NBC Admits Trump Is Winning!

Chuck Todd of NBC recently appeared on air where he admitted President Trump “is winning.”

Todd stated, “The announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy this week helped make one political reality clear: Despite his overall unpopularity, President Trump is winning, and the Democrats right now are reeling.”

“How about the Republican Party? The president’s approval rating among Republicans is around 90 percent. Elected Republicans fear criticizing him, and the party has become a cult of personality: his.”

“Still, much of Mr. Trump’s success is superficial. While he’s more popular among Republicans, the party overall is shrinking. His trade war, North Korea, or the Mueller investigation all could turn against him and, frankly, turn against him now like North Korea has. But if the Democrats’ reaction to the Kennedy retirement proved anything, it’s that the Democratic Party has not figured out how to succeed in the Trump era.”

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    When is the “Media”-Going to figure-Out??Theyre on the “Wrong-Side”-Most of the American Citizens-We can’t Stand-The Democrats-That are Left.All they want to Do is “Fight”-Cause Trouble-But have NO-Solutions-For Anything.???

  • UofHPaul

    The Democrats have not figured out that they cannot govern by disruption. Donald Trump is getting the job done in spite of them.

  • Thaddeus Eugene Hughes

    Thank GOD from whom all blessings flow.

  • Mac Daddy

    Just another Left Wing Media outlet who won’t admit that whether you like the man or hate the man he is getting the job done. When will the News Media & Left Coast Entertainment Industry realize we are not like them. We are not Racist Like Meathead Reiner says or a Dolt like Rosie Butch O’Donnell says. What we are tired of is having families & kids going to bed hungry, what we are is fed up with having too pay for this country’s foreign socialist programs for illegal aliens or paying out money to foreign powers who hate us. “We The People Are Pissed” because you Super Anti-American anal cavities only want us to pay taxes for your Liberal Leftist programs, fight the wars, & to keep our mouths shut & obey Master, when they say we have no right to vote unless it is their way, don’t open our mouth about anything the Democrat Masters don’t like, don’t have a gun so they can take away the rest of our rights. And you can’t figure out why Middle-Class America voted for Trump. Maybe we want our Country to have some morals that mean something & that means the Nancy Pelosi’s, Maxine Waters’, & Bernie Sanders’ won’t have their way by enslavement of the Middle-Class & destroying the Country for their own Anti-American programs.

    • TheTech

      Mac Daddy, you know if MEATHEAD REINER says that Republicans are scared of something I guess we all should believe it as all liberals will ! WOW, as if Meathead would have any idea of what a Republican would be afraid of?! I had to read that to see this guys stupidity of what BS he is trying to dump out on what we are suppose to be afraid of ! I am not afraid of a thing and I don’t know any other REP’s afraid of anything either. That was as stupid as Meathead can dish out. Fantasy and make believe is what democrats today go with. They have to dump out BS to try and stay alive with their liberalism. You can either try to work and explain something to them and in simple English and that might work. However, some are just flat stupid and try so hard to show that they are smart, when they proceed to show that yes, they are stupid and do not want to wise up. Example: Obama’s BC Fathers name, this liberal is trying to defend it saying that this is his grandfathers name. How stupid can one be? A liberal can really go further with their stupidity. That is a legal document and asks for FATHERS name, not Grandfathers. Simple to destroy liberals these days and I am loving it ! It gets to a point that you just have to embarrass them and maybe insult them that might have an effect on waking them up or wising them up. You need to explain it to them because they do not think things out at all and they THINK they do. They are hit from their leaders knowing that they can mess with their DEM voters emotions. This has a great deal on how a DEM thinks is with their emotions. Use those yourself on them to explain things to them. 4th of July as I type this so I want to give you guys some real American spirit and real American backbone strength as only the USA can do ! Enjoy ! Because no one else comes close !
      Courtesy of the RED,WHITE, and BLUE… (Angry American ).
      MADE IN AMERICA ! As Strong as it gets !
      Star Spangled Banner as you have never heard it! Music from the movie “PATTON” and REAGAN as the host.
      Git-R-Done U.S.A. !!!!

  • daniel williams

    What the democrats need to know and understand is What my Grandfather use to say,that if you whip a dog when he or she is down they will turn around and bite you every time !

  • Susan Stanifer

    With this artical it says the Republican party is losing members. It may be but not nearly at the rate the Democrats are losing members. America is tired of all the fighting and they are only “HELPING” President Tump win by not giving him the credit for trying to fix our country and for being a President of the people. If you are not a American citizen, then your not his first priority . There are legal ways to enter this country and he expects non citizens to use it. THATS THE LAW!! WE THE PEOPLE are tired of footing the bill with OUR tax money!! Vets before illegal Alians.

    • TheTech

      Rep losing members? I seriously doubt that. The DEM party losing members is allot more truthful.
      That’s why they are having their DEM member drive of illegals crossing over the border.

      • Jerry Del Vecchio

        Dems losing support see #walkaway or check out Brandon Straka

  • Perfick

    There is no compromising with Democrats. They only talk about bipartisan results when they are weak and have no chance. When they are strong they could give a damn less about the rest of us. Please see history of Obama era. When they are weak their idea of a compromise is to reduce their nutty ideas from 90% crazy down to only 65% crazy. That is like debating how much of your house the burglars can occupy permanently.

  • gardeauxandrew

    The ant-American democrats tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES always fools many, this article is misleading saying one thing on the title to get people to read and the article is filled with anti-President Trump wordings!

  • John Kunjukunju

    Actually Chuck is not appreciating Trump in this, rather, vindictively saying a repartee. But in reality Trump will win because of his so far sound principles. Most people detest him for his past. But I condone him for his changed faith in Christ. Surely, all of us are sinners, but many a time people fail to look into themselves (introspection) and correct instead, find out others’ faults in a hurry to self-justify. A converted sinner is far better than the one who profess himself righteous and blaming others as sinners.

  • Tiger

    Hard to deny the Elephant in the room, pun intended.