MSNBC Tries To Smear Mollie Tibbetts

Fordham University professor Christina Greer insensitively accused Fox News about speaking more about  “a girl in Iowa” than the Paul Manafort conviction and Michael Cohen plea. Greer was referring to student, Millie Tibbetts, who was murdered by an illegal alien.

“I’m sure we’ll hear what [Trump] has to say about this at his rally, but Fox News is talking about, you know, a girl in Iowa and not this, right? And, tomorrow morning, we know he’ll wake up and tweet and sort of, you know, besmirch the reputation of Michael Cohen and all the people around him and then go back to Mueller. And this has, obviously, been boiled down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” stated Greer.

  • Dave Demski

    typical of the left. Supposed to care re others. Yet their actions, like this Christina Greer, belie their words. Any of these deaths of American citizens caused by illegal aliens, should have been preventable.

    yet the left, and Christina, doesn’t want to talk about it. SAD for her and this Nation!

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      She is upset because light is being shined on illegal immigrants and their criminal nature and how they are a national security issue and upset that they as of yet have not been able to redirect and distract the people from this fact by using the manafort ordeal. What the lefties want is to take focus off the illegal immigrant murderous ways and redirect, nothing to see here, look over there type thing. Same with Elizabeth Warren comment about the issue says something like “its sad her death but we need to focus on families being separated.” Duh! isn’t the death of this young lady by the hands of a illegal immigrant a “Family Separation as well? A permanent one at that! Lefties are idiots, they prove it every time they open their mouth.

  • Greg Zonker

    If I were in charge, I would charge the DNC with murder for every person killed by an illegal immigrant. After all, if they did the job the people elected them to do, it probably would not have happened. The democrats have not done a single thing in the last 2 years except go against the President. Funny thing is that if Obummer did the exact same thing that Trump was doing, they would say he was great.

    • jackcandobutwont

      The DNC should be charged charged with genocide….from all the abortions by planned parenthood, to the killings in chicongo and all the the democrat run cities, the the deaths of US citizens like Kate Steinlee and now Mollie Tibbets, to the diseases allowed into the US via illegals,,,,,

      • Greg Zonker

        100% agree–hope the people wise up and vote them out in November., If not it is a sad state of affairs for the USA

        • JACIE

          I feel the same and am really worried about our country. These liberal democrats won’t let the president do his job they block him at every turn. They think we’re all stupid but we see what’s going on. Vote in Nov and help the president get the wall built.

          • Dealerdeb1

            And defund Planned Parenthood which is SOOOOOO racist as most of the babies killed are black. Why do they hate black people so much?

    • Patriot1

      I agree with you, however, there are dozens of Republicans who talk a good story about stopping illegal immigration, but I don’t see them taking any real action. Then there are the RINO’s like McAmnesty McCain and Jeff the Flake who both always support amnesty and open borders. It is really time for both parties to get off their asses and BUILD THE DAMN WALL AND DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS. Nothing else will solve the problem.

    • Dealerdeb1

      I would also charge the DNC for Pelosi ,Waters ,Warren etc inciting riots and treason for putting the lives of LEGAL US citizens at risk for illegal criminals

  • Patrick Feeney

    The Demoncrats are pro-criminal! They try to sugar coat murder!

    • grandma954

      They don’t even try to cover it up anymore, its like we can’t touch them. Its crazy all these people who are being fined or jail are all rep. and then we have all the dems who we cant seem to put behind bars for why??? I cant figure it out. Hilary right up to Obama and everyone in between needs to go to jail…

