Trump May Cancel Congress’ Five-Week Vacation

President Donald Trump has had enough.

In several pointed tweets on Tuesday morning, Trump expressed his frustration with the obstructionist Democrats in the House and Senate.

And the president is supremely miffed that Congress is going to work for just 11 more days and then bail out of town for 38 days (nice work if you can get it!).

Aside from pushing the nothingburger Russia collusion story, Democrats have also obstructed even the most basic operations in the federal government. Democrats have shut down more than 90% of Trump’s nominations for office — for comparison, Republicans filibustered just 10% of President Obama’s picks in his first six months.

Democrats say they have every right to stall until questions on Russia are answered, and mainstream media keep putting out pointless stories that allege great wrongdoing but offer no proof whatsoever (like the latest round of Donald Trump Jr. stories).

But Trump has some power, too, and just might use it.

“The president has every right to call Congress back if necessary,” Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs, told The Washington Times.

Mr. Short said the blockade is jeopardizing national security, denying Americans a fully staffed federal government and grinding other legislation to a halt.

“Democrats even walked out of committee hearings to deny quorums, like schoolchildren taking their toys from the playground,” he said. “But it is the American people who are being hurt.”

Short blames Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, who he says has “run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction.”

Schumer shot back. “Thus far, the nomination process has been defined by the failure of the Trump administration to submit names for hundreds of vacant jobs, incomplete and delayed ethics and nominations paperwork from the nominees themselves, and repeated withdrawals of nominees for key positions,” his office said in a statement. “If the White House is looking for someone to blame, they ought to look in a mirror.”

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  • Al

    Gee. 5 weeks off?

    • truthseeker

      Yah! with pay I might add. To do what ?

      • Al

        I can understand why they don’t want term limits. Great med. insurance too. Great job. Do you think they get 77 virgins when they die? Thems good benefits.

        • truthseeker

          That is the Muslims belief. They dream that they will inherit the Earth and all they money they could possible spend.

          • Al

            Gee.. That’s a dream I guess. Imagine having all the money you could eat and all the virgins you could spend? Or vicey versy.

          • Al

            TERM LIMITS. YES.

          • truthseeker

            Who would want an inexperience Virgin ? You would have to invest in her Education and by that time you would be to old to enjoy anything. No I would want an individual who could teach me a few things , so I could get my moneys worth.

          • Al

            Good point friend. I would want to watch the History Channel and she would want to watch Sesame Street. Can you imagine taking 77 young women out clothes shopping? I couldn’t afford a six-pack after that. Taking them all out to eat? OMG.

          • I knew a lot of muslims while I was waiting in the taxicab waiting lot at DIA and none of them ever mentioned any of the stuff they are accused of wanting from Islam, so I suspect that it is as much propaganda as the stuff the government tells us about all of our other supposed enemies. If we choose to believe everything they tell us, we will do anything they tell us to.

          • That is largely what Iraqis and Libyans had until we sent in the US terrorists to destroy their countries. Iran won’t be anywhere as easy with their alliances with Russia and China.

      • Hopefully less damage.

  • JoAnn Graham

    That’s why our country is broken; too much of doing nothing except lying to the american people . Overpaid and under qualified Congress wasteful and these people in office too long..

    • truthseeker

      People like Maxine Waters who has missed 90% of the meetings. Imagine if the average person missed that much work. We pay for these lay about to get rich by selling us off to the highest bidder. How does she get to own a 4.5 Million dollar mansion on her salary alone. It is time to have a one turn Senator and Congress person.

  • anibanib

    That aint nuttin, Swedes also get 5 weeks vacation a year with full pay,and allthe RED Days making about 35 Days vacation everyyear………some can even save 1 week for 4 years, then take a long vacation of 10 weeks…..with full pay of course

    • Ron

      We are not Sweden.

      • Yet.

        • anibanib

          The USA will never ever be as good as Sweden……you, the USA is at 20th position in World rankings, Sweden is Nr ONE

          • Largely because of the indolence, ignorance, and apathy of people like you.

          • anibanib

            You and most who reply to my comments automatically Think I am a Yank, cos I comment in English,but when I criticise the USA I automatically become a BRIT………….you guys are so so gullible and brainwashed………please dont ever change………the rest of the World must have a country in the World…….ie the USA to make fun of and laugh about

          • We are what Britain would have become if it hadn’t always been more cosmopolitan. Who doesn’t comment in English here?

          • anibanib

            Just stating facts…remember that the USA is but 5% of the planets land area and population……..yet you Yanks Think that the USA is the biggest and the best……far far from it

          • In similar fashion as you package the literati along with the illiterati, making us wonder where your ignorant packaging would place yourself.

          • anibanib

            Better watch the drugs and booze……you are loosing it and wandering

          • I was following you, and I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol in over a year, nor any psychoactive substances since 1990. You should revisit your country’s history and recognize that if it weren’t for those of us you regard as not the biggest and the best, you’d be speaking German instead of Cockney, mate!

