Pelosi’s Insane Alternative To Border Wall

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ridiculously stated to the public that fences and “mowing the grass” near the Mexico border is a better alternative instead of a Trump wall.

Pelosi stated, “Well, I’m not the wall’s biggest advocate in Congress. But I do know that representatives in the House and senators in that body from the border areas have some serious objections to a wall, because they know how detrimental it can be to the community trade, to all of the other aspects of a border.”

“Let’s sit down and talk this through and see what makes sense. Not some commitment to a promise that we are going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it, that is never going to happen. But let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary–where fencing will do or mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass. That’s something– levies, technology, personnel.”

  • Loosecannon2U

    Maybe a mini golf in front of the border! A taco truck would also be nice!

    • ward

      Just a plain “ole” tent city prison so violating felony crime committing illegals can build the wall as there penalty for trespassing into the U.S.A. … ! No workey not eatey … ! Escapey get shotey !

    • disqus_thqGMwIIHV

      Hey pelosi, better enjoy mowing the grass at the mexican border. You will miss cutting the grass in a little while. There is no grass in hell where you are going, so enjoy it while you can.

      • mousekiller

        I doubt this broad has ever been any where near the border let alone see pictures of it. I think she thinks is a green lush beautiful place and needs to be tended to stay neat and tidy. Question? how does her husband stand her?Her money, ? Free to them air transportation? Tax deduction? Just asking as it seems an impossible task for him my regular standards..

      • ipsd48

        I’m wondering just where on the border the grass is so high people can hide in it

    • slidenglide

      If we cut the grass on the border the illegals trip on underbrush when they come storming into the country.

      Just when you start to believe Nancy can’t say anything more stupid than the last thing she has said, she never ceases to prove us wrong.

  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu

    nancy pelosi is one of the biggest jerks in the washnington swamp…I remember her pushing for Obamacare and when asked ” will it work?” she said….” we don’t know if it will work thats why we need to do it….. to give it a try!”……Yeah and she is a millionairess thanks to her taking money from Visa and other CC companies when she was “investigating” cc abuses. Not surprisingly she instituted no real “savings” for the public but acquired tens of millions of dollars in visa stock.I am sure she laughed at her constituents whied going to the bank ( read the account in the book ” advise and dissent” by former SD senator Joun Abourezk)….

    • CarolGid

      I also enjoyed her other infamous quote: “We have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” Brilliant!
      What’s wrong with the people who keeo voting her in?

      • mousekiller

        According to them ( those that continue to vote her in) every one else is stupid., Term limits will do more to draining the swamp than anything else that doesn’t cost tax payers a dime.
        If they are not in office long enough to be entrenched and worth something to the lobbyists of big business is a big plus for American tax payers and voters…

    • ipsd48

      She got alot of that money by bilking the people of California over the Presido and Treasure Island remodels

  • ward

    This pelosi crap is typical of all dems being a #1 example to their logo of an ass with the stench of bo’s treasonous cesspool of libtards waiting to be flushed into the poisonous & polluted swamp to drain …. !

  • JR Quarrels


  • JJJ18

    I always like the former, Majority leader Peloci, because she has such beautiful smile. However, I really don’t agree her this saying and doesn’t really make much sense at all. If we don’t have problem for unknown people coming by not respecting r country’s own established immigration rules of the laws, it’s fine. If we do have massive problems & Americans are furiously mad & angry for kitchen table issues, then we must look into to solve Americans’ madness 1st instead of ignoring Americans’ madness to bring more unknown here to make more severe Americans’ kitchen table issues up to nose. This’s America, r own Gov’t is Americans’ mom to looking for help. Please put America 1st & take care of Americans 1st. Innocent Americans can only relied on r own elected Gov’t to help & think for them, because other peoples have their own Gov’t as their mom to think for them.

    • Elizabeth Hagen


  • Jj Doodah

    She’s going to meet the same Fate as Feinstein…..Put out to Pasture…..

  • Kent Powers

    How about a moat?

    • Wade

      And a goat?

  • Terry

    She is freaking insane

    • mousekiller

      Has any one considered she could be a medical experiment? Maybe one gone rogue?

