Text from Hillary Reveals Why She Chose a Running Mate Even Democrats Call “Disastrous”

With all of the negative buzz surrounding presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, it’s no secret she had to pick a running mate with a mostly scandal-free past to keep more voters from jumping ship. Though in a recent interview with NBC’s Meet the Press Virginia Senator Tim Kaine recently called himself “boring,” other members of the party use stronger words.

Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America said, “Making Sen. Tim Kaine our vice presidential candidate could be potentially disastrous for our efforts to defeat Donald Trump this fall.” The group and other progressives believe the former Virginia governor’s bland track record of supporting the status quo will mean an inability to make enough of a difference.

Many have questioned Clinton’s choice, particularly those who would have like to see her choose a running mate a little less predictably “male and pale.”

According to today’s article on POLITICO, written by Glenn Thrush, just before she announced her running mate officially, she sent a text to supporters that makes it all clear. The article points out what Clinton’s choice reveals:

It also reveals an element of Clinton’s political character that is marginally less flattering, despite her love-and-kindness aspirations: She wants to win, and badly, and chose a No. 2 with whom she doesn’t share a deep personal bond (she is much closer to Labor Secretary Tom Perez, for instance) but a common will to win.

In a telling comment, just before Kaine’s selection was announced in a text to supporters, she explicitly linked affection to election: “I love that about him,” Clinton told a PBS interviewer. “He’s never lost an election.”

Will Kaine’s winning track record continue this November? That remains to be seen.