Need to reach Trump? Call Rhona.

The president’s acquired a White House staff, but his old friends still prefer to go through his longtime Trump Tower assistant.

When longtime friends and associates of President Donald Trump want to reach him, they don’t go directly to the White House. Instead, they call the woman who’s been the gatekeeper at Trump Tower for a quarter century: Rhona Graff.

Since Trump took office in January, Graff has become a conduit for those who want to quietly offer advice, make personnel suggestions or get on the president’s calendar when he’s at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The list includes investor Ken Langone and Hank Greenberg, the chairman & CEO of CV Starr whose assistant recently went to Graff about trying to set up a lunch with Trump, according to a person with knowledge of the call.

POLITICO spoke to seven associates of Trump who still pass on messages to the president through Graff, most of whom requested anonymity so as not to risk their access.

“If I really wanted to whisper something in his ear, I would probably go to Rhona,” said New York grocery billionaire John Catsimatidis, who’s dabbled in New York Republican politics and has known Trump for decades.

Some of the calls are just a matter of habit for people who have dealt with Graff for decades — but some see her as a way to get around White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and others surrounding Trump in Washington.

Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and long-time confidant of Trump, described Graff as a favored point of contact for “anyone who thinks the system in Washington will block their access.”


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  • Martha

    Please ask President Trump to endorse the Rep. Brooks bill to cancel Obamacare once and for all. If the liberals squack as I’m sure they will, just do another bill saying no one with pre-existing conditions can be denied insurance. I LOVE these one-sentence bills, and so will most of us Deplorables! God Bless You President Trump, and your administration!

  • Kathy Hinds Estevez

    Please have president impeach these liberal judges we want to be safe , liberals are making baskets with SS numbers and voter registration cards in them!!! Please get vetting asap.

  • Dannie Poe

    I agree with those who want Trump to repeal Obamacare completely. Repealing it now would stop people from being labeled criminals for not having healthcare coverage. It would end forced mandatory healthcare. It would also force Democrats to work with Republicans to create better healthcare options good for everyone. Give choice back to the people and out of the hands of government.

  • Christian Cappuccio

    Trump must arrest here. She’s putting ICE agents, young girls, rapes, child abuse, all the worst especially Americans in harm’s way. I Am Pro Trump 110%. How many more Dems and Libs are doing this. The evidence is clear.

  • homer1057

    Here’s a thought: Three Supreme Court cases, passed in1962-3/1973 lf these three cases would be and could be, OVERTURNED, by the President, because the S/C has NO power to render any JUDGMENT, except constitutionality, things would CHANGE! “Abingdon v. Schempp/Engle v. Vitale/Stone v. Graham” NO payer in school(s), NO Bible Study, and No 10 Commandments seen, and OUT!

    • John metcalf

      I don’t want some goofy Baptist or Pentecost or any one other than me teaching my children prayer.
      I am a good home lutheran and have daily prayer and Bible study in my home.

  • Debra Dove

    Please have Mr. Trump do something to help the elderly out here who are struggling financially.

  • Bill

    Thank President Trump for us, I am so sorry America has so many here who try to make so much trouble for a true president, especially after the last 8 years of having what we had, Thank YOU President Trump for working to rebuild America from the American hating pathetic excuse that contaminated the white house before you replaced him, Thank You President Trump for winning and saving America from having the Criminal Hillary sell America a peace at a time for her own benefit. And on that note when are you going to have Hillary investigated for her numerous crimes, I believe Treason fits in there some place with Hillary, but Ovomit may be should be included for that charge too,
    Yes Thank YOU President Trump for all you are doing for America! Please build the wall, expel the illegals, repeal the anchor baby law.

  • Mandatory e-verify, end birthright citizenship, end chain immigration, end DACA, and have federal arrest warrants for elected officials that harbor illegals in their sanctuary cities. We want all the illegals out, and bring in only the very best.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Please ask Trump to pass a law making these authorities responsible for crimes committed by Illegals that should have been deported!!!

  • libertybells2

    Nothing I hear or read from the MSM can make me change my mind about Trump. As an independent conservative I believe what he says about draining the swamp and boy is that swamp filled to the brim. PLEASE get rid of the Obama moles in the government that he planted up to the time he left.

  • libertybells2

    Hope Rhona reads these!!

  • J.T. Acree

    Please stop letting these democrats tell lies and fake news without talking back with rebuttals and the truth, stop letting them tell you what to do like schumer is now, there’s enough people own your team, the democrats push the republicans around that needs to stop,Thanks To President Tru

  • Robert

    Two points: One. “Gender” is a grammatical term. And two. I can do a “sex” study and determination in the DELIVERY room. Period. Now, NEXT idiocy…

  • homer1057

    I am “REQUESTING” w/all due respect that Mr. Trump restore the Embassy back to Jerusalem from Tel Eviv. This is the single most and important event to happen in modern history. Have NO regard for Muslims think or say! Neither let Muslims sway doing this great event! Please, know, that I can NOT explain this to you at this time, butwould like to do so, and have the FACTS to support the same! Talk about a MAJOR blessing to this nation in regards to taking care of that JEW! Genesis 12:2-3 KJV Mr. Trump, Sir, YOU can NOT know what a MAJOR blessing this would to this nation! Truthfully, this nation needs that kind of blessing! PLEASE CONSIDER W/MUCH CONSIDERATION AND PRAYER. V/R Bruce