Ryan Targets His Own Republicans

House Speaker Paul Ryan is openly targeting House Republicans with television advertisements—while conspicuously not hitting Democratic members—to try to browbeat them into supporting his healthcare legislation.

The remarkable development, in which a GOP leadership-connected organization is now opening fire on the airwaves against Ryan’s own members, is ultimately one of the main tactics employed by Ryan’s predecessor, former House Speaker John Boehner—one that was instrumental in forcing his resignation in 2015.

And while this is going on, with Ryan unrelentingly pushing for this American Health Care Act—nicknamed by many Republicans who oppose it “Ryancare,” “Obamacare 2.0,” or “Obamacare Lite”—members in the House GOP conference are beginning to whisper about replacing not just Obamacare but replacing Ryan as Speaker.

“A group with close ties to House Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), is airing a half-million dollars’ worth of television ads in more than two dozen media markets urging unruly conservatives to support GOP health-care legislation,” the Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis reported on Thursday.

Particularly, the group American Action Network—a group the Post notes is “affiliated with” Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC—“is targeting 30 members it says are part of the House Freedom Caucus,” DeBonis writes.

“The Republicans’ American Health Care Act versus Obamacare,” a narrator says in the Ryan-connected ads. “Obamacare is full of job-destroying mandates. The new plan eliminates them. Obamacare put bureaucrats in control. The Republican plan puts patients and doctors in charge. Obamacare stuck families with soaring premiums. The new plan provides more choices and lower costs.”


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/03/09/honeymoon-speaker-paul-ryan-targets-republicans-not-democrats-ads-healthcare/

  • jemb

    Whatever it takes!

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    That two-faced speaker has got to go, no more second and third and fourth and fifth and sixth etc. etc. chances. He’s proven over and over is true values lies with the Democratic Party. He just the cancer in the Republican Party. I don’t know why he doesn’t take that sappy looking face, and switch to the Democratic Party, where he’ll feel at home.

    • pmbalele

      Ryan should start looking for a different job now. He is out next year. Did you read what Laura Ingram said today. Laura is now a good girl. For the first time in her life Laura Ingram is correct. I am older than Trump and therefore he should listen to me. I have more experience with Repubs and TPs. If Trump wants to lose re-election, let him listen to Paul Ryan and Mitch. These will make sure he is not re-elected with their silly Ryan care. Do they and their families have Ryancare or credit care? No. They do not pay a penny as federal government workers. These are government officials who want to throat you with their stupid care. I have counselled Trump to adopt Canadian or Sweden care. Nobody should pay out of pocket premium. a 0.01 sales tax on all goods except food should be able to fund Trump care or Obamacare expanded. This will enable you and your doctor have privacy and not be interfered by insurance. Ryan, Mitch want to kill seniors, poor young whites, Blacks and children. Then they will be given campaign money by the insurance companies. Reject their care

  • James Lowder

    Look at the smug look on Ryan’s face. He is harboring visions of grandeur. Trump needs to wise up about Ryan, because Ryan is no friend to the people. Congress should never have made him speaker because he has his own agenda and it is not for the people.

    • ONLYJB1

      It’s called “The boehner Agenda”!


    For Rino ryan to be pushing this plan so hard, it has to be a POS!

  • Harold Jewell

    Ryan needs to be FIRED!!!

  • Judy

    Needless to say he is not my favorite person and this plan sounds worse then Obamacare first thing he goes after is older citizens wants to take everything they get away, seems like every time we give them the chance they screw up by letting people like him push thru bad bills

  • fisherman

    Paul Ryan has long been a Democrat in Republican clothing. Any one who can not see this is simply not paying attention or does not care about the citizens of America.

    • mrpoohead

      The difference between Democrat and Republican is LGBT, abortion and gun regulation. It’s a plutocracy owned by the conglomerates and industrial bodies. The people are stuffed!

  • Leo

    Ryan is a big liar. His plan is a failure and disaster. It does not cover preexisting existing, very sick,old people and more than 10 million unemployed will not afford and will be thrown out. This is the worst plan. ACA is the best and covers everyone and affordable. And helps in medicaid. Obamacare is very good. It needs some fixing. Democrats can assist with Bernie Sanders has the best ideas and can reduce the cost with drug companies. Stick to Obamacare and fix it.

  • Dannie Poe

    When will Ryan stop presenting himself as the voice of America? Trump has been duped by this man and the people see it. Ryan could careless if this plan works as long as he has the spot light on himself. Ryan is not for the people. He is for himself and all the Washington Elite. He blackmailed his fellow Republicans to get his position in the first place. Boehner wanted him as his replacement and politics put him there. Can’t Trump see he represents everything Trump wants to correct. Ryan is the Establishment the people voted to stop. The people know Ryan’s “Better Way” is not the peoples way. Trump should be telling Ryan if he can not present a bill that will work for the people, then don’t give him anything and let Obamacare implode on it’s own. Trump should not put his name on any bill that is destine to fail. Ryan is NOT THE PRESIDENT. TRUMP IS. President Trump: Open your eyes. You are playing the game of politics and it is Political Correct politics that is destroying the US. If Obamacare was to implode then Democrats and Republicans would be forced to set things right. It is better if both Parties had a joint interest anyway. This is what our Constitution intended from day one.

  • feduptohere

    He has an arrogant attitude, that only what he says is correct, and that includes what the president has to say. I can’t stand him, from day one, he is not a conservative Republican, if he is a republican at all He laughs at what President Trump has to say, behind his back, of course, and no doubt has great conversations about him, to other cronies like himself.

  • Donna Morken

    I sure wish the house would have taken more time and voted for someone different than this pin headed punk for house speaker . He is nothing but a RINO and wouldn’t mind seeing the republican party brought down. Wake up house and vote this pin head out before he destroys the opportunity that has been afforded the nation to correct the damage that the likes of him and Obama did to this country.

  • stonecold621

    paul ryan is a pathetic, slimy, bohener-loving, smug, back-stabbing, rotten, lying,rino sellout son-of-a b!tch! he needs to be thrown out, or beaten within an inch of his life

  • Pamela Ellis

    Everyone please join me as I went to Trump’s twitter page and said: Mr. President, Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan sucks!

  • ScoutBird

    Ryan is totally in the employ of the insurance companies and lobbyists. Only leadership he’s exhibiting is leading the RINO class to the bank. PRIMARY every darn one of these traitorous basturds.


    Ryan should be shown the door. He is starting to make a mess of things and delaying this process. He never supported Trump and probably never will. He’s a phony!