Sarah Sanders Humiliates CNN’s Acosta

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders humiliated CNN’s Jim Acosta by telling him he had a “problem” with “stating facts” during a press briefing.

“Are you saying Judge Kavanaugh is the victim in all this?” Jim Acosta questioned.

“I think both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh are victims at the hands of the Democrats. I think it is absolutely disgraceful what they’ve done and exploited this process,” Sanders replied.

“They exploited Dr. Ford, they’re exploiting all of the women that have come out to make any type of accusation,” she added. “This isn’t the process that should have been done, and certainly everybody deserves to be heard, but that includes Judge Kavanaugh, and that should be part of this process, and the facts have to be looked at, and I think you have to look at the prosecutor’s memo. Those are where you see all of those facts laid out, and I think she makes a compelling case.”

“I don’t have any problem stating facts, no…I know that’s something you probably do have a problem with, but I don’t.”

Acosta quickly shot back, “Actually Sarah, we do state the facts, and I think there have been many occasions when you don’t state the facts.”

  • Greg Zonker

    good job sarah

  • Lori

    Tell us ,since CNN and their reporters/journalists,are as worthless as teats on a boar pig,how can we fineally get them ______GONE !

  • Robert Nance

    Fake news does not have a clue about facts. They make up stuff and it’s called FAKE NEWS. BE SMART. DONT BELIEVE THEM. EVER

    • Charles Almon

      The only so called fake news comes out of Trump’s mouth.
      Do you know anything about body language?

      • Robert Nance

        Not really. I only go by the facts. Trump is making America great again. Figures don’t lie. CNN does lie.

        • get a life and stop being stup

          Charles is crying ..being a liberal mental case he can only see the un facts…liars all of them..he needs to sew up those liberal pockets and leave his troll self alone..we can tell because he keeps sniffing his liberal fingers

          • Robert Nance

            He can’t help his shrill little pink putty hat wearing self.

      • Galen Jeffryes

        So you base your opinions on a single frame excerpt from a video? Apparently facts and data are not something you take into consederation.

      • Duck59

        And another mindless minion is heard from. Tell me, did you read the DNC talking points for today or is this just more of their left overs?

      • Joel Frank

        Speaking of body language, take a look at the picture of Jimmy boy at the head of this article. His face appears to be pouting and about to cry after being scolded by Sarah.

  • Carl

    If Ms. Ford was telling the truth….one of the witnesses (that she named) would surely remember at least being at the ‘party’. I believe that Ms. Ford is a LIAR…just like the Duke lacrosse team accuser, Tawana Brawley, and the UVa rape HOAX accuser,
    LIBERALS will lie and destroy innocent people to further their AGENDA….and it’s been proven several times before.
    Sadly, the liberal Democrat controlled media are the biggest part of the PROBLEM….

    • Charles Almon

      Mark JUdge REFUSES to testify UNDER OATH

      • Galen Jeffryes

        Not true. Judge agreed to “cooperate fully” with the supplemental FBI investigation. Try sticking to the facts.

        • mike

          liberals hate facts

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        So Ford didn’t want to be a witness

      • Robert Pekarik

        The democrats refuse to act like human beings.

      • Jeffrey Wright

        He submitted letter under penalty of felony and the fbi talked to him. Boom

      • Matthew M. Malooley

        Dude, it’s just the opposite…NONE of ‘dr’ Ford’s friend would back her story!!! she couldn’t remember where,when etc….

        Judge Kavanaugh had ppl coming out of the wood work that were more than willing to support him in ANY way possible. many of them were WOMEN!!

        • Charles Almon

          ha ha ha ha
          Brett-o was contacting classmates and even
          their spouses to coordinate a Ramirez response story.
          in case it ever surfaced.
          MONTHS before the New Yorker article was published,
          HE LIED (yet again) when he said the New Yorker article
          was the first he even heard of Ramirez.

          • Matthew M. Malooley

            I guess you can’t fix stupid Charles. I simply looked at the FACTS in this case. Frau Feinstien SAT on this ‘letter or paper’ for MONTHS before dumping a crap on the hearings….that by itself stunk. The whole thing was a ploy to delay the nomination and thats it. It’s all they had left because he was obviously going to get nominated. It was a ‘4th and 99 yrds to go with 3 seconds left on the clock’ move! In otherwords, Frau Feinstien knew it was a flimsy, bogus, no proof piece of crap deal. Otherwise she would’ve laid it out immediately!