      • azabigail

        Because Mueller is a Witchhunter, and he dragged everyone in, on unrelated charges, searching for ANYthing that he could find against Trump. He KNEW that he could not prove Russian collusion by Trump, because he knew that it was set-up to “look” that way by Obama and the Clintons, so he began bringing everyone that knew
        Trump in, and when we asked WHY he was searching for and prosecuting people with UNRELATED charges he said that his position gave him the authority to, which is what he was counting on to be able to implement his Witch Hunt, because he knew he couldn’t prove collusion, but he COULD use close up and personal threats to put pressure on others to say what HE wanted them to say. BUT he has NOTHING on Trump except what he did in his own private life BEFORE he beame President. If they try to say he lied, or anything else, including tampering, they will lose because they ALREADY set precedent with many case instances in which Hillary, Obama and everyone else who have lied, and ACTUALLY colluded, all through the email, scandal, Benghazi, the Russian sale of a U.S UraniumMine, that U.S mine FBI investigation BEFORE they sold it to the Russians, the Dossier set-up, the lies to the Courts to obtain permission to SPY on Trump, etc., AND their continued attack on Trump throughout his Presidency. GOD answered our prayers to remove Liberals, from leading our Country into continuing disasters, and destruction of America’s identity, foundation, Sovereignty, values, etc., and HE just as HE has in the past, HE placed Trump, a very unlikely person, into office. Unless HIS return is going to happen WITHIN the next 3-8 years HE will continue to protect HIS people, and this Country that was dedicated to HIM at it’s birth. Meuller and the Democrats have made some significant mistakes during their attacks against Trump, which will be evident soon.
        ((Everyone who speaks curses against one of HIS, HE will curse. HE said “For I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you”, it is only one of the promises which HE spoke to Abraham, and which HE has grafted us into in Christ Jesus / Yeshua HamaShiach, amen.))

  • Dennis Anderson

    Sad? This girl is dead and the left is screaming about separation of illegals families?
    Who`s running this nut factory don`t come here illegally in the first place. Have you American citizens footing the bills ever wonder if your`e not getting the entire story?
    It`s time to gear up and start killing these bastards when you catch them in the act.
    God bless America and Trump. Deep state is deeper than you thought isnt it.

    • JACIE

      Who cares about these illegals and their kids being separated . They shouldn’t have been here in the first place. These people are only coming here so they can get all the freebies we have to pay for. They get more than true Americans . Build the wall and get em outta here.

      • John

        They’re mostly not their own kids anyway. On the Soros-Org. bus, they get a kid (just one–do a headcount in Mexico to determine how many moms there have only one child), they get a script (for claiming asylum, “one foot on the shore” explanations, etc.) and the tape to play of a child crying (from being separated from Mom he met on the bus). Try to wake people up–this is political manipulation 101, guaranteed to work with the media’s rapt attention, without questioning source, veracity, or anything close to “investigating” anything deeper than Melania’s shoe collection, and wardrobe. Wake UP!

      • Dealerdeb1

        No DACA either

  • Howleyesque


  • Gary Russell

    Really Professor? Did you actually watch Fox News? They did cover the Cohen and Manafort situations. They covered them much more extensively than your beloved MSNBC covered the FBI, DOJ corruption scandal.

    • KKmoderate

      Yes they certainly did cover all three stories! I never watch TV but the last 2 nights I have had it on FOX for 2-3 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

  • Along Came Jones

    Fordham University professor Christina Greer, another Demretard that Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

    • Dealerdeb1

      Ever notice how ALL the “SMART” people are liberal morons at Universities?

  • Concerned in Texas

    I knew the ugly Dems would respond like this until it’s one of their own family members.As evil as they are maybe even then it will not make a difference.We will need to say sad but too bad.cie la vie.

  • Terry Moore

    What is really offensive to me is Elisabeth “Pocahontas” Warren gets on national television to say that we need to concentrate on the families caught at the border trying to get into this country illegally and having their kids snatched from them rather than recognize that Mollie Tibbets death occurred at the hands of an illegal immigrant! Absolutely shameful!

    That was way over the top, as far as I am concerned and demonstrates conclusively that this woman has no feeling for anybody who is a white American woman if it does not deal with votes and putting these illegals before any American who was blessed to be born here or had become naturalized according to our laws.

    May God help that poor excuse of a female politician who represents a political party bereft of any value and appreciation of this wonderful country and its outstanding President, because no one else will!

    • JACIE

      She needs a rubber room.

    • Dealerdeb1

      Only God can save us now

    • glock 19 fan

      “Faux-cahontas” needs to be put out to pasture by the voters of “Tax-A-Chusetts” and do something useful, such as inventing a barf bag for denture wearers,

  • Susan K.