          • anibanib

            How is it that you Yanks Always Think you saved Europé from the Germans…… HELPED……….as the British Empire helped the USA in the Pacific Campaign……..the US number that came over to Europé were small in comparison to the Number of British Empire members that helped, they came from Canada, South Africa, Australia, N Zealand, India and many many more nations……..and I do speak German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French and English……………and YOU are no mate of mine, an American would be the last person I would want as a mate

          • I’m so glad the feeling is mutual because you’d make a poor mate in a lifeboat. Why would a true polylingual waste his time on this group?

  • Lee Baldwin

    Hey Congress, ‘We the People’ WILL SPEAK at the ballot boxes like we did when ‘WE’ elected Donald Trump as our President & most all of you that are OBSTRUCTING our government will be voted OUT. Got that? OUT.

    • truthseeker

      You may have struck a nerve. President Trump wants to have a count on the elections, cause we all know there has been a lot of Dead people voting.

      • Al

        A woman is doing time for casting 8 votes.

        • truthseeker

          I would cast her into a Pool of Leaches. That is what she did to our system. Sucking our rights to a fair voice to vote for a qualified individual. Maybe that is why some of these Politicians have been in Office half of their lives and cannot show what they have done to entrust our way of life, cause it is all about their High Life for us to pay for.

          • Al


          • Many seem to think that term limits would fix the problem, but it would be the same thing as a coach sending another player in from a crappy team. We should go back and do what the founders tried to by prohibiting parties in the constitutional convention, but were outvoted by loyalists.

    • Al

      Count me in Lee. I’m with ya.

  • Ah nutz


  • David Renaud

    Good for president TRUMP. I wish he would kill a large percent of our congressmen…….. Maybe he will pass a new executive order to do just that…….. !!!!!!!

    • truthseeker

      Worse than Death would be for them not to keep their Jobs. Ask yourself what kind of work did they do to earn themselves a living. Never that is what. They went to an Ivy League College and connect to all the right people and just like Prime Minister of Canada got their position by who they knew. They would die on their own if they had to survive on what they actually earn for a hard days work.

    • Even Nixon never thought he could get away with murder. Trump is not that stupid either.

  • Jeannie

    Good for him. They don’t do an honest days work at any given time and they do not need another 5 week vacation.

    • truthseeker

      How I may ask, do they keep getting Re-elected ? They cheat that is how.

  • Ron

    I think every congressman should be sent to Afghan to serve side by side with our soldiers there. First order of business is to keep your stupid mouth shut and obey orders, even from a private. In Afghan the Congressman has no authority. After 5 weeks, give them a few weeks to transition before being sent back to the US.

    • truthseeker

      Have you seen some of them. ? It is a miracle that they can dress themselves. Some have even died on the floor from Old age.

    • I’d be happy to see all of the soldiers that have violated their oaths to support and protect the Constitution that they violated sent to Gitmo where they belong, but there wouldn’t be enough room for them.

  • Hillgirl19

    These trough swillers do not need a 5 week vacation. They hardly ever work a full day. Every day is a vacation for them. I would love their working hours, salary and benefits. I would be on easy street by now.

    • What are you waiting for? Both parties are always looking for traitors willing to sell out their constituents.

      • Hillgirl19

        Really? Traitor? Idiot.

  • Larry Cowden

    Keep their asses at work! They’re not working now as it is and they need to be knocked down and beat into submission!

    • truthseeker

      Senator McCain, Gov. Kasich, Senator Bernie Sanders, former Gov. Jeb Bush, Senator Paul Ryan, Senator Lindsey Graham, former Gov. Rick Perry and so forth got to keep their Job and take in all of the donations from their Presidential campaign. That is one reason why they ran. It was a Win/Win situation.

  • Keep these freeloaders in DC for this “vacation period” and all others that he has the authority to cancel until work begins to get done in DC.

  • annie.o75

    Why do they have 5 weeks off?? I get two weeks a. YEAR!! No wonder nothing gets done..pass the h.c. Or stay and do idea… this is crazy. 5 weeks?????? Insane !!

  • annie.o75

    Do. It. Donald. Do. it !! About dammmm. Time”””” no one I know gets the time off that these people do..and they don.t even work 40 hours….. not right !!! No work. No. PAY !! They just had 5 days off for. Fourth of July…I got. ONE. !!!

    • How would you know how many hours they work if you didn’t have a vivid imagination and many channels of fake news to watch?

      • annie.o75

        It was talked Bout years ago..they have 2 hour lunches. Eat and. shop..and rest…one day they worked 4 hours and went home.a.whenever they can.t cover on something they go home…plus you are paying for their lunch..nice hu?? Anyone paying for your lunch every day??? We pay for their lunches..just another thing trump will end.,.i doubt they work 20. Hours. Week. ….yet WE have to !! Trump has to change that. Work till the issues are solved senate are the laziest people ever. ..set an it or else !!!!!

        • Can you cite any actual documentation or is this simply a stream of consciousness rant?

          • annie.o75

            Yes. Ask anyone. It was all over the news……try to keep up !!! Hey ask your senator..he will tell you the few hours they actually work…ask any of them??.

          • Neither of my senators have ever had any time for me. My new congresscritter, the (dis)honorable Liz Cheney is too busy engineering her entree to the White House to bother, as well. How hard should we expect them to work for $174,000 per year?