            Anyone with a brain can see that.

          • Charles Almon

            Fix stupid?
            How does that address my post.
            You’re just deflecting.

          • mudguy1

            When you believe made up facts then it is a fact “You ca.t fix stupid”
            That is addresses your post.

          • Charles Almon

            “Making up facts”
            Another “good” answer to avoid a question.

          • Charles Almon

            Making up facts?
            More deflection.
            And also a lie,
            Try drifting off FOX for a while.

          • Julia Sanford

            Maybe you can explain how those first 6 FBI investigations during Judge Kavanaugh’s career turned up nothing. As Greg Gutfeld said, Dr. Ford’s testimony had holes big enough to throw Michael Moore through.

          • Charles Almon

            Do some homework;
            They discovered PLENTY as did the Republicans.
            Then came up with a “great idea”!
            We’ll only release 4% of his paperwork. (As opposed to 100% of Kagans)
            DO conservative Trumpbots DO ANY THINKING?
            Let me tell ya sweetheart. The remaining documents will be released
            and confirm La Kavanaugh committed perjury MULTIPLE times.

          • Varmint~

            I’m sorry for you, stupid can’t be fixed! There was more paperwork produced by Kavanaugh than any other candidate to the supreme court to date! Go take your meds! Or don’t take any more of the ones your on!

          • Charles Almon

            You don’t know WHAT you are talking about.
            You post just to be contrary and to demonstrate your ignorance.
            A Typical conservative.
            You have access to a computer – try using it for more than posting nonsense on blogs. ALL his work at Bush WH – WITHHELD — for starters,

          • Julia Sanford

            He didn’t write any opinions when he was working in the Bush administration. Varmint is absolutely correct. There was more information on Kavanaugh’s background than any of the other supreme court nominees. Where do you get your information anyway, from The View and Saturday Night Live?

          • Charles Almon

            His emails and letters constitute opinions.
            He approved of torture for instance and expressed opinions
            on many various topics that he lied about, under oath, during his hearings.
            He claimed he had NO KNOWLEDGE of the actions of his 2 judge superiors
            that had to both resign. His emails prove THAT WAS A LIE. I could be here
            all night citing examples. And it remains to be discovered what DARK MONEY paid off his $200,000+ gambling debts in 2016.
            Kavanaugh is so dirty I need yo spray Lysol on my keyboard after typing this.

          • Julia Sanford

            Interesting! You have information that nobody else has. You should write a book.

          • YETTA PLOTZ

            Your pea brain condition occurs from morons who choose to get all their “facts” from only right wing media sources. FOX, gatewaypundit, infowars, Breitbart, judicial watch are credible sources of NOTHING,
            Everything Almon posted is common knowlege available for months.
            It’s the reason they won’t release hia WH records.

          • Julia Sanford

            You have no way to know where my sources are from. From what sources does YOUR pea brain condition come? Most of you would be against ANY nominee President would choose. That was evidenced by those who said they wouldn’t support him from the first day. Does your evidence come from the mainstream media, The View and Saturday Night Live?

          • Julia Sanford

            If ANYTHING against him has been discovered, it would be out there. The Democrats have awakened a sleeping giant with their lies and viciousness. Maybe it’s you who should to a little research. All I have seen since Trump was elected has let me know that I could never believe anything a democrat would say not be surprised as how low they can go. They are willing to smear an innocent person, his family and ruin his career, a person who has lead an exemplary life in every respect. I think the conservatives are done with rolling over and playing dead, of being doormats for the left. After this last demonstration, we are furious.

          • Charles Almon

            You’re an idiot.
            “Out there” is releasing 100% of his records.
            You REALLY are an idiot.

          • Julia Sanford

            Not only were 100% of his records released. His character and qualifications to be a judge investigated 6 times over the years. What else did you want them to investigate? You and all the rest of the left are so consumed with hate that you are delusional. Are you one of those who are still waiting for everything Mueller has proving Trump’s collusion with Russia to be exposed? Wake up, clear off the spider webs and do a little research.

          • Charles Almon

            4%. Period.

