MSNBC Calls Trump A Foreign Spy

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC ridiculously stated that “The worst case scenario that the president is a foreign agent suddenly feels very palpable.”

Maddow stated, “The basic question, which I think rung so loud for everybody in the country this week was, is our president subordinate to a foreign power? Does our president answer to a foreign government and a foreign leader? And that’s private meeting with Putin, where nobody knows what he promised or what he may have given away, the way that he responded to Putin when we saw him face-to-face, and then the fact that he took under consideration all of these demands from Russia, including handing over Americans to Russia for interrogation. That just — you know, it makes the worst case scenario really palpable. The worst case scenario that the president is a foreign agent suddenly feels very palpable.”

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    MESSYNBC, That network is nothing but a political propaganda and hit piece. It depends on an audience of fools and idiots to survive.

    • Dave Lahti

      I scan MSNBC occasionally just to check out there sponsors so I know who not to buy from

      • Gary Miller

        I agree. This is the BEST way to stop this kind of ridiculous stupid journalism. If the left has half the intellect they claim to have they should be embarressed to admit theywatch this!

  • Bernie

    You often hear how ex-cigarette smokers can’t stand being around cigarette smokers.
    Well, I’m an ex-South Side Chicago democrat that happens to be a ” minority” that can’t stand democrats!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    A despicable political activist named Madcow making her fortune telling lies, and propaganda. Really sad for America.

    • Calvin Harwick

      What else can we expect from a phony freak with a warped brain that doesn’t know if s*** rolls down hill ???

  • Ron C

    Seriously…Mad-cow is a lunatic with the support of indoctrinated lunatics…
    America is in serous trouble with so many people that have lost touch with reality!

  • Medic RN

    I don’t know why I keep trying? MSM contempt for their own audience is…CRIMINAL ABUSE.
    Its easy; If you had shit….you’d BRING IT.. Schumer, Swalwell, Pelosi, Warren, Booker, Kamala, Hillary, Obama, Durbin, Maadow, MSNBC, CNN, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Strzok….. Y’got…. Schitt. Your bla-bla-bla is showing and it really stinks. At last, have you NO decency?

    • drbhelthi

      Decency ? Decency does not turn a profit.

      Owners of the MSM are interested in controlling the masses and turning profits. Profits. $$$

      The MSM consists of six huge companies that own-control 96% of western world media. That consists of all major TV, radio, newspaper and publishing networks. Hollywood and the sin cities of the world are also included.

      For details, search on the phrase, tapnewswire 96

  • Stephen Howe

    The Left simply cannot settle on a unified strategy…either Trump is a Russian agent, or Trump is trying to start WWIII with Putin…

    • Calvin Harwick

      Better thought a dam fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Frank Roza

    Dillusional at best!



  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    This is one stupid woman. I just wonder was she born this stupid or did she have to learn it?

    • Calvin Harwick

      I would sure like to see her mother>>>>

  • Frank

    Utterly idiotic The pure stupidity is shocking!

  • peter

    Anything Rachael Maddow says along with her fake news phony’s is total unadulterated bull shit!

    • boldly

      HER???Transgender MANchild🎉

  • dosadoe

    Rachel Maddow is a sexually confused dingbat and too crazy to be a spy!

    • Gary Miller

      Not crazy, jus STUPID. Is this the new age “McCarthy ism ” ?

  • Patrick Feeney

    Rachael Maddow is a liar. Trump has cleaned up most of Obama’s mess! Obama is the worst President is the history of America!

    • AFVET

      Yes, but the Bozo left a big mess and his Gestapo are still at large. It will take a little more time.
      He will clean it up!

  • pbargioni

    Is there no limit to the amount of crap that comes out of the mouth of Rachel Maddow? Her comments are so removed from observable facts that I wonder how she is able to face her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she sharpens her claws in the morning. President Trump is a billionaire who cannot be bought and paid for by anyone. The President has most of his assets in the USA to say nothing of his large extended family. The President is committed to improving the lives of all Americans because he is one of us.
    Rachel Maddow needs to be taken off the air for making stupid and uneducated comments that we can all see through!

  • Lee J

    And the worse case scenario that you are an ignorant, leftest carpet muncher is suddenly palpable!

  • jackel

    Again because they say so despite the lack of evidence of anything for 18 months concerning our President and Russia. The media loves the socialist left dems allowing them to say anything about anything, particularly our President. It is becoming very old and predictable of them—–!let’s cry wolf again syndrome!! But keep showing the negative and hateful and no sense side because it becomes you very well.

  • Fed Up With Politicians

    The secret spy was the last president to serve!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Madcow is why there are laws against INCEST.

  • Skntight

    Is she mocking our intelligence agencies, why would they give a foreign spy a security clearance.

  • Bethany Broderick

    She’s a card carrying idiot for sure. Crawl back under your rock, Madcow!!

  • Gary Miller

    One must realize that “Mad-Cow’s” audience believes that evetything can be free and no one has to pay for it. I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was 8 years old !

  • Wenda Kennedy

    How far can they go? What other terrible things can they say about President Trump? Haven’t they just about hit the wall?

  • James Mann

    Just the facts, madum

  • steven de carlo

    How ludicrous!! She is a ridiculous TWIT!! If she had said Obama was a spy, I would have agreed with her. The Muslims just wanted to test how difficult it would be to get a “sleeper” in the oval office! And they found out. Trump has done more for America in 18 months than Obama did in 8 years, unless you count Obama’s tearing down of America both at home and abroad!! The Donald has shown that he is a deal maker and has had meetings and results with many world leaders, easily more than the previous 3 presidents! (almost all of which you would consider enemies[N.Korea, China, Russia])These conservatives will sling any mud they can make up or drag up, against the political wall, just to see if they can get any of it to stick. Currently they are concerned with some Playboy model the Donald diddled. I have news for you Rachael Mad-Sow I really don’t care about his escapades. I care about him working for Americans and please don’t be jealous, just because he would never “do you”!! LOL And when these stories wane, they will find something else to continually cloud the real issue, that these whiners are just sore losers and blind as bats! They made us put up with 8 years of that Muslim F#*k, Obama and you didn’t hear us crying like little babies. Even though he was clearly anti-American.
    Drain the Swamp, Donald. Get rid of the naysayers and career politicians. We would all be better for it !!


    MSNBC- The More Stupidity No Body Cares Network and their idiot morons on their broadcasts make statements with no backing, foreign agent? giving away? You can’t make this up! Stupidity at it’s highest level. This nonsense should be taken off the air!

  • cjjf

    Rachel, it seems a shame that you dont put all this foction in a book and take yyourself off the air.

  • Kevin

    Except for one thing, you don’t come up with any proof to dispute what she’s saying all you do is call her names. Also the only despicable people are those who allow for an investigation, for 6 years, that came up empty handed where the right wing controlled both houses generated and kept going just because they could. Moreover I pretty much go only to the right wing websites and blogs. And you right wingers ain’t gotta clue and don’t want one. Give us progressives 6 year on Trump’s past dealings and I’ll bet his dealing with Russian Oligarchs and organized crime figures will tell if he’s a traitor or not. After all they saved his business behind.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Madcow, just one example to justify Planned Parenthood. Maybe they could still abort her????

  • Arnold Young

    You have the right idea but the wrong person. The spy was BHO the bozo and guess what he still is. He is the lie in chief!! Get your facts straight you idiot broad!!!


    ““The basic question, which I think rung so loud for everybody in the country this week was, is the MSM losing it’s grip on reality?”

    FIXED IT, you sniveling little twat!!