Arrested UCLA Basketball Players Get Guidance from Trump

The 3 UCLA basketball players who were arrested in communist China after being caught for shoplifting, received some very wise words from the POTUS after he freed them.

If you are unaware, President Trump spoke to the President of China while in Asia and asked for the players to be released. Soon after, the Chinese President released the players. President Trump then immediately went to Twitter to offer some life advice to the gentlemen.

“To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You’re welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made your release possible and, HAVE A GREAT LIFE!”

“Be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life!”

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Should have left them there for say 6 months as then they wouldnt want to be shoplifting again as in a Chinese jail if you want to eat you need to be quick to catch your dinner. It would have open their eyes real wide and let them know life can be real HARD.

  • scorpian

    President Trump is a good man we love him! However, he should have left those black bastard thieves remain in jail to teach them some damn integrity. Just like President Trump said they should thank the President of China for their release, but somehow I don’t think they have the courage or brains to realize what China did for them. China doesn’t play the F—– up games we allow in our society. If these guys couldn’t play ball they’d nothing more than common pimps and drug dealers, let’s be honest! Stunning they had to read an apology, and I’m surprised they could read! Not all blacks are like that, but with no fathers in families continue to impregnate their women and leave tells you what parenting is all about in the black communities. Leaders like NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton Maxine Waters to name a few are nothing more than race dividing pimps who now want to erase our Nationals Anthem this is coming to an end of their BS. We the people of the United States will not allow this to happen and we won’t need guns to do it. WTF do they thing they are? We have good black soldiers men and women fighting with our white soldiers side by side to protect this country. It’s time to clean up the trash we have here. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it! After 8 yrs with that treasonous bastard Barack Obama who should be tried for Treason begin with Benghazi where he let them die so it wouldn’t affect his election tells you what an arrogant SOB he is.

    • gardeauxandrew

      Thanks to the years of liberalism of democraps,and repubs, of the 60’s hippie ,dippie anything goes attitude of the lowering of standards to pacify, brought on by the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, especially government propaganda LIES and do not forget the years of corruption of washington d.c. politicians and those that are lazy, apathetic Americans with blind patriotism to the corruption in washington d.c.! they will protest the national song next and be untouchable via the race card! Get the permission of those members of military families of those who have gave their lives in the line of duty to be displayed with a flag draped coffin during the national anthem! Point and boo those protestors and boycott the games!

    • Jeff

      Well said, you know when your a white male, who sees himself and represents himself as a Filipino female, we as a society really have issues, everytime I think I’ve heard or seen it all, the left goes and does something else fucking bat shit crazy, this is the shit we’re dealing with, along with safe spaces, all whites are racist, apparent rape culture and these are to name but a few, this world needs to find where it lost a large portion of our morality, respect for others, I’m afraid of what’s to come should we not change as a society and try to remember our actions not only have consequences, our actions can influence others how to act, from the music, tv, internet and movies we listen to and watch, now days it’s a anything goes at anytime culture, all in the name of Free Speech and Artistic Freedom, I was always taught two wrongs don’t make a right, and just be a cause we can, doesn’t mean we should, we’ve always has these freedoms and rights, there not new, in the past individuals new where to draw that fine line between disrespect for yourself and others, not these days, not so much it would seem. In the past, no one had to be told not to curse in public or be disrespectful, there was a prime time and not everything was shown, acted or sang. I get it, society’s change, things change, we grow and that can be a good thing but with all this change and growth, should come some responsibility and morality for which our society is sorely lacking….Smfh!

  • J. P. Lynch

    If you were to shoplift in the USA at a Louis Vuitton store, you would be prosecuted as well.
    Most LV sunglasses are quite expensive. Except….. in the USA you can get your own attorney and defend yourself! Not so much in China!! It’s a communist country !! These three young guys have no idea what Pres Trump did for them. And the father of one that is speaking out is an idiot and is probably why the kid doesn’t know right from wrong. Glad they were suspended from their team as well!! What a shame they were representing the USA ! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Richard

      I agree just would like to add….Send the father to China; one way !