            Now your just trolling
            you sad silly woman
            GO AWAY, you’re a very sick woman

          • Julia Sanford

            Everything seems to be working fine here, but not sure about you. You would be totally mistaken about the “sad” thing. Winners are not sad. If you want to made a valid point about something you might want to actually dispute something I’ve said. We always know there is nothing much upstairs when all you can come up with are insults about somebody you don’t know.

          • mudguy1
    • privateye842

      Well said.

  • Charles Almon

    The only thing Sarah humiliates is roast chicken,
    I heard she BOOFS chicken legs,

    • Duck59

      Spoken like a true mindless minion!

      • Barbaracvm

        Atacking the messenger, somehow changes the facts!?!?

    • Galen Jeffryes

      And your personel insults have what to do with the article?

    • Tammie

      How old are you? 5?

    • Bernie

      Charles hates women.
      He’s a typical old White male I always hear the democrats ranting about.
      Right, Chuckie?

      • Charles Almon

        I heard she can stuff a whole chicken up the old vajayjay🍗

  • toothii

    The left exploited both Ford & Kavanaugh . The former by purposefully releasing her confidential letter, either thru Feinstein’s Staff, the Rep of CA or her staff or Dr Ford’s legal “team” and the latter by allowing unsubstantiated accusations rise to the level of actual evidence when there was none! The Dems were in no way going to give Judge K. a fair hearing esp since they unanimously announced their opposition within minutes of his being nominated by Pres Trump! There is no way the left can wiggle out if this disgraceful performance, NONE!

    • GomeznSA

      Correction – the majority of dems announced that they were against whoever DJT nominated even before anyone was even named.

  • Duck59

    Sanders only said what anyone with an IQ above half their shoe size already knew. It’s not just Acosta with a problem stating facts it’s his entire network along with every one of the so-called Main Stream Media. CNN, ABC,CBS, MSNBC along with almost every print media has a definate problem with facts.
    Good thing their noses don’t grow every time they “stretch” the truth!

  • Patrick Feeney

    The Democrat Party has evolved into a left wing hate group! They are unfit to serve!

  • Albedamned!

    They can always go on a new T.V. show. We will call it Romper Room!

    • Robert Pekarik

      And every democrat is a puppet on the show.

  • Barbaracvm

    The definition of insanity is, having the same set of circumstances and expecting a differnt end result. Acosta keeps getting beat down. He is the perfect example of a mind numb robot.
    Will he ever lean Sarah is not afraid of him.

  • The main problem with Mr. Acosta’s facts is that they are only what the liberal want us to hear. What I want is the real true facts, not the left leaning liberal/socialist/communist facts.

  • Alan

    It’s not only CNN, it’s the morons on good morning Joe. They have to be the two dumbest people on the planet. How sad anyone listens to them never mind believe anything they or their commentators say. I can’t believe there are that many dumb democrats and they are recruiting more from the college pool of dummies. As a college professor I’ve never seen so many sheep in the classroom.

    • Tbear

      Well said !!!!

  • Phyllis Little

    Acosta needs to be shut down and possibly have limited or no access for press briefings. Good job Sarah; knowing you are a good God fearing person, I bet this might not have felt good to do this to Acosta. But with him anything goes.

  • Albedamned!

    The Dog and Pony show! Scmucky Skummer tried his damndest. How’s ya’ like dem’ apples? Schmucky and Feinstein tried to sell their sham. Now they should be tried in a court of law, hopefully Supreme Court! Oh! How fun! I hear them prison walls a callin’!

  • Barbara Leigh Ryan

    Acosta must be getting paid by an outside source to continue showing his arse. No reasonable person, who has any self-esteem, would make such a fool of themselves over and over. He must be getting quite a lot of money, under the table, to be able to justify, to himself, his really ignorant, if not outright stupid, behavior.

  • bp 58

    ford is a liberal liar what more do you need to know…

  • Jeffrey Wright

    Acosta humiliates himself!

  • scott forman

    Acosta never states the facts, Ford is a lying skank, (that is what we would have called her in my high school years) and the accusations are baseless. The Left is evil and needs to be driven OUT of our country.

