medicines, food, clothing, cars, etc. have skyrocketed leaving the working class with less money in our pockets.
      An old saying,”what you put into the lives of others, will someday come into your.” God will remember the evilness of trump, the attacks, by him, on women, minorities and handicaps. So, I don’t think God will hear your prayer.

      • Synsitter

        It is a shame when you lose your ability to be objective. ANYONE claiming that only the elites have benefited either cannot be objective or does not understand politics. Cost of everyday items have not risen any faster than they did before. You sound like the person stating that gas has gone up by $1 a gallon…until the facts are presented. Sorry for your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)!

        • ipsd48

          Or can’t even live on a budget

      • Walter Harvey

        Tony, your head is attached backwards……….you need an operation and counseling!

        • Tony Barreda

          By your blind and uninformed support, I think you under went a transorbital lobotomy. I’ll pray for you.

      • drbhelthi

        Hello Tony. The article is about president Trump, not Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

      • Terry Butts

        God sees REALITY of people not the fictional propaganda spouted by media then repeated by people to lazy to actually dig into the accusation and see the reality of what was taken out of context or otherwise manipulated to appear to be something it was not.

        When Trumps accusers CONFESS to being paid to make false accusations even ALTERING the evidence they claimed as proof in order to make it APPEAR he was guilty when he was not their lies against Trump are not considered fact much less believed by anyone with a brain much less GOD.

  • richert

    Rosie O’Donnell is an idiot. Everybody knows that. What is true, though, is the Democrats go around picking up people to vote during the election, by paying them $20 and making sure they vote Democrat. Check it out.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      As is usual, the Liberals accuse others of doing what they do themselves. Maybe it helps them feel justified, if they even care about justification.

    • ipsd48

      Hell, they even advertised it on Craig’s list

  • Ballistic45

    HOLY CRAP, Libtards will do and say anything, now I know why Libtards closed most all of our Mental Institutions decades ago, IT WAS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM BEING COMMITTED AND PUT ON HEAVY DUTY Psycho Drugs…

  • Susan K.

    More projection by the left. Hillary was the one who had sparsely-attended rallies, despite paying people to come.

  • Phyllis Little

    Rosie looks like a crazy obsessed person in the photo shown. I would find it hard to believe that the RNC could afford to pay the 000’sthat show up at Trump’s rallies. Rosie’s comments are meant to distract from the fact thatt George Soros has been paying for attendees at Democratic gatherings ever since 2016. I believe this has been proven about Soros.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    That is a laugh!! I’m a Trump supporter and if someone is getting paid let me know how much and where! I’ve never seen a dime of it! Seriously though, these morons like O’Donnell keep coming out of the woodwork like the vermin they are. Anti-American twits.

  • J.B. Young

    Prove it, O’Donnell!!! You are the village idiot!

  • Bernie

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank today’s democrat party for making it easier and easier that this once-proud South Side Chicago minority democrat (me), is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable” and now according to Rosie, paid Trump supporter and conservative voter.
    Thank you….

    • Glenn E Moody

      wow as MA. Trump supporter if we are getting paid then ware is my check or is that the raise I got on my SSDI check I got first week he took over. I supported him from day 1 and will until 2020 the dummerorats & ROSIE’s & all the rest of them can go to HELL with OBAMA & HILLARY & ALL THE CRONIES that supported them

  • Diane Cherechinsky


    • Smart?? She’s to dumb to realize how boring she is – not to mention pathetic. Rosie,
      go home!

  • Berengaria

    I must admit that Wild-Rosie scares me to Death, she is another evil face of the DEM Party. No one pays Pro-Trump Supporters to go to a Rally, Are You Crazy, Rosie? When you Gear-Up to go to a Rally to support Our President, you know that your life may be at risk, at the End of the Rally, by Thugs in Black attire, carrying chains & Wooden Clubs & formed into Gauntlet Lines, secured by DEM POLICE.
    No Rosie, we are willing to risk our lives to keep this Good Man, Donald J. Trump as our President of the United States of America. And Rosie, we are committed to fight for him, too!

    • ipsd48

      well, those that DO pay people to attend rallies have no problem accusing OTHERS of doing it

      • Lawrence Leon

        Right on, Alinsky 101, accuse others of what you’re doing.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Listening to her words is interesting. I think that a lot of them were borrowed from Conservatives. Aren’t we trying to save our country from the Alt-left?

    • ipsd48

      What ‘alternate left’? Mainstream democrats have adopted outright communists as their leaders

  • kiltlad

    Say, I didn’t get paid. O’Donnell, where’s my $$ B’ach. I’m going to open a class action suit against you for all of the $$ you say we get. Pay Up B’ach…
    I’m just saying…

  • Hey Rosie, these United States were never a “Democracy”, they were and are, a “Republic”, and you, should STFU!! If your favorite criminal was elected, we would all be speaking Russian!

    • ipsd48

      I don’t think so Jeff, but we probably WOULD be bowing towards Mecca 5 times a day

  • Queenchallenger

    This FAT ugly female does not know what she is talking about!! DemoncRats’ supporters are the ones being paid to harass, attack, protest and to obstruct for the cameras outside of Trump rallies. They know you must RSVP on line to attend Trump rallies so they will know the number of attendees planning to show up. Trump supporters are not paid. nor are they the ones in the streets raising all kinds of chaos throughout the country. TRUMP SUPPORTERS WON THE ELECTION. WE ARE NOT THE ANGRY ONES! STOP THE LIES DEMOCRATS! WE,THE PEOPLE ARE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK!

  • Frank Roza

    Get a grip,Rosie,you useless bitch!

  • Marty Koval

    Rosie O’Donnell is doing the American people a great favor by trying to deceive We The People that President Trump is joke and a illegitimate candidate. In less than two years President Trump has done more for the country in regards to economics, morality, reduction in foolish regulations,
    employment, trade agreements, religious liberties and unity than President Obama did in eight years.

    Rosie O’Donnell is upset with what is going on in this country because it goes totally against her immoral, political correctness (restriction of free speech), anti-gun, over taxation, more regulations, hate against believers in Christ and government knows best agenda. In other words, she supports fascism, and the death of America as a republic and moral society.

    • ipsd48

      She isn’t suggesting a ‘healing’ of america, but a civil war IN america

  • scot_belle

    Great joke, but “Lady”…….
    ……..Not even….Russia. 🙂
    TRUMP-PENCE 2020
    ….NO (D)’s or lying (R)ino’s!!

  • Medic RN

    Paid? Right. Uh? Would that be W2’s or 1099s? How completely hateful- stupid do you have to be to be a liberal Democrat socialist?

  • Bill

    during investigative schooling WE were taught IF someone is accusing someone of doing something illegal, THEY are the one committing the crime.

  • Brabado

    Unfunny “buffoon” Rosie should get a life, move to Europe or Asia, try to make IT there again because, in the U.S., she is already Toast!

    Rosi, dear darling, just wish to remind you that the “PAY TO PLAY PARTY”, is the Corrupt-Crooked Liberal Party led by Criminal-Crooked Hillary Clinton…WHO ALSO PAID, to fabricate a FALSE RUSSIAN DOSSIER… THE LOSER CAN STILL UNDERSTAND THAT IT WAS THE AMERICAN VOTERS WHO KICKED HER ASS, AND NOT PRES. TRUMP!!!

    The one PERSON that really went to bed WITH THE RUSSIANS – “don’t want to know how, why or how were the Russians able to stomach HER.


    Semper fi.

  • Varmint~

    Hey Rosie you remind me of some of the cows I used to raise except they were of higher breeding and registered with American Hereford Association and a damn sight prettier and smarter than you! I’m afraid you have confused us deplorable’s with the paid for by Soros which supports idiots like you and of course all the rest of the socialist/communist demorats that are so trying to ruin this country and even tho your of the lower class of these you should SHUT UP AND EAT ANOTHER TWINKIES!

  • Albedamned!

    SHOW ME THE MONEY! We are not, like the freeloader liberal lowlifes! We work, and we support DJT! Perhaps I can get welfare? I paid into Social Security for 40 years. Show me the money! I don’t wanna work, I just wanna get high every day!

  • Walter Harvey

    Rosie is just plain nuts!…..Just like the rest of the socialist/liberals, they have no platform, only hate speech and violence…….period!

  • Terry Butts

    So with IRREFUTABLE proof including videos and confessions from ANTI TRUMP people that they were paid to be “protestors”(acts of violence are crimes not protests) and only accusations with no proof against Trump supporters we are supposed to blindly believe that THEY were spontaneous protests against Trump while Trump supporters were supposedly paid. This is still the denial by democrats that THEY LOST IN A FAIR LEGAL ELECTION one of the few we have had in decades were thanks to ID laws and other actions taken by THE PEOPLE to end voting fraud a far more accurate count was made of legal votes than before. Especially in the district where the FAKE ballot boxes were found before the polls opened so they could not count them as valid votes much less swap them out for the real ones like previous elections in that district where the real boxes were found days or weeks later.

    I guarantee you there is not enough money in the world to PAY someone with intelligence to support any liberal candidate that spouted on about wanting to start a war with Russia blaming them for leaked EMAILS that investigators originally stated were stolen by an “INSIDER WITH ACCESS” putting them on something like a thumb drive or her party that continues to demand to abolish FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and the right to DEFEND oneself, ones country, or ones family AND even thinks that exercising one right equals automatically giving up other rights. Not to mention the ones foolishly calling sharia law “progressive” and insisting we allow the FOREIGN RELIGION IMPOSING law be used in our courts in place of the CONSTITUTIONAL laws of this nation passed by congress.

  • wtr

    the bitch is off her meds

  • armydadtexas

    HA! ha! ha! Not one red cent stupid B

  • mikeshepard1954

    Maybe somebody should inform this nut case that the vast majority of the Antifa crowd are recruited and paid to be professional protesters/rioters.

  • 187thAHCDoorgunner

    This foul mouth lard assed slut is now a political pundit? Ohh-kay and I’m the Pope. She’s just pissed that the President called her out for what she is. Oink, oink, fat piggie.

  • GetReal4U2

    why is she still in America…didn’t she claim she would leave if Trump won…hmmmmm