Ted Cruz Drops Truth Bomb About the Bible and Killing Islamic Terrorists

Ted Cruz has drawn criticism from the liberal media over his comments that he would “carpet bomb” ISIS terrorists. The New York Times whined that,

“Mr. Cruz’s proposal that the United States carpet-bomb ISIS without hitting cities could be considered unrealistic and counterproductive. The group avoids operating in the open desert and is known to use civilians as shields. Moreover, images of ruined hospitals, schools and dead children often serve as propaganda material that terrorists can use to gain new recruits.

At the debate on Tuesday, Mr. Cruz showed little concern for the difference between carpet-bombing and targeted strikes, vowing to be the most determined foe of the Islamic State and not backing away from “making the sand glow.”

Cruz spoke with Newsmax recently and addressed his stance on bombing ISIS. 

“Let’s be clear, the Bible says, ‘Thou shalt not murder,’ which is different from ‘Thou shalt not kill.’”

“Defending yourself is an obligation of any president. It is not murder,” Cruz added in the interview with Ed Berliner on “The Hard Line.”

Cruz pointed out that while America killed Nazis in World War II, it wasn’t murder.

“When you have the face of evil that has declared war … then it is the essence of duty to defend your nation, to defend the innocent,” he said. “When it comes to jihadists, they have declared war on us, and that’s what President Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to acknowledge.”

The leader of the United States should fight radical Islam the same way President Ronald Reagan fought the Soviets when bringing an end to the Cold War, Cruz said. Reagan aimed his foreign policy around the notion of defeating communism — a strategy of “we win, they lose.”

Reagan “championed tax reform and regulatory reform,” Cruz said, which “unchained the American economy.” The economic growth that resulted from from his reform allowed the former president to rebuild the military and challenge Soviet communism “on every front, strategically we bankrupted the Soviet Union and won the Cold War.”

You can see Cruz’s interview with Hard Line host Ed Berliner: