Pelosi Unclear About Booker Breaking The Law

While being interviewed with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she isn’t “absolutely sure” that Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) violated the law by allowing documents relating to Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be released. She also criticized Republicans for blocking the release of documents and said that “is the violation of the regular order that we should be paying attention to.”

Pelosi noted, “I’m not absolutely sure that Senator Booker broke the law. I think the night before they said it was OK to go forward with those items, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, that the Republicans are departing from any sense of decency and responsibility to the American people by saying, we do not want to see all of these documents that will tell us something. If there’s nothing to hide, release the documents. Why are they so protective of hiding those documents? That is the violation of the regular order that we should be paying attention to.”

  • Robert Kahlcke

    The Senator admitted the violation of Rules, what’s not to believe. Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, have no shame.
    They would Pimp out their own Mothers for a vote.

  • John Heidler

    Thats how the demotards think,if its not our doings its wrong. The USA people should be sick and tired of being told how to live,thats the demo motto. They couldnt control the indians,Custer got what he deserverd. Shame Grant wasnt leading the charge ,the course of history might be different today.

  • Austinniceguy

    This coming from that miserable wrinkled old hag who said “we have to pass it if you want to see what’s in it” for that pos obozocare.

  • John Heidler

    Trump 2020,Pense 2024. Wake up demos, before the train leaves you at the next station. Delusionary, USA small town of nobodys.

    • RightWriter

      If you MADE SENSE, I’d respond, but you DON’T. BTW, the Vice President’s name is PENCE, not PENSE. Just one indication of what a MORON you are!

      • John Heidler

        See.I Made my point. Obviously you just dont get it do you,must be one of them.
        Your part of the problem here in America. People like yourself should be culled at birth,useless to productivety

  • Bruce Kellar

    Pelosi isn’t clear about much of anything except that tax cuts have pissed everyone off and they will only vote shithead from now on. I wonder if she has a roll of toilet paper on each side to enhance her chest. Should be required since she should wipe the shit eatin grin from her mouth everytime she says something.

    • RightWriter

      “Tax cuts pissed everyone off”???? Are you out of your MIND? The tax cuts gave an average FAMILY an extra $2,000 in INCOME for the year — WHY would THAT piss off ANY sane person? The tax cuts ALSO cut BUSINESS taxes, making it possible for small businesses to HIRE MORE PEOPLE, which ALSO did NOT piss off any SANE PERSON.
      If you WANT higher taxes, which seems to be the case, you might MOVE NORTH AND SETTLE IN CANADA. THEIRS are MUCH higher than ours, at EVERY income level, and I’m SURE whatever your income is, they’d be GLAD to get their hands on a big chunk of it.

      • Dealerdeb1

        WELL said and they are idiots either that then the don’t actually GET a paycheck to know

        • Terry Butts

          You will find the ones who are upset about the cuts either do not pay taxes or are politicians who planned to profit from them.

          It is like that tax refund a few presidents back the liberals threw a fit because it only applied to people who PAID TAXES they wanted an EQUAL CHECK cut to everyone even if they never paid taxes. As if it was just a free hand out instead of returning ones own money they had paid to them (aka a refund)

          Kind of hard to do when the refund amount was based on the taxes they actually paid so everyone’s was different as well as being based on what they paid with a minimum amount in taxes having to be paid before one was even eligible for the refund.

          Far to many liberals think that all money belongs to the government and they can take it from or give it to the people at their whim. Even thinking they can dictate what RETIRED people living on their Social Security (government controlled PENSION fund) are allowed to purchase with the money as if it was the governments money to control.

      • nokabosh

        In Pelosi’s mind the tax cuts are crumbs. She’s trying to PO people in that sense.

      • mrpoohead

        Liar, they tax folk nothing for the first $12, 000 and their highest rate is lower, plus their corporation tax is lower. Still on with the Nazi lies – scum!

  • ROB

    Uh nancy I really don’t give a crap what you’re unclear about. Yo muddled mind is unclear about a lot of things. You are an elitist racist who don’t have enough walking around sense to get in out of the rain. It’s in the senate so we do not need yo opinion. It ,in any case, is worthless,

  • rfrichey

    Piglosi shouldn’t be using words like decency and responsibility as it’s obvious she has no idea of the meaning of either.

    • Dealerdeb1

      I love the way she crosses herself,calls herself a catholic then supports abortion

  • Jmanjo

    I don’t think she thinks any more period. She is a fool and a lost cause!

    • Skyhawk

      She showed that she was incapable of thought when she certified Barry Soetoro as meeting the requirements for president. An illegal alien with a fake birth certificate and a stolen SSN.