    Since Mollie Tibbits is not useful (quite the opposite, in fact) for the furtherance of the leftist agenda, they do not care one whit about her. This comes as no surprise. If she had been murdered by someone wearing a MAGA hat, their manufactured concern and crocodile tears would be out in full force. The election of Trump has sure revealed the left for what they truly are.

    • JACIE

      That’s right Susan , nothing but a bunch of commie , pinkos.

  • Wade

    Their agendas have names. Victims of their agendas do not.Very disturbing!

  • suesueb

    You’re so right, Professor “Clueless” Greer — Most conservatives don’t give a rat’s ass about either Manafort or Cohen trials because, in the large-picture scheme of things, “tax evasion” matters so little compared to the murder of a young woman by an illegal alien. I’m so sorry that Mollie had the bad luck to have crossed paths with a murderous illegal alien who should have never been let into this country. WE NEED THAT BORDER WALL!!! There are tens of thousands of people who do exactly the same illegal stuff as Manafort, etc., and nobody really cares. Manafort did wrong…but there are tens of thousands who have been operating in the exact same unlawful way – for instance both Podesta brothers, etc.). Manafort also would have gone about his merry way, had he not been involved with the Trump Campaign for only about 4 months.

    • Howleyesque

      And GEE oddly enough WHO IS Cohen’s attorney?

      • suesueb

        One of Hillary Clinton’s longest and bestest friends: Lanny Davis. Isn’t THAT rich?

        • Howleyesque

          Yep ANYONE who CAN’T smell the rat IS A RAT!

  • ROB

    Sometimes I think they (the left) have to be kidding but the longer you listen to them they actually believe the junk they say. That must be a sad life. There is never a peaceful moment in their lives. Pitiful way to live.

  • Howleyesque

    So tell us were HER hands up?
    Oh wait, that’s right she WASN’T black, male or the size of the average NFL defensive end and HADN’T just ATTACKED a cop and tried to take his gun from him… SHE was engaged in the “HEINOUS” activity of going out for a run…UNARMED! (Oh and best of all… her killer… PASSED A NICS BACKGROUND CHECK… just like? CRUZ… thanks to? THE SAME PEOPLE, whose names are SOETORO and HOLDER!

  • Faithful1085

    The dems will never admit they are wrong. We need term limits and get the career politicians out of there. They will never admit The worst President in the world, Obama did wrong. Iove it that they can’t take it that Hillary lost!

    • JACIE

      What a bunch of asses even their symbol says so.

    • Dealerdeb1

      let’s just hurry the process up by coming out to the POLLS in FORCE and red Tide them into a faded memory

  • KKmoderate

    I wish for Christina Greer to have a daughter and for her to be referred to as “a girl from New York”. I fall short of hoping that daughter would have to give her life to be referred to in such a calloused manner. Greer is so disrespectful apology or not!!! People need to learn that words can never be recalled.

    • Susan K.

      “Greer is so disrespectful apology or not!!!”

      Very true, especially since any apology from her would be contrived.

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    I spent many years of my life behind a podium. I always prepared hours for the topic about which I was to speak. I listen to these so called (news people) and wonder what they studied and most of all what did they learn. What really amazes me is that they believe the things that are coming out of their mouths and they THINK they are important they THINK we believe them. Most of them need to get a real job, like flipping hamburgers. With the exception of Fox News the news media is pretty much gone.

  • Batbear

    I cannot identify Greer as a Democrat. I only assume so because she exhibits the same retinal degeneration and blind malice. But, whether or not she would be a loyal and principled American, or just a Democrat, she has illuminated the pathway to high positions in today’s Liberal collegiate indoctrination centers.

    Just despise America, God and the common man–and still be able to talk someone into thinking that you represent the Party of generosity…oh, yes…a laminated resume. “You’re HIRED.”

