Trump Goes After Broadway Writer

“Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB”

Filmmaker Michael Moore was the target of some “not at all presidential” trolling this weekend.

Moore’s Broadway one-man show, The Terms of My Surrender, has tanked heavily in the box-office, managing to sell less than half of its tickets. Over the weekend, President Trump swiped at the self-appointed fighter of political giants in a baseball cap for flopping at the box office yet again.

“While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!” Trump tweeted Saturday.

Moore’s show not only failed to fill the seats, but it also failed to dazzle critics. Even the left-wing New York Times called it a “shaggy and self-aggrandizing Broadway showcase.”

The poor turnout for Moore’s show feels surprising only on the surface. In truth, though Manhattan is a leftist cesspool, not all theatergoers are “Resistance” flag-waving “useful idiots” who slap $50 per ticket down at the box office to hear radical views regurgitated by Michael Moore. As noted by Mediaite, the people who actually make Broadway shows successful are out-of-town red staters, who like themselves a good old-fashioned story, not political sermonizing:

So most theatregoers are left-wing, anti-capitalist agitators who think Republicans are racist war-mongers? Last time I checked Times Square, most of the theatregoers I saw were families visiting New York from red states that routinely choose politicians Moore abhors. They also gladly see incredibly entertaining and non-political shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Les Miserables… you know, all the shows that have run for decades and broken world-wide box office records.

Which brings us to the reason Mr. Moore’s exercise in narcissism is hemorrhaging money and playing to more-than-half-empty houses.

When you open a show in New York in Summer you’re going to need the tourists to buy your tickets. Moore’s core ticket-buyers are enjoying themselves in the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard or Lake Como… and they never pay for their tickets, anyway. Moore is trying to sell tickets each night to people he openly hates and mocks whenever given the chance. Why would anyone shell out a hundreds of dollars for that kind of treatment?

Moore has since fired back at Trump on Twitter, saying he did not intend his play to become a box-office hit, concluding his lengthy rant with a shout-out to his “fan” Jared Kushner.


  • WrenchMan2.0

    While not presidential according to this piece, the nation elected DJT precisely because he’s not “politico” and someone finally willing to call out thee most destructive, divisive and dangerous diseased part of our society; Progressive Liberals

  • Steve Flowers

    M MOORE! Happens to be a ‘BIG NOBODY!, This sloppy jerk should just move on, his antics are senseless as he is!

  • I heard Moore was stopped by security at the airport. They pulled down his pants and found two hundred pounds of crack. He’s as relevant as a popcorn fart in the Sahara Desert.

    • Carol

      LOL….love the comment………glad I wasn’t the one looking for ??????

  • sherimac56

    M Moore is just a big blob of human waste.

  • Barbara DuVall

    I’ve never liked this guy one bit. All of your comments pretty much sum it up.Especially sherimac 56 & acqcon.

  • gvette

    Moore is a piece of shit. That’s why the left likes him so much. They gravitate to shit!

  • DonRS

    Goofy gadfly, Michael Moore is now a “Broadway Writer”? Give us a break, Detroit/Hollywood CLOWN would be a far better descriptor!

  • Jessica M. Buck

    Moore is nothing more than a schlockumentary producer who doesn’t bother to research the truth in writing his documentaries. It was a fraud that he was given an Oscar for any of this trashy, lying, “don’t bother with the facts” sordid pieces. Shows how low Hollywood has gone.

  • randolph.poole

    Michael, a bit of advice. Don’t tangle with the President when it comes to a Twitter duel, you’ll be eaten up even faster than that donut stuffed in your pie hole!