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    With her record I am surprised that any reported would waste the time asking her opinion. She really doesn’t know what she thinks.

    • RightWriter

      Well, she’s STILL (unfortunately ) the Democrat leader in the House, and she holds press conferences (weekly), so it’d be a waste of the reporters’ time NOT to ask her SOMETHING. But you’re right — she doesn’t KNOW what she thinks, and hasn’t for years — and in fact there’s SERIOUS doubt that she THINKS AT ALL these days. Sure doesn’t show! 🙂

  • RightWriter

    Hey, Nancy, you gonna sit in YOUR office and read ANOTHER MILLION PAGES of notes that the Cabinet Secretary (basically a note-taker) took on the million documents he handled in the Bush White House? Somehow I don’t see you DOING that, or even having your STAFF do it, and of course you have the excuse that it’s SENATE business, not YOUR problem. SO STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT, since it’s Senate business!
    And if YOU really want to read a MILLION pages that do little but note that a document was HANDED ON from Office A to Office B, go right ahead. When you emerge in about SIX MONTHS, you’ll be SO CROSS-EYED you’ll HAVE to resign from the House, whether as Speaker or Minority Leader. AND AT LEAST WE WILL BE DONE WITH YOU!

  • ahrcshaw

    How would she know if it is against the law, she never reads anything. She is so full of herself she stink. It is really sad how far the democrats have fallen with respect to everything and anything.

  • Valdez

    California was at one time a good place to live. The eastern elitist have taken over San Francisco and now want all of California. The three state split of California would have been a start to bring back the people into state affairs. Maybe in 60 million years when California fall into the Pacific ocean the elitist dream of fulfillment will be satisfied. I am glad I don’t have to worry about that or events like that; at my age I will not see the elitist pups eat themselves. My Mexican ancestors are turning over in their graves; they fought for freedom from an oppressive Mexican government and now a fight from an oppressive white government in Sacramento. Freedom comes with responsibilities most still don’t understand. Education and history has changed since 1984 (the book) and we are domed to repeat the same mistakes.
    God will not help you; you need to help yourselves; there is no free lunch and the wagon doesn’t pull itself.
    I have done my share, it’s now your turn. Don’t monkey it up for your children if you are not too selfish humanity may survive.

  • Valdez

    Pelosi is too old and out of touch with the people to understand. Too long in the senate and too wealthy. She travels with body guards, never shops, doesn’t knows the cost of every day things; like I said out of touch and thinks she (senators) are above the law and the people. She and Maxine yell fire in a crowd.
    It is time for term limits for congress. Ideas too old to support the people should pass with these old servants. Cast them as consultants but not policy makers.

    • GoldenGirl2u

      At the very least there should be an age limit, watching several of these elected officials shake and stumble through whatever their trying to say is very disturbing, especially when they are lying to the American People. People need to vote the Dems. out come Nov. they have become so unhinged they should be institutionalized.

  • Marion E McKenzie

    Sure it is unclear…If he was a Republican it would be Chrystal CLEAR..This CUNT is Politicaly BLIND…

  • Jeffrey Revers

    Pelosi can’t even WHIP HER OWN ASS AND THAT’S HER WHOLE BODY BECAUSE SHE’S ALL ASS. All they were doing is Grand Standing. They had enough with the 300 cases that he tried that’s more than anyone else.

  • Dealerdeb1

    ALL the dems want is time obstruction is the only way they can get it. IF they got time they want more until after the elections. EVERY LAST Republican standing needs to OVERWHELM the polling places. This is the most important thing we can do to support Trump. The ranting on websites is nonsense compared to the task ahead.. RED wave MUST be assured.

  • Valdez

    Our President has the heart of a lion being able to withstand the pressure of the leftist media. This lion is in a swamp and political jungle that has been festering for 50 years. The foundation of American Values are strong; we have to support this President in the cleaning. My ancestors would be proud of my supporting President Donald Trump; this is why the Mexican people (my family members) of California in 1856 joined the Union.
    The current subversion in California is not what we signed up for nor the leftist policies. History shows us that without the support of the people, the system fails. The “Bill of Rights” was added to Constitution to support the rights of the people in their efforts to control the government. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are the back bone of our rights.

  • Albedamned!

    They are very clear on the laws only they may break. Everyone else, Republicans must pay the piper!

  • armydadtexas

    Let’s make it clear you stupid psycho b*tch, that loud mouthed jack ass VIOLATED THE LAW and should be stuck under a jail.

  • David Atherton

    In her mind dumbocrats are above the law they will learn in November how wrong she is

  • nokabosh

    It’s clear Booker and Harris were lying to the American people. They are unfit for office.