Trump: “I’m President and You’re Not”

In an interview for CBS’s “60 Minutes” with Lesley Stahl, President Trump discussed topics such as  immigration and children who were separated for their parents at the border.

He spoke about the hypocrisy by the media between him and Obama over similar issues.

Trump stated, “When I say Obama did it, you don’t want to talk about it

“I disagree, but I don’t wanna have that fight with you,” Stahl said.

“Lesley, it’s OK,” Trump shot back. “In the meantime, I’m president and you’re not.”

  • Teresa Nazareth

    President rump should not waste his time talking with the likes of L. Stahl, she is not worth his time.

  • MissVinayDuggal88

    …and he’s staying President ’til 2024 AD.

    • Clark Cook

      Actually January 20, 2025!

  • Jenette Schossau

    That’s right.
    President Trump is the president
    The greatest one in history.
    Even with the left fighting him all the way.
    There evil

  • djgreiner59

    Love it. This woman was rude and she needed to put in her place. She had no respect for the President!

  • Estell Newton

    Trump is trying to enforce what previous president’s put into law. The left needs to stop throwing temper tantrums and get over it.

  • mark davison

    “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not”.

  • Jeremy

    Just like any liberal, when you throw a fact in front of their face that either damages one of their own false beliefs or proves hypocrisy/the double standard, they either change the subject or don’t want to talk about it because facts and logic annoys all of them

    • john vieira

      To the mainstream media facts and truth is what they dreamt the night before or what their handlers hand them to disseminate to the public….

  • Terry Butts

    Hypocrisy is all they know especially when it comes to facts they ignore like democrats who did the same for example

    1) Using LAWFUL tax exemptions to LEGALLY keep THEIR OWN MONEY. All those in that tax bracket including democrats use those same LAWFUL exemptions yet when Trump does it the media acts as if he somehow CHEATED ON HIS TAXES somehow HARMING the nation by not having to pay even more unfair outrageously high taxes (fair would be an EQUAL percent regardless of income amount not our current BRACKET system of paying a higher percent for earning more just to punish the rich) while ignoring the fact that Democrats have used those same exemptions.

    2) a policy that has been in place ever since America first imprisoned any criminal where their children are not sent to prison with them. Ignored even when done under Obama (who used a catch and release policy that resulted in even more children being dragged to the border) until they can use the “SEPARATION OF CHILDREN FROM PARENTS” (in reality it is from whoever dragged them to the border with them to abuse the no longer used catch and release policy to sneak into this nation) to harass someone they still refuse to believe got legally elected. (guess they still can’t believe that even with all the voter fraud that has been revealed they committed Hillary still lost)

    3) The Valid accusations of crimes committed by many democrats some even with video evidence hypocritically ignored while they demand Republicans accused by people with no evidence (some of who later confess to MAKING IT UP one even confessed to FORGING a yearbook entry in an effort to punish the one who presided over her divorce years earlier even copied the signature from the divorce documents) suddenly “IT MUST BE TRUE” just because they were accused. In one case SEVEN FBI investigations and still not one shred of evidence that the accusation was even remotely true yet they still demand he be PUNISHED just because he was ACCUSED.

    Now the media is trying to use a statement the President made before the senate passed a bill to call him a liar simply because after he made the statement the democrats saw an opportunity to flip and pass the bill they had been delaying just so they could. A simple check of the timeline of when the statement was made and when the vote was held is proof he did not lie when he made the statement.

    Just like when it was revealed that Puerto Rico had lied in the official death toll from that hurricane they pulled the archived footage of Trumps statement made just a few days after the hurricane based on the false information they gave to the nation to accuse Trump of being the one DOWNPLAYING the deaths.

    A statement made when the entire nation was tricked into believing there was less than 100 deaths does not make the President the one who lied to the people he was lied to just like the rest of us and gave his statement based on what ALL of us were told was the official death toll from the storm by the Puerto Rico officials.