Trump Rallies Blamed For Bomb Threats

CNN’s Network chief political analyst Gloria Borger discussed the suspicious packages mailed to people including the Clintons, Obamas, and CNN’s New York offices.

She blamed President Trump for the threats.

Host Brianna Keilar stated, “We heard the first lady saying it was Obama, Clinton officials, individuals, and organizations plural. Maybe there’s information we do not know. As far as we know right now with some of our excellent reporting … there’s one organization, and it is CNN.”

Borger stated, “Nobody’s mentioning the name. It’s as if it can’t roll off the tongue unless you’re complaining about it. You know, I’m sorry about that, I’m very sorry about that. I know the president watches television, as David was saying. I know he knows. And he can call it egregious, abhorrent to everything we hold dear and say that we are extremely angry, upset and unhappy and I’m glad he’s promising to get to the bottom of it, but there is this sort of inability to actually talk about who was attacked, and that would be our, potentially our newsroom and our news organization. And, you know, more people were targeted other than two former presidents, as we know. George Soros being one of them, who he was not going to mention, Eric Holder another.”

Keilar replied, “He’s mentioned in recent weeks. He’s been quick to mention him as a foil in multiple venues.”

Borger said, “Of course. Exactly. George Soros according to some conspiracy theorist, he’s funding the caravans or whatever. He’s funding everything according to conspiracy theorists. So these are names, as you point out, that come up all the time in his rallies. He’s not particularly kind to Barack Obama either. So I think it would have behooved him to be a little bit more complete.”

  • Bob Wright

    NYT “Fake Bombs” mailed

    • Gary Russell

      Exactly. 12 “bombs” mailed. Not one detonated.

      • GomeznSA

        And few, if any were actually capable of detonating. What sort of bomb ‘engineer’ puts a timer on a ‘bomb’ sent via the mail? Never mind of course that some of the ‘bombs’ were ‘delivered’ via couriers rather than the postman……………

      • Were they really mailed? That is one of the many questions that need to asked and answered. The one package that I saw on the MSM shows a cheap mailing envelope that would have not survived much handling by USPS personnel. It was not heavy duty. Plus the fact that had anyone in the USPS system had handled it they would have realized that something was wrong with it. Then they would have turned it over to the local postmaster and he/she would have the postal inspectors check it out. There is no way that the USPS would have allowed the packages to make it out of the mail room. Also, the one package that I saw on the MSM did not have the stamps cancelled. Nothing goes through the USPS system with any stamps on it that does not get cancellation marks over the stamps. This whole bomb thing stinks of a set up job by someone who wants to make the republicans look bad just before the mid-term elections. The only ones who could benefit from this amount of bad coverage is the DNC. You people out there going to the poles to vote think about this before you cast you ballots.

    • Eileen Jones

      False Flag to get off the caravan story so we can’t see them moving faster with the help of trucks and buses. REASON? Votes for the Dems. if they get here before the elections ! Red Wave coming …WWG1WGA….WE ARE Q !

  • Ron C

    Yeah and who died and made Gloria the sole exspert…??? I don’t think anyone puts much stock in what the CNN democrat hacks have to say anymore…period!

  • william couch

    So what else is new from them!!

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    Put the blame where it belongs on Democrats it was Maxine Water, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Corey Booker and Diane Feistein that called for violence against Republicans. Backfired against them.

    • Robert

      Nope, nope, nope, Jacki. Not workable. Those crooks/idiots are either black or female. Won’t fly.

  • Dodie1990

    SO it is okay to have rallies on the left like Black Lives Matter, or pro Hillary, ro burn the flag protests, or trashing businesses and cars, but the Republicans cannot have rallies? What the liberals hate is that someone else is not afraid to fight back and does not quietly let the liberals run all over them. Go ahead Mr. President, Make my day.

    • Patrick Feeney

      The Democrat Party is a pro-criminal, left wing hate group!