  • Jeff

    Acosta is just an air head with a microphone, nobody and I mean nobody takes this idiot serious, he’s become the laughing stock of the press corpse, all be it maybe not to his face, the facts in this case were laid out for the most lamen individual to see and understand, even though these weren’t “court proceedings” nonetheless the evidence and the facts spoke loudly, Ford accused Kavanaugh of assault not rape lets make that clear first, now out of all her witnesses she named none corroborated what she said, not a one, then we find out ex-FBI, employee her friend, tried to push one witness, another of Fords friend to modify or even change her statement and under this pressure she did modify her statement, not too mention Ford stated under oath she never coached, helped or gave pointers to anyone in passing a polygraph, this turns out to be false, according to her ex-boyfriend she did just that(Rem. the friend ex-FBI employee) not to mention she was caught fraudulently using a credit card he had taken her name off, then we find out Ford has more flying miles then Bill Gates(exaggeration) you get my point just another lie, and then there’s that second door, amazing how records have a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it, that door, (put in 08, not 2012), the one Ford just had to have to get out just in case, as well as her again supposed fear of confined spaces, well another lie of convenience, then her attorney’s it appeared never told her that the investigating bodies would come to her …..this individual who now is a millionaire thx to all her go-fund me pages and payouts ect….in my opinion isn’t hurt in the least, her name will fade and time will go on, all the while she spends that million plus……Smfh, it’s sad to know the depths the left and some very week minded individuals will go to destroy someone or something they fear, not to mention the individual of these attacks had a family, a young child, and yet the left was willing to do anything and I mean anything to destroy them and then they had the nerve to clame they support these females and speaking out……my guess is it only works that way if Soro’s is paying!

  • David Atherton

    Acosta does it to himself when he opens his mouth


    Why would this site end the story with the CNN eunuch’s quote, “Actually Sarah, we do state the facts, and I think there have been many occasions when you don’t state the facts.”

    Nobody comes close to CNN when they blatantly lie and spin the facts!!!

    “Antifa is widely perceived as an African-American organization”-Jeffery Toobin, CNN

    “CNN’s Brian Stelter recently said, “We don’t see CNN or the New York Times rooting for any president, whether a Democrat or Republican.”…..In October 2016, the head of the DNC and former CNN contributor Donna Brazile was caught giving Hillary Clinton debate questions she received from the network.”

    “Another example of direct support for Hillary Clinton from the globalist media network can be seen in a clip where CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says, “we couldn’t help her any more than we have.”

    “CNN once put a glowing gold filter over a video of Hillary Clinton to portray her as a glowing angel of light.”

    “The network claimed Hillary Clinton won a presidential debate, but they were called out for using a weighted survey that sampled 41 percent Democrats compared to 26 percent Republicans.”

    “CNN blatantly cut off a reporter who dared to point out how hypocritical it is for Hillary Clinton to pretend to care about the black community after her and her husband helped shape the laws that put so many minorities in prison.”

    “CNN said Monday that three journalists, including the executive editor in charge of a new investigative unit, have resigned after the publication of a Russia-related article that was retracted,” reported CNN’s Brian Stelter. “Thomas Frank, who wrote the story in question; Eric Lichtblau, an editor in the unit; and Lex Harris, who oversaw the unit, have all left CNN.”

    “Kathy Griffin, host of CNN New Year’s Eve special lost her contract after she published a photograph in which she appeared to be holding a likeness of the President’s severed head.

    “CNN severed ties with host Reza Aslan after he tweeted a series of vulgar posts about Mr. Trump. And another story that inaccurately predicted the congressional testimony of James B. Comey was retracted.”

    “Semi-automatic weapons-CNN apologized for a May 15, 2003, story in which CNN’s John Zarella and Broward County, Florida Sheriff Ken Jenne demonstrated the rapid firing of fully automatic firearms while covering the federal Assault Weapons Ban, due to expire the following year. The Assault Weapons Ban was concerned solely with semi-automatic firearms, not fully automatic ones, which had already been restricted by the National Firearms Act of 1934, and the subsequent 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act.[10][11]”

    “On April 3, 2016, hundreds of supporters of Bernie Sanders protested outside of CNN Los Angeles. Sanders supporters were protesting CNN’s coverage of the 2016 United States presidential elections, specifically in regards to the lack of airtime Sanders has received. Known as Occupy CNN, protesters claimed that major media networks have intentionally blacked out Sanders’ presidential campaign in favor of giving much more airtime to candidates such as Hillary Clinton.[12]”

    “CNN reported that a March 22nd. London attack a “firearms “incident”, even though the attacker used his vehicle and a knife to carry out the dastardly actions.”

  • Bob Doak

    I wonder why Acosta is such angry prick.