Scaramucci Defends The Trump Administration

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told CNN the the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was “an atrocity.”

Discussing the comedian Michelle Wolf, Scaramucci stated, “What happened last night was an atrocity, and it was like literally watching Michael Wolff with a wig on. I thought Michelle Wolf was Michael Wolff, actually.”

“I think what you guys are missing is you think it’s totally okay to take a cheese grater to somebody’s face, grate their face, drop the cheese grater and say, ‘Geez, part of your job is to have the right side of your face bleeding.”

“I’ll tell you why it’s an atrocity because it doesn’t help what you’re trying to achieve and what I think all of us are trying to achieve. Your logo says facts first. We want the White House, obviously, to be accountable. We want an openness with the White House. But this constant barrage of attacks, people are human, they’re going to look at that and say, ‘hey, I’m sorry, no mas.’”

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    With what is happening here now is a shame to know how these people have Hate In There Hearts And Not LOVE. I’M NOT A SHAME OF OUR COUNTRY BUT OF THESE THAT ARE TEARING OUR COUNTRY APART.

  • Maggietish

    An atrocity is putting it mildly. There would’ve been nothing but outrage had anybody done that to a Democrat and a member of his/her staff. There is nothing humorous about trying to degrade and tear apart women who work for the Trump Administration just because they hate President Trump, his family and his supporters. The only ones who are shamed and disgraced are the White House correspondents. The fact that they laughed and supported the vulgar, vile, disgusting, deplorable attacks, including personal, against Sanders and Conway clearly prove just how corrupt, biased and low-life that they truly are. President Trump has been correct in everything he has said about the bias corrupt lying fake news media. They continue to prove just how right he is. No normal human being would’ve celebrated this attack but they certainly did. They continue to prove that they have no relevancy, credibility, honesty, integrity, ethics and just how sociopathic and anti-American they actually are

  • Rightleaning

    Where did the WHCP come up with these idiotic people who call themselves comedians. I thought that there was pretty much some decency in everyone. The WHCP proved me very wrong. Trump is right, They are all as crooked as Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Obama, and all members of the Democrat/Communist Party family.
    If they think that sensible Democrats will be endearing to this kind of garbage, I think they will be proven wrong.
    That abortion so called humor made me puke.
    I for sure know now why I am not a Democrat.

  • Terry

    It’s odd, but a part of me actually wants to say “Thank You” to the witless hack. She has actually gone so far as to “Prove Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” just how immoral and depraved the Left Side of the Media, Hollywood and Democratic Party Truly Are! Now the entire world has seen “with their own eyes” the True Face of Evil and can no longer deny it. Even vast numbers of those who generally jump on the proverbial “Band Wagon” to join any Wacko who attacks Trump (and those of us who with God’s Awesome Power in getting him Elected) are even speechless and embarrassed by being found out, right along with her. So, in a way, she has actually Helped our Party by Exposing just how Evil she and the rest of the Left “Truly” are. The contrast between Good & Evil is soooo clear! It shows exactly how God “Can” & still does “Take that which is Evil & Turns it around for GOOD & His Glory. They are now becoming a Kingdom Divided against themselves, and will no longer be able to continue standing so strong as before. Their minds are becoming totally darkened. Seems to be exactly where God has to allow some to get to, so that they too will perhaps get sick of the Evil, their Depression & Hatred and will finally be able to See His Light in clear contrast to their Darkness. Sin has to be exposed, so that we know how much me need to be Saved from it. God Bless & Make America Greater than Ever Before!

    • Martin Randall Higley

      Hallelujah Amen In total 100 % agreement

    • Victor Rodriguez

      I’m 100% in agreement with you.

  • KJ

    Who hired that C-word to host the WH Correspondents Dinner? There is the other half of the iniquity and intolerance duo.

  • Air_Force_Vet

    This would be the perfect time to shake things up by either cutting the credentials of many of the “journalists”, or by only holding the briefings once a week. I would also check the video of the event, and make all of those who didn’t show that they felt uncomfortable during the “comedian” to sit way in the back of the room so Sarah couldn’t see them during the Q&A portion of the briefing.

  • Gardener8

    In Ms. Wolf’s remarks, we were given a close look at a nasty, cruel human being.