  • Deanne Guess

    the VIOLENCE started back when BHO was potus by liberals with riots, chants calling for dead cops, physical attacks on conservatives daily then all through Trump’s election til TODAY & democrat’s DEMAND that we tolerate the BARBARIC SHARIA LAW. They overplayed the violence card like they overplayed the race card & just need to place blame other than on themselves and thier “fundamental change”….

  • Dennis Anderson

    Seems to me you democrats cant win an election no matter what you pull. They found this guy in 2 steps? Why can`t we put Hitler-y behind bars for selling uranium to our enemies?

    • Robert

      Dennis, you are sooo close to the BIG truth. Much of the chaos of the last months up to and including today, are intended to delay, distract and deflect attention and action from Hillary. At ANY cost, she is not to be subpoenaed. ANY cost. She is NOT going to be examined with all the filth associated with her tenure in DC. Dems are complicit up to their eye balls, some Reps too. Hillary’s tenacles are spread wide and deep. BUT ! Her day in the dock is coming.

      • Name

        You are right about this being about Hillary. They are trying to get to the time the statutes of limitation kick in.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Democrats and the Media-It doesn’t matter -What happens-“They Blame President Trump”-So very Tired of it—Arent you American Citizens.!!!!

  • Joseph Morgan

    CNN- “Crap-Never-Near” THE TRUTH, not even in the neighborhood of the TRUTH.

  • Craig

    Communist News Network – you stretched this one to the break point. I hope it snapped back snapped you in the face. Losers.

  • jerry1944

    The way i see it is the dems getting some of what they keep asking for . They keep saying get in there face and make it happen .When you get in the wrong persons face they sure dont mind moving you OUT OF MY FACE . . Thats why i am a ferm believer in stand you ground And if the dems keep it up we will need to go armed to vote . With some mayors and many dem politions pushing for there blm Army to get in your face and cause trouble being Armed will just have to be

  • wtr

    what about the fanatical asshole who went to the Bernie Sanders Rallies and shot up the republicans softball team, I don’t remember anybody blaming Bernie Sanders for this guy trying to KILL ALL THE REPUBLICANS.

    • Patrick Feeney

      BULLS EYE!!!

  • Patrick Feeney

    More proof that the Demoncrats are incapable of a logical thought process. They want to turn every state into California. The Democrat politicians in California have changed California into a giant disaster! The proof? Let’s start with the “Bullet Train”.

  • peter

    Democrats and the fake news that carry their water are totally insane! Time to end the party.

  • Doris Belanger Frazier

    Blaming Trump is the most ridiculous thing out of their mouths. As I don’t agree with all he has said in the past it is the Democrats who have made all the vile evil threats, attacking people in food establishments, on the streets, in the elevators. Give me a break.. CNN is the most bias none worthy channel in the nation., I haven’t watch them for years and never intend to.. Only see the stupid crap they come out with online, They should be shut down,, All media is hateful and so bias, Course that what happen cause they are all liberal jerks,

  • Gary Russell

    Sure. Lets not blame Antifa, Media Matters, Maxine Watters, Eric Holder, etc. So sick of these hypocrite lefties. I have never heard anything of a violent nature at a Trump rally.

  • Estell Newton

    You would think the way the democrats react to everything the only person alive is Trump. He had nothing to do the fake bombs. The left has be inciting riots for some time now. They are behind it because of their hate and bigotry. I still think the democrats are behind it. Otherwise the bombs would have gone off.

  • FallingRoc

    I did notice that there are almost NO SIGNS for REPUBLICANS in yards around my area for the upcoming election… We do agree that it’s because of the CRAZY DEMOCRATS pulling signs down, burning trucks with Trump stickers on them, and I guess Republicans just don’t want these mindless robots smashing their home windows and property just because they don’t like Trump!!!!! We DO sense the time of confrontation is coming…these mindless idiots can NOT be allowed to run America!!!! GOTTA VOTE!!!! Just also be alert for idiots at the voting places!!!! BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!!