Trump Mocks John Kerry

President Trump at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Leadership Forum made fun of former Secretary of State John Kerry who broke his leg in a biking accident in France, in 2015.

Trump stated, “Same thing with Iran, remember? We’re signing that horrible deal and they’re marching in the streets saying death to America. I said who signs a deal when they’re marching saying death to America? Who marches? They’re saying death to America and we have the former administration — and represented by John Kerry — not the best negotiator we’ve ever seen. He never walked away from the table except to be in that bicycle race where he fell and broke his leg. That was the only time. I said, ‘Don’t tell him you broke your leg. Just stay inside. Say you don’t want to negotiate. You’ll make a much better deal.’ But he brokered. I learned from this. At 73 years old, you never go into a bicycle race. You just don’t do that.”

“We have great things going on with respect to North Korea. Remember how strong it was and they were saying, ‘this is going to be nuclear war. we’re going to have’ —no, you know what gets you nuclear war? Weakness gets you nuclear war.”