N. Korea Conducts Third Ballistic Missile Test

On Tuesday, U.S. officials revealed that North Korea tested another advanced ballistic missile engine last Friday. It was the third such test in the past month.

The precise nature of this engine was not revealed in CNN’s report, which quoted American officials uncertain the engine could be used in an ICBM. Previous tests have raised concerns that North Korea is getting close to producing a reasonably accurate missile that could hit the continental United States.

An American official pointed out to Fox News that none of the three rocket engines “ended in an embarrassing explosion,” which is an unpleasant indication that North Korea is making progress in its designs.

Fox News notes that recent surveillance indicates the movement of a missile launcher and construction of VIP seating in Wonsan, suggesting a new high-profile missile launch is imminent.

Other satellite imagery of North Korea’s primary nuclear test site shows vehicles and trailers moving around, water being pumped from a test tunnel, and the deployment of fresh communications cables, indicating that another nuclear bomb test could occur soon.

Reuters notes, however, that analysts have not yet seen definitive evidence of a nuclear device moving to the site and that North Korea is not above faking an imminent nuclear test, fully aware that satellites are watching their every move.

April 15th is the birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, grandfather of current dictator Kim Jong-un. The anniversary is seen as a likely moment for Kim to stage another bomb and/or missile test.

The Australian reported on Monday that Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was told by the commander of U.S. and U.N. forces in South Korea that North Korea is very close to nuclear strike capability against her country. Bishop said it was the first time she has heard a warning about Pyongyang’s threat to Australia in “such stark terms.”

Japan grows increasingly nervous as well. The governing Japanese Democratic Party has been actively campaigning to develop pre-emptive strike capabilities against North Korea, a campaign grown more urgent after Pyongyang’s recent launch of four test missiles at Japan.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2017/03/28/north-korea-conducts-third-ballistic-missile-engine-test/

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    So which pres cancelled missile defense and why?

    • noyb

      Was it not a dem decision “because it was too expensive” but not as expensive as having to rebuild our country it it is even possible.

      • Deborah Pratt

        Another ‘brilliant’ decision made by our ever vigilant Democratic Party! This decision was, most likely, made under Pres. Obama. It is his ‘style’ and fits his agenda!!

        • Chumpper

          No my friend George Bush was in power when he acquired nuclear weapons. He already had them when Obama got there. Obama is gone and Trump said there would be dire consequences if he launched another missile. He’s launched about 7 missiles since Don The Con’s been in office and nothing’s happened. Oh! but Drumpf is supposed to be a man of action…he does a good job flapping his gums!!

  • blackwingA520

    Their coats look like Chinese throwbacks from the 50’s.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I Feel sorry for North Korea-Because they Seem to have a Isane person-Running their Country.I thought they were told to Cut the Missiles-Out.???And thought he agreed-So he’s just gonna do what ever he wants???

    • Deborah Pratt

      I feel sorry for his people, too! I saw pictures of the ‘peasants’, smuggled out of N. Korea by a reporter. The only ‘fat’ people are in the Capitol and work for ‘the Toad’!! Everyone else looks like refugees from a concentration camp! In spite of the food being shipped into that country, all they get to eat is what ever they can grow. Of that–they get the left-overs, after shipping produce to the cities. Jung spends money on his ‘toys’ and on roads. The ‘joke’ is–no one can afford cars so the ‘roads’ are immaculate! He has teams of young women out there constantly sweeping ‘dust’ off them–even when there isn’t any!! The man is totally insane and his people terrified of him!!

  • LeRoy H Beltz

    just send in a bunker bomb to his home

  • mwood13

    vaporizing north korea is long over due

  • Aurelio Nunez

    this Korean leader has no idea the repercussion he faces if he dare starts a War. There would nothing left of that nation. Yet he spends all this money and his people are starving. He really thinks he can rule the world. I believe he will be in to a big surprise.

  • noyb

    I think it is about time to drop a bunker buster atop the little fat man. Should send a very clear message to other children that this is a responsible adults toy.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    That’s our problem …….. too many of you bleeding-heart-liberals who want to empathize with our enemies! We don’t need to “feel” anything about them! Just destroy them as efficiently as possible! We can’t save a people that won’t save themselves!