Pompeo Sets The Record Straight

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who recently testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated President Trump, had a “complete and proper understanding” of Russia’s attack on the presidential elections.

Pompeo stated, “I want you to know, President Trump has stated that he accepts our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election.”

“He has a complete and proper understanding of what happened. I know, I briefed him on it for over a year.”

  • Bennie Cochran

    Lisa Page has already givern testimony that China, not Russia, was doing the meddling, Does anyone in Washington/Congress listen to anything/anyone except the sound of their own voices? Sad?

    • Danny S.

      This has never been about RUSSIA . The FBI ,CIA and NSA all know that Russia did nothing to affect the election that they haven’t done for decades. By the way no one mentions that we interfere with not only our adversaries but our friends elections all the time. Where are all these Democrats on the fact our government surveillance American citizens without a warrant all the time ? The whole purpose of this bombardment of Trump is to poison Trumps character, and lie about his great performance which is not mentioned by the MSM. The other purpose is to stop the investigation into the deep state and to keep the status quo in power.

  • Marty Koval

    No matter what President Trump says or does will be intentionally interpreted and misrepresented by the liberal politicians, media, and constituents. They are doing this because they realize that what he is doing for the country is good for “We The People” and it is making them look inept at solving critical issues.

    Due to their ineptness, they have turn to Satan, The Great Deceiver and Father of Lies for their mode of operation. Which is to lie, deceive, hate, being impatience, showing misery, spreading meanness, showing harshness, lacking self control and civility. And finally promoting that evil is good and good is evil.

    Like Satan, the liberals will do anything to attempt to make President Trump and his administration look evil, when in reality they are doing what is good for the USA.

    • Well said Marty, God bless America, President Trump and the patriots like you and me that believe in President Trump, God and America.

  • LeslieFish

    In one sense, they’re both right. Russia *tried* to interfere with our election — and failed. So did China, for that matter. Remember Boss Tweed’s definition of an “honest politician”: one who stays bought.

    • Brian Hogan

      Donald Trump is in a unique position that makes him anathema to the Democrats. While I believe everybody has their price, his is so high that the Democrats can’t afford to buy him off. He’s a person who you have to ask the question of, “What present do you buy for the guy who has everything.” He’s supper rich, he’s married to a beautiful, classy lady, he’s a TV celebratory, he’s the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the free world. There’s not much more (other then “Godhood”) that he could want.

      • I agree with you and he does not seek “Godhood” but I am sure he seeks God’s advice in his prayers.
        His wants are MAGA and a second term to accomplish his goals.
        He has done more than Obama did in less than two years than Obama did in eight.