      • John Meis

        It’s understandable now why the son, Ball, is an idiot. The coconut foesn’t fall far
        from the tree. His father is a jackass too.

      • J. P. Lynch

        Good idea! Look what happened to the young man named Otto that was imprisioned in N Korea for stealing a paper poster! I wonder if these 3 basketball players are even aware of how he suffered and died and that obama did nothing to help him. (?).
        I hope they are never allowed back on their basketball team! And that they actually learn from this experience! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Patricia Arps

          Stupid Fuck Heads! Who does shit like that!? The World Already Hate Us For The Sun Kissed Skin Were In! And They Go Representing the USA in a Foreign Country and Get Caught Stealing some Stupid Ass Sun Shades That were probably counterfeit anyway. Now I don’t care for Trump as a president and I did not give a damn about Obama as one but at least Trump stood up for the Young stupid f**** and that I am grateful that they did not lose their lives the way that other young man did in that foreign country. Kudos for Trump I hope they learned a valuable lesson.

        • Wumingren

          Otto was a white dude.

          • J. P. Lynch

            Otto Warmbier was 22 when he was released from North Korea after 17 months
            in prison for stealing a poster. He died a week after he was released. His parents would not allow an autopsy from what I have read but that was their choice. We may never know the punishment he was subjected too. I don’t think being white was a problem for him , it was being American , in my opinion. Why Pres Obama didn’t
            intervene on his behalf is a shame and a mystery. The 3 UCLA kids have no idea
            the bullet they dodged , nor does the one outspoken idiot father. Hopefully it’s a lesson when in a communist country to behave yourself ! President Trump did the right thing for these kids and America . It’s a shame MSM is too biased to see it. MAGA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Curtis Jones Jr

          Yeah, but Otto was white and obumer only helped blacks

          • J. P. Lynch

            Yes it seems you are correct! Obama set race relations back 65 years or more!
            And he’s still doing it with his OFA political PAC and George Soros’ money!
            He is certainly not very presidential. And John Kerry as sec of state was a completely useless idiot!
            Have a nice holiday!!🦃🦃MAGA

      • J. P. Lynch

        Also the father also didn’t know Pres Trump was doing in China?
        What planet is he on?
        MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • Curtis Jones Jr

        Amen, I agree

  • WrenchMan2.0

    Will he EVER receive the credit for not being who the left, media and democrats label him as? No. The conga line of left wing sick minded Democrats will find a way to turn this around on him as racist!
    Progressive Liberalism is a disease that’s killing America from within!

    • Wumingren

      The Lamestream can’t give Trump kudos because he’s Trump and because it destroys the “Trump’s a racist” narrative.

  • ersliva

    once again trump shows he cares about his fellow americans no matter what…a whole lot more then any other politician in washington today specially those who are democrats….

  • VirgoVince

    they ‘THINK’ they’re OWED EVERYTHING!!

  • theicecube

    Well I guess they are glad they are back in the good ol USA. Only get a slap on the wrist for shoplifting here as they are considered disadvantaged youths. I am surprised the liberals are not protesting in an act of defiance that President Trump did not fly them back on Air Force 1.

    • Wumingren

      Dad sells $500+ Big Baller Brand shoes, and that makes him “disadvantaged?”

      • theicecube

        Has nothing to do with money, only being a perceived oppressed minority. Just ask any bleeding heart liberal

  • randolph.poole

    The POTUS should have recommended that the Chinese make a swap..the Ball kid for his ghetto rat father! Then the Chinese can listen to that POS!

  • Wumingren

    Also, don’t buy the idiot’s $500+ Big Baller Brand shoes.

  • I am glad that President Trump helped them, just as any politician that claims to be a servant of the people should. This may or may not change them but that is not the reason, Americans help Americans, just as our military has the moto of no one left behind, it does not always work but that is the intent. GOOD to see a President follow through on Americans for Americans no matter what!

    • Larry Huff

      Like Trump University?

  • caro dziamski

    they are ungreatfull young men”’the president should have left them there”as for the father ””’ no brains”’enough said