Trump: NFL Should Have Suspended Kaepernick

President Donald Trump said that the NFL should have suspended Colin Kaepernick when he first decided to sit out for the national anthem.

“Frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game and he would have never done it again,” Trump said, proposing additional suspensions for the player until he changed his mind.

Trump made his remarks in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

He said that Kaepernick’s protest was “terrible,” and that it “mushroomed” after the NFL did nothing to stop it.

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  • Tony

    The NFL should have suspended any and all players that took to the knee. They really should have been given the boot!! Disrespect is disrespect, you don’t like it here get the hell out of our country. They take the big bucks though don’t they. They are freaks that if they don’t get their way they do as they please. Screw the NFL and it’s players no more football for this family

    • mousekiller

      It was more than disrespect, It was nothing but Anti America and they should be fined $100,000 per incident.

      • Tony

        Not enough they should be find 2/3 million. 100.000 is spending money for these worthless cry babies.

  • joe 35

    they should have done that from the beginning , now look what it has evolved to !!!!
    Start suspending them now jointly with the owner and coachs . They are employees nothing more and nothing less. if they don’t comply cut them.

  • Bill

    NFL is pathetic and I will not watch a bunch of unpatriotic bums disrespect our flag, veterans, police officers and fans. Godell needs to be fired and the whiny players kicked in the a$$!

    • Robert

      Fired and black listed would be more appropriat.

  • patriot2

    I’ll bet Pat Tillman would have stood for the Anthem,unfortunately he went to fight for America not like the players who kneel & died for his beliefs.

  • Kirk Kahler

    yes the NFL should have taken action but they did not and now they are looking at the loss of millions cuz of there not doing a thing ! the owners have no spine the NFL has been polluted by the left and these anti American over paid players are killing there own jobs ! what they are doing is pissing off more fans than they thought were out there just look ratings down ! ticket sales down ! sale of NFL gear down ! fans are posting on line them burning tickets and there NFL gear ! company’s are pulling there ads ! the fans are now going after company’s that support the NFL and my boycott there products ! bars and restaurants all over the country have stopped showing the games ! there is a nation wide out cry to boycott any one and every one that have to do with the NFL as well as the NFL and we are seeing the fans and there power of the purse working and still the owners the player and the NFL think this will pass and they are so wrong ! just look every week it is getting worse for these anti Americans ! I am a life long fan and now I am not !

  • Robert

    The national football league is dead.
    It has been replaced with the Nazi Facist League.
    Here are some basic steps to put these Spoiled brats on the street.
    1. If any player disrespects the National Anthem or the U.S. flag stand for the Anthem when it is over leave.
    2. Go to ticket booth or box office and politely request a refund.
    3 If a refund is denied never patronize that venue again or its sponsors.
    Any venue should be treated the same way.
    If they don’t like that the venues can cry to their handlers in Ponyang, Bejing, or Terhran.

  • Frank Roza

    Go play in Canada,if you don’t like it here!!

  • Bridget McClellan

    I don’t no what they think it’s gonna do except make the American ppl loose respect for them. I’ve seen videos of ppl burning their jerseys & tee shirts. One man threw a handful of season passes a way. They can protest if they want but not by disrespecting our country ! They will loose that game for sure.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    I agree with everyone that this should have been done from the beginning and all of this crap would have been over all ready. So WE the PEOPLE are showing them that we won’t watch on TV and will not go to any games. If they think we will let them piss on our fallen HEROS they are so WRONG!! These CHILDREN get paid this big money because our REAL HEROS are dead or injured and this is why they can make the money they do. IF you will show NO RESPECT for these people when the Amthem is played and STAND and Face OUR Flag the YOU NEED TO GO!! For then we have NO respect for YOU and want you to GO!!

  • VirgoVince


  • JS417

    No, no, no..NFL should have barred him from football for ever Period. Not even allowed into any stadium to SIT (like the DOG that he is) forever, Period.

  • JS417

    I agree too. Further more, he should be fined. Much blood has been shed for this moron to disrespect Old Glory. If he is let go off without any punishment, he will likely go after a Bald Eagle and cook it for dinner.