  • Elizabeth Hagen

    This woman is a blithering idiot. Period.
    The right has been the only party to address this issue in a ‘Democratic’ Way (of and for ALL the people). They have made changes to their proposals over and over, in response to the lefts complaints,
    The left has not and will not budge. Correct me if I am wrong. The left has held a hard line in their original “Amnesty For All” stance. Not a budge. What they expect, is a mystery. This bitch (a complainer) has more to gain from the turmoil, than she would if resolution/compromise on this issue (And many other issues) was sought and reached. She stands so far left that NO ONE can see her position… (not even Democrats)… What they do see is a song and dance lunatic, who is the perfect clown/shill to divert resolution, and the loss of $$$. Dollars directly from all the big money enterprises who benefit directly and indirectly from having cheap labor…Fair to NO one, illegal or legal…If you think for one minute that thier stance is humanitarian (and of course you do believe that) then I feel sorry for you… They are holding out for the mighty dollar. Don’t let them fool you,The dollars they will personally gain from and for the’ bought and paid for’ election WINS that keep them ‘In like Flynn’. Its a self perpetuating disease our elected officials love to deny.
    People need to wake up. This is not a scary fairy tale, that will just come out okay in the end…cuz you want it to. Those who support carte blanche amnesty, open borders, and all the other ridiculous ideas, have been duped. I have not heard or read one good argument from the left. They don’t have to have an argument, when what they have is 1001 ways to attack and accuse anyone who does not agree with them… You are automatically a racist if you oppose open borders. If you oppose Amnesty for all, because it makes no sense, you are a cold hearted racist and a spoiled over privileged white American. (its not racist if the left points out your color/nationality, etc, BTW) who won’t work for $5 an hour, like the hard working immigrants with kids. REALLY? lmao! Does anyone on the left see the hypocrisy? I don’t know who has control of your brains, but its not to late…RUN RUN RUN for your life!

  • Doug001

    If we agree to that, they would then complain that we were destroying natural habitat, and displacing native flora (and non-native Flores)

  • Wade

    Hey Nancy, why don’t we hire Forest Gump to cut the grass along the border?? Then he can run back and forth making sure no one crosses!!! Such a waste of taxpayer money paying her salary!!

    • Elizabeth Hagen

      What we pay her is nothing compared to her under the table corporate donations. She is doing everything they ask of her…In this case, they are asking her to make certain he does not lose cheap immigrant labor. i am a racist, because I support LEGAL immigration, while liberals, who are fighting for and supporting the criminal, who wants to pay 5 dollars an hr for a laboror….Nice of you, liberals. NOT!

    • mousekiller

      not just her salary but if ,when she leaves office it is paid for life along with the golden parachute medical coverage plus security.

  • Rick Stanley

    Dumb as a box of rocks.

  • J.B. Young

    Pelosi needs to be removed from office. She gets crazier by the day.

  • Carol

    WOW, is she brilliant or what? She wants the space mowed so she can hire illegals waiting to cross the border illegally to mow it. We all know how much the dem’s love the illegals, when you need votes you back the illegals that can’t vote by law but vote anyway. Remember we are speaking about a person from California, from San Fran, land of the gays, which she thinks means happy as she goes against the Laws Of Our Nation. Pelosi is aiding and abetting illegals and should be arrested. She also is not upholding her oath of office and must GO, her and HC can together come up with bigger whoppers and schemes on how to break more laws and tell more lies and be leaders of more democratic corruption.

    • mousekiller

      CA now give illegals a drivers license no testing involved and the right to vote. My friend was at the CA DMV near San Diego to renew his CDL. In walks a illegal female with a baby in her arms jumps to the head of the line. Spoke not one word of English and had her picture taken was given her license and they are allowed to vote. All credit is due to gov moonbeam Brown. Mt friend spoke up and was escorted out of the DMV. The state of Ca is a sanctuary state.

      • ipsd48

        I think Mr Trump should send the Election Commission to every precinct in CA while he’s in office with instructions to verify that all voters there are , in fact, citizens

  • pat

    pelosi made her fortune I on the backs of hard working Americans and now rich she gets off on the power and false fame and she is a hypocrite as well.