Trump Issues Massive Orders to 1/3 of US Navy

Everyone has been talking for the past week about the aircraft carrier strike group President Donald Trump dispatched toward the Korean peninsula as a warning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but Kim seems not to have gotten the message thus far, considering his grand military parade and continued provocative missile launches.

But according to a report from South Korean media outlet Yonhap, there are rumors circulating that Trump just upped the ante by ordering two more carrier strike groups deployed to the tense region, placing a tremendous amount of air and naval firepower at the disposal of the military’s regional commander.

A roughly translated version of the article, which cites South Korean government officials who claimed knowledge of the deployment orders, stated that in addition to the USS Carl Vinson, already steaming toward Korea from Singapore, the carrier strike groups of the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz were also ordered to head for the region.

That shouldn’t be too difficult for the Reagan strike group, whose home port is in Japan, but it may take a bit more time for the Nimitz group, as it is reportedly wrapping up final pre-deployment assessments off the coast of Oregon, according to the Nimitz News, the carrier’s in-house media outlet.

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  • Rx7pj

    I hope for our contry’s sake this is just as much BS as the last pronouncment


    Let’s pray that God watches over those who believe in him and President Trump. No matter the outcome Obama started all this b.s. while he was in office and now he is out hiding somewhere. He was a total candy butt. Lord please keep our military personnel safe. Why don’t we send the liberals on a ship?

    • dennis w

      and sink it in the middle of the Pacific…………

  • Brian Lumb

    Would be nice if they used an image of an actual USA Aircraft carrier in the article, not a mock up of a future Queen Elizabeth Class carrier.

    • rkroning

      Right on! Everybody plays games with us, right?

    • Meathead

      Not suppose to be “our” carrier. It is a mock-up of what some other country thinks is a ‘super carrier’.

  • Stan Joy

    I pray we don’t get into any war, but, lets face it, if O’Bama had done what he should have, then we wouldn’t be in this mess now. North Korea and Iran hate our guts and that nut in North Korea is a loose cannon and sooner or later something is going to happen. Hopefully, China and Russia will get to N. Korea and straighten him our. I don’t think either of those two countries want a war over N Korea. And folks not all of the nuts are in N Korea as many are in our country, California who continues to let those anarchist room the streets. Where is the free speech there?? We still need to pray for our country and for President Trump. God Bless

    • John W McWhorter

      I pray also as Obama cut our military strength down while he was in office and do we have the power in case of war?

      • Stan Joy

        Yes John I share your feelings exactly. I am still mystified how we the people, our military and our politicians could have let this happen to our country!! My remarks here are for ALL politicians! Don’t these liberals realize that our enemies are THEIR enemies also???? Lord, help us! God Bless.

  • Kirk Kahler

    well one more time this is a good start !! I feel that trump needs to get the hole navy on the water and up and ready for any thing any one wants to toss out there ! it is time for all these little shit holes to see the might and power that we have and that America is back ! and to reinforce that if they start some thing we sure in the hell can finish it ! the last eight years under Obama has seen to it that these little shits can do and say what they want and nothing will happen and trump is letting them know that this is not the case any longer !

    • John W McWhorter

      Amen!!! Also send Obama to Hawaii in case they get attacked that way we’ll be rid of him in a good way or turn him over to ISIS. He supports them…..

  • remuda

    Interesting carrier, not US. Heading to nowhere?

  • Dannie Poe

    Does China and Russian truly want to challenge the US if the US takes out North Korea and Iran’s nuclear weapon programs? China would lose it’s economic stability and even if Russia continued to back rouge nations with the sell of arms it would be looked on by the rest of the world as unfavorable. Truth be told, China and Russia would both profit if the US did the dirty work. The US would be doing the world a favor as well. China and Russia know that fanatics govern in both North Korea and Iran. Both nations vow to use their nuclear weapons when the weapons are perfected. Should one or both use a nuclear bomb it would spark nuclear chaos. The choice is wait until some one pushes the wrong button in the future or take out the threat now with conventional weapons. Yes, everyone knows the US is capable to doing the dirty work every time a nation goes rouge. The US has proven this time and time again. Win or lose the US acts. What would happen if the US refused to act? What would the world look like today if the US had not stepped in and helped Europe with Nazi Germany? Would China be part of Imperial Japan had the US not helped defeat Imperial Japan? Would Russia now be Nazi Russia? Helping US allies in the Middle East? Nazi Germany would have killed off all Muslims. Would China, Russia, Japan, Europe , and the Middle East be prospering today? Looking back on history it could be said the Americans saved the world while protecting their interests around the globe. The world knows North Korea and Iran are now rouge nations. The question is what will the world do about them?

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      R O G U E just fyi. As in TRUMP Rogue Won.

    • jug

      “NAZI Germany would have killed off all the muslims?”

      They were allies, get your facts straight!
      Allies that were just ignored after Germany was beaten.
      I always considered that to be a mistake.

      • Dannie Poe

        They may have been allies during the war, but had they won things would have been different. Nazi Germany claimed to be the master race, so logic would tell you that all other faiths or races were inferior, thus they would continue eliminating or dominating any other race or political ideals.

  • mike

    Just rumors so far. If they appear on the horizon, we know for sure. POTUS knows the saying “Loose lips, sink ships. Also agree with ADBDAB, AMEN.

  • Meathead

    Three carrier task force units would be a bit much since there are other resources in the area. However, any information would keep the little dough-boy in N. Korea off balance.

  • come on that picture is not even an American ship.. it looks like french or british.. what total BS. How long did it take to photo-shop that crap???

  • Don Ror

    The only way to handle Pig-Jawed Ugh is to light him and his military up with nukes so they are no longer around to push any ICBM buttons! Do it NOW!!!!

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Communists must DIE, wherever they are and whatever they call themselves this week.

  • looks like he’s making a move-he has hinted as much

  • Paladin

    Offer NOKO Obama & the Wookie if they will stand down!!!

  • rowdy matt

    Obozo knew what he was doing to America when he was in office and now that the bum is out, He’s still stirring the pot as much as he can, with every Hack every protesters, and every Dumb liberals …He made as many enemies of other countries as he could get away with…He wants America to go down the tubes, that was his plan from the beginning…Having Americans hating each other, letting in as many Illegal’s from every country, not caring who or what they would do, and have done to Innocent Americans…How anyone could say he was a good president,.,,Has Got to be Brain Dead or Hates America as much as Obozo & his Moochelle…People have to wake-up and see this bum & his Democrap party for what they really are…Sell Outs Of their Own Country….Thank God for President Trump…No matter what the Screwy talking heads & their No Nothing talking Hacks have to say….They are Pond Scum…..Period!!!

  • Was this part of the “Armada” steaming off in the opposite direction?

    Sorry if I’m not comfortable with the thought of two gigantic narcissists engaging in a pissing contest.or a game of nuclear chicken.