  • Charles___Darwin


  • sandy

    Obviously Satan has taken over the democratic party. Who else goes against God, law and order, kills the unborn, engages in daily slander, burn and tear down buildings, mob and mug people, supports murdering of innocent women, men and seniors in their homes, speak evil of dignitaries, threatens to murder a duly-elected president, creates lies, disregards the constitution, allows drugs and terrorists and murders to enter the nation, hides criminals in sanctuary cities, alerts criminals the authorities are coming,

  • Kirk Chartier

    Take all these illegal invasion supporters in the media and government and put their name in a hat, and any time an innocent person is murdered by an invader. Take a name out of the hat and give that accomplice the same death as the poor victim, THAT WOULD BE JUSTICE!!

  • Kirk Chartier

    These brain dead morons will push for gun control on the premise “if it saves just one than it is worth it” regardless of how many innocent Americans it will render defenseless to the scum these moron’s laws put back on the street. So these scum can create more death and mayhem, so the morons can make more laws to infringe our rights. But yet when one of these “undocumented immigrants” (let’s just call them what they are invaders) murders an innocent and we say something about it we’re “racist”. In the 20th century 56 million unarmed people were rounded up and genocided. That is why we have the 2nd amendment. The brain deads will say that can’t happen here. History tells us that it was done to the American Indians.

  • Procompmt

    The media is a disgrace, There are 50 States in the United States of America. One of those states is Iowa, a 4 letter word and they can’t even get that correct. Our education system is down right disgraceful. When did Lowa become a State????? Come on, Please!!!!

  • Tiger

    They have Russian/Trump Syndrome if they don’t hear something on every one of their Snooze Stations about Trump and Russia they get the Heebie-jeebies Their lower lip begins to quiver. Their bowels get lose and they start screaming out.

    They have once again shown their cold, cruel, calculated and callous side. We see it daily so I am not surprised that this poor young woman’s death is just a bother to them. They have to keep feeding the Syndromites out there with the constant drumming of Trump/Russia/

  • Mac Daddy

    Gee most Socialist/Communist Democratic Party members don’t give a damn about some Middle-Class, Middle America College student’s loss of life & her family pain & grief. Now tell her that the crying closet will be shut down for repairs & her students will have to go somewhere else on campus to boo who. Then this Heartless Bitch will show you some feeling & emotion. This she would care more about & this is because she like so many Pseudo-Intellectuals Liberals don’t really give a damn about anyone but themselves & their egos.

    • Donnell Simon

      Okay but you missed the mark by just listing Democrats because our entire political system is corrupt and could careless about middle class America including every swinging Richard in Washington no exceptions

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    People with the mindset of Dems, Socialists, Communists never indicate they think beyond the present. If they did they would realize no country can sustain itself if there are no borders and laws by which to live within those borders. Its like the people who are globalists, they seem to think they will have the best seat at the big table. In any effective organization there has to be “the top dog”. There can only be ONE top dog. As a country we have lost our focus. I remember presidents from FDR to Trump. Even if people didn’t like who was elected WE as a nation still had a focus. It was the Bible and our Constitution. Today the majority do not focus on either. When a nation has no focus they have no destination. They loose their way. Look at world history and see the number of nations that are in the dustbin of history because they forgot their reason for existence.

  • Carlos Villalta

    They are all worst exponent of human decency. Democrat wants NO GUNS but they have security guards with guns. They fly jets, have big houses but wants the rest of us to ride bikes, and no use of electricity.
    A political news is more important than the loss of human life. Illegal alien crime are not important. If he had not been here her life would not have been terminated. I feel for the needs of another countries but are NOT OUR responsibility, is their government who should provide for them.

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    Lots people do not like to hear the Bible mentioned but I find many truths tucked away in it’s pages. Romans Chapter one tells of a society who once knew God and His wonders had decided to stop listening and recognizing Him as Creator and Sustainer of life. As you read through the chapter various types of behavior are mentioned after which you fine the phrase “and God Gave them up” .On the third occasion which is verse 28, it reads, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind,” A little study concerning the phrase “reprobate mind” will reveal that it is a mind devoid of the ability to make sensible logical choices or decisions. This is where our Political Parties are. Many of the people who are against illegal immigration live in gated communities or travel with armed body guards. Not only are they clueless but they do not care about anyone other than themselves.
    I fear that America is in for events for which we are not prepared because we are asleep.