TEXAS Having Trouble Passing Bathroom Bill

Even in a red state like Texas, a transgender bathroom law, known as Senate Bill 6, has caused a tremendous amount of controversy in the capital city of Austin. The state senate, led by Lt. Dan Patrick, is working to vote on the bill during the last week of July as the 30-day special session moves closer to ending.

The issue has sparked emotional debate on both sides of the aisle. The Texas senate Democrats voted almost entirely against the bill, with only one voting in favor.

However, things seemed to have stalled in the state house, where establishment Republican speaker Dan Patrick is refusing to move the bill through committee according to The New York Times.

The bill has become a somewhat sensitive topic in the Lone Star State. If passed, it would override city and county authority over the issue and require transgender individuals at public schools, government buildings, and public universities to use the restrooms of their biological sex after growing parental concerns about the nature of allowing anyone into a bathroom.

With growing pressure from left-wing advocacy group and progressive businesses, even the Republican-controlled state legislature seems to be caving.

The state house is considering a less-restrictive bill proposed by Representative Jonathan Stickland, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, but he doubts it will even get to a debate.

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/19529/texas-having-tough-time-passing-bathroom-bill-jacob-airey

  • Hattie John Whisenant

    If it dangles, go to the boy’s room, if not go to the girl’s room! I’m sick of mentally ill individuals dictating how EVERYONE else lives. Wrong is still WRONG!!!!

    • John Finn

      You are so right Hattie. if I catch a dangler going in with my date then his ass is grass I can promise that.

    • old codger

      AMEN and a Hallelujah for good measures!!!!

  • Estoban

    Texas, it is your responsibility to protect the rights of all real females in female facilities. People with mental delusions have no special rights that trump those of real females. Get it???????

  • joe 35

    You were born either with or without a package. It’s not normal behavior to change to what you are not.
    I don’t give a shit what you bleeding heart liberals think.

  • alpambuena

    the insanity of this is just beyond common sense…..so in order to please a few tranny’s or whatever they are….we have to set aside the privacy of 99 percent of the population just to satisfy these lost soles….

  • Dannie Poe

    I see a US Constitutional issue here. Allowing people who identify with the opposite to use another sex’s bathroom creates a protected class. Every institution or business should have the right to set bathroom use policy. Their is no discrimination going on here. The user has a choice according to their birth sex. This has been the case for centuries. Who is discriminating? If a institution or business chooses to allow shared bathroom facility it is their choice. This is US Constitutional Correct. Japan has communal bathrooms shared by the sexes. It is the users choice to use the facility or not. In the US, government agencies have allowed the Political Correct narrate to get out of hand. This narrative does not allow for a choice for those who refuse to be Political Correct. The US Constitution does not divide us into Political Correct Classes, it unites us on the rights of all Americans. This is what is wrong with our present government. This is why the Democrat Party is fighting Trump. Trump and the people who voted for him are NOT Political Correct. The Congress is using Political Correct to govern and not our US Constitution.

    • old codger

      Yes BUT they don’t seem to have the “PERVERTS” like we do in the U.S.A.!!!

  • Randy Wells

    it’s a small group of liberals here and there that are pushing for this kind of BS… problem is they shout a lot and very often.. we the “normal” people don’t get involved until it’s too late..
    so , I’ve started writing my congressmen, representatives and telling all my friends to do the same..
    enough is enough. we gotta start pushing back now,, not later

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Texas Rep. need to grow some gonads or they’ll find themselves over taken by a bunch of left leaning loons. Soon they will be a blue state. Disgusting, I thought the Lone Star State was true Conservative Values but lately it seems that because of weak knee’d politicians they are gonna lose a once great state. Sad, just like the rest of the country if we don’t fight back.

  • blackwingA520

    One has to ask, why don’t they (the left) want/agree on a separate 3rd bathroom marked (other) for these freaks of nature.

  • John Green

    Make sure whoever is against this is NOT REELECTED!!!