Obama Security Adviser Stresses Importance Of NK Talks

Former deputy security adviser to President Barack Obama Ben Rhodes stated President Trump discussions for peace with Kim Jong Un were not a “reality show.”

Rhodes claimed, “We should all root for the success of diplomacy with North Korea. I think it is right to pursue the diplomatic track given the costs of a war could be hundreds of thousands killed in minutes. I think the questions that we have are about whether he’s equipped to succeed in that diplomacy. He’s declaring victory and nothing has happened yet. We have to see how they approach this.”

“This is not a real estate deal or a reality show. When you’re in a negotiation as complex as a North Korean nuclear program, and a situation that is volatile as the Korean peninsula, you need diplomats. Don’t hollow out the State Department. They have no ambassador to Seoul. Get the professionals in the room to put together a strategy.”

  • Richard Row

    “He’s declaring victory and nothing has happened yet.”

    I beg to differ. Just getting him to agree to go to the negotiating table is a victory in itself.

    • Tom

      I agree, Ben Rhodes is a blow hard, I don’t think Trumps needs, or wants any suggestions from the failed Democratic party.

  • ipsd48

    Personally I don’t have much faith in the ‘professionals’ that got us into Korea in the 50s, Vietnam in the 60s and early 70s, Bosnia in the 90s and Iraq TWICE’
    It’s time for new blood and new ideas

  • Bob V

    The President talked with this guy, Kim jong has never take to anyone in the free world

  • Bob V


  • Rick

    What a statement from an Obama Creep. What was his big deal as a Security Advisor. Get out
    of Iraq. Its only a JV Team don’t worry. We showed them in Iran. The list goes on but I digress, he
    can now claim to have been the advisor to the worst faker of all time.

  • Tomcat01

    Yeah, how much success did he and Obama have with both North Korea and Iran?

  • Rich Pieper

    why are you posting anything Obama OR any Obama campaign, or Obama supporter has to say ! They, and Obama tried to ruined this Country ! would have succeeded too if Hillary got elected.

  • Michael Walker

    Get over yourself. Kim Jong-un is likely meeting with Trump for one reason. A chance to assassinate him with some kind of poison. Nothing else could keep him from responding to the president’s bellicose and bravado remarks and tweets. To even hint that he may give up his nuclear weapon development is an obvious trap. This man executes his own family members and he hates no one more than Donald Trump.

    • White Trailer Trash

      I seriously doubt that it would be for an assassination attempt.. that would be a declaration of war.. besides, President’s have their own chefs travel with them..

      • Michael Walker

        I hope you’re right. But there are many other ways to transfer highly toxic substances other than consuming them. The father and daughter on the park bench in Britain comes to mind. I believe Kim thinks the US is a paper tiger without Trump and no one else has ever stood up to him, much less ridiculed him. We are already at war with North Korea, a cease fire is not a peace treaty.

        Some poisons are slow acting and nearly impossible to trace and could be delivered with a handshake. I’m sure the Russian KGB or even China would assist him with the means to make it happen. Kim would simply angrily deny it and blame it on someone in Trump’s inner circle. It’s just something to be prepared for.

        • drew

          I agree with Michael………………assassinate without out being obvious !

          • Michael Walker

            Don’t misunderstand me. He wasn’t my first choice but he is the President of the United States. I may not like his methods but I do appreciate the results so far. I’m just saying he should beware.

            Whatever might happen, the press would exonerate Kim if he denied it, Hollywood would praise him and many hardcore democrats would privately rejoice. The country would be too divided to react if Kim blamed it on Trump’s staff. This is all rhetorical theory, not a suggestion!

        • White Trailer Trash

          could you list those slow acting poison transferred by a hand shake? just curious as to which ones..

      • Tom

        And his own protection (Secret Service) and besides you don’t become the POTUS , if your some kind of fool. Give the President some credit, after all he beat a person that was a shoe-in to win, a beating that no one expected him to win.

        • White Trailer Trash

          you must be addressing the wrong person as i didnt state anything as to Trump being a fool.. i was suggesting having the meeting and being killed is not likely and if by chance something does happen it would be an act of war.. Unless I read your statement wrong..

          • Tom

            No, I was addressing you, you were talking about the President having his own chefs, and I was just making the statement that he also had his Secret Service personnel to protect him also.

          • White Trailer Trash

            the secret service is gimme, but some people dont know that chefs also travel with the Presidential along with doctors..

    • drew

      Michael uh oh……………..was thinking the same……………….I do not know how Trump will defend himself………should meet in a neutral country.but that is no guarantee

      • Michael Walker

        I realize you are being facetious, but in your mock concurrence you may have hit on a reality. Only China could guarantee President Trump’s safety during a meeting with Kim Jong-un. Without the public and especially the back door support of President Xi Jinping, the ‘Rocket man’ could not stay in power.

  • kybob

    Don’t forget the “line in the sand” on Syria

  • if anybody can get an agreement with NK Trump can ,,,Go Trump

  • Edwin Overstreet

    Well Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize but nobody ever knew why . He never even got close to making peace with anybody , as I recall.I wouldn’t put too much stock in what his advisers say.

  • Paul Hunter

    The so called “professionals” had years to do anything. Did they have any success? Now, when we might be getting somewhere, why should we call them back in?