Pentagon Suspects an Iranian-NK Connection

The United States Pentagon has found substantial information that points to a possible connection between the two countries that hate the United States the most: Iran and North Korea.

According to Newsmax, the connection has not been confirmed from any branch of the U.S. government. However, the Pentagon is keeping a close eye on the ties between North Korea and Iran.

This especially after Iran’s May 2 attempted missile launch from a small “midget” submarine which is believed to be operated only by North Korea and copied by Iran.

Those submarines are known to be able to travel in shallow water while remaining almost silent.

Of course, with those two countries working together, the U.S. government is on edge, wondering if the two countries are planning some sort of major attack.

According to Fox News, the partnership between the anti-American nations is not new or surprising.

Jeffrey Lewis, a missile proliferation expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, in Monterey, California, told Fox the partnership actually spans years.

“The very first missiles we saw in Iran were simply copies of North Korean missiles,” he said.  “Over the years, we’ve seen photographs of North Korean and Iranian officials in each other’s countries, and we’ve seen all kinds of common hardware.”

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    Really?? Duh.

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    when did they wake up??

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    Both countries should be destroyed.