McCain thanks his supporters

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain vowed Wednesday that he will return to the Senate after undergoing cancer treatments this month.

McCain, 80, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer, last month.

During a town hall discussion on Facebook live Wednesday, McCain thanked those who have reached out to him after his diagnosis.

“Thanks for your outpouring of affection,” McCain said of the phone calls and letters he has received. “Even those that want me to die don’t want me to die right away, so that’s good.”

He said he was touched by the kind words he has received and called himself “literally the luckiest guy on Earth.”

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  • gvette

    How many? just send me an e-mail when this pig is dead!

    • bigdaddy

      MCCain is a bum.and always has been.He should die behind bars.

      • gvette

        I can’t argue with that!

  • Estoban

    Retire, McCain.

  • J.B. Young

    His supporters are as crazy as he is. RETIRE, McCain! We do not need or want you in Washington!!!!!

    • armyisnumber1


    • Charles Lagioia



    I am starting to think that Senator McCain’s cancer is effecting his ability to think about what is going on in this country. Maybe it is time for him to retire.

    • old codger

      You’re talking about here and now!! What about ALL the prior years??????? He’s ALWAYS been a TREASONOUS, TRAITOROUS B A S T A R D from way, way back when!!
      Research his Naval records, research his POW record!! A HUMONGOUS EARTH SHATTERING, EYE OPENER!!
      He’s ALWAYS been pond scum and VERY vile and evil!!!! NOT JUST RECENTLY!!!

  • laundryman01

    Who is he thanking .Is it HIS Democratic Party.A lot of us here in AZ wish he would shut up and get out of the way and admit he is a LIBTARD!!!!

    • old codger

      You left out “PHONY”, Treasonous, Traitorous B A S T A R D!!!!

  • Ironmike4610

    Does this old bast**d still have supporters?? OH WELL!

  • Big Iron

    Did he “actually” thank both of his supporters? How about Hanoi? I understand they love “Tweety” for his service in Vietnam.

    • Charles Lagioia


  • Diana Canillas

    Hell is waiting for this traitor

    • dennis w

      Lucifer doesn’t want him either………..

      • Charles Lagioia

        AMEN TO THAT!!!!

      • slidenglide

        Oh, but you are so wrong. Lucifer has a very warm seat already reserved for him up close to the fire.

  • Ironmike4610

    John McCain…The pride of the North Vietnam Prison System!

  • Ron C

    Just because people feel sorry for John, doesn’t necessarily mean they support his democrat policies…and the ones that do, are just gullible or ignorant enough to think John cares two hoots for them…

    • old codger

      I don’t feel sorry for him, NOT one iota!! Do you know where sympathy falls in the Dictionary??? Somewhere in between S H I T and SYPHILIS! ERGO NO sympathy for the B A S T A R D!! Karma’s a B I T C H to bad it’s taking so long! Where was “HIS” sympathy and compassion for fellow POW’s and Vet.’s????

  • cp123

    We don’t want or need you back. Traitor.

  • Septemberswhisper

    Mc Cain is delusional and should resign.

  • old codger

    That probably took what 1 minute to thank 1 supporter???? I know myself and thousands of Vet.’s can’t wait to take a dump and a piss on your soiled, with the lives of POW’s either dead or still in captivity, grave site!!!!! Rot in Hell B A S T A R D!!! You’re a F–KING phony!!!!

    • Charles Lagioia


  • ScooterBoy

    Songbird McCain: Do America a favor and NEVER RETURN!

    • Charles Lagioia

      Yes with that

  • polmutant

    Nothing new here. District of Communists has been brain rotted for years. But one does wonder the condition of the sheoples minds that subjugate themselves to the brain rot.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    I don’t necessarily want you to die, but if that what it takes for you to retire. If you are foolish enough to keep on disrupting the senate so be it!

    • old codger

      I want him to die!! The sooner the better for America!! DIE MOFO and ROT IN HELL!

  • Dannie Poe

    All the RINOs have outlived their service. Sadly we are governed by Representatives who are so old they can not face reality. They live in the Political Correct bubble safe in their positions of authority, while the nation crumbles around them. They simply do not want to shake up the apple cart of Establishment Politics. McConnell claims legislation does not move as fast as Trump wants it to. For his 32 years of service, government has been so slow that nothing gets done unless it fits the Establishment agenda. This is why the voters voted for Trump, to get things done that can turn the nation around and return to US Constitutional Government. The governments job is not to represent Congress, but to represent the people who elected them. We the People are facing a critical time in our present government. Out leaders have decided we must be Political Correct to be heard. If we need proof, we need only look at the fact that Congress refuses to accept Trump as our legally elected President. This is not Constitutional Government. It is Socialism. The government is saying to the voters that their vote does not count and that the government will tell the people what is Political Correct for them. We have a political war that may change the US for ever: The Political Correct Democrats and Political Correct Republicans verses a Non Political Correct Trump and the Non Political Correct voters.

  • Ah nutz

    why would any ‘thinking person’ support MuckCain?

  • nodoubt1

    Thanks McCain for saving the Republicans, and the entire nation, from their self defeating so-called health care bill. But more important thanks for promoting compromise and dialogue and for standing up to the extremists whose true goal is to tear our nation apart.
    Ignore the hate mongers and Putin’s team of trolls.

  • Thomas M Quirk

    I had great respect for McCain & the courage he showed as a POW , but he was not cut out for politics. Watching him speak now he is a confused man. Time to retire for his good & our country.

    • Cindi Weller Turchik

      McStain is a stain on our republic. He is a RINO democrat. Please never ever return to senate. John McCain is a self serving traitor to America. I wish he would just stop going before the cameras. He should be forced to use Obamacare for his brain cancer… what a damn hypocrite he is.

    • armyisnumber1

      He sold out his brother POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton. He delivered REAL classified information to the Viet Cong causing many to die from their fighter jets being shot down and the ground troops being headed off and murdered in the jungle. He was given his own Tokyo Rose radio station to spew Propaganda against the United States. It is on Google and you can hear the tapes. If his father and grandfather were not Navy Admirals, he would of been hanged for treason back then. HE IS NOT A HERO nor was he a good veteran. No other POW gave out REAL information to the Viet Cong…. just this TRAITOR. By the way, he was NOT BEATEN. He was such a poor pilot, he rejected recklessly and broke his arms and leg. Also over 130 men were killed on the USS Forrestal because of McCain’s recklessness with his plane because he was a BAD PILOT. Look it all up on line. You will NOT like what you read. Trump was right…. HE WAS NOT A HERO.

      • old codger

        AMEN & a Hallelujah for good measure!!!
        How can people be so utterly F–KING “STUPID” regarding McLame??? I once was but then became “ENLIGHTENED”!!!! Now I hate, loathe, detest the rotten B A S T A R D and can’t wait for a chance to piss on his grave!!
        U.S.A.F. ’69 to ’76
        P.S. I have MUCH more respect for STD’s and the Ebola virus than McLame!! LOL!! Does it sound like I hate his a s s or do I need to try harder?????

    • old codger

      Courage as a POW???? How much courage does it take to collude with the ENEMY??????????
      He SOLD OUT fellow POW’s and in office voted against bills that would have “HELPED” Veterans!!
      He’s a VILE, DESPICABLE, ROTTEN POS, that should ROT in HELL!!!!
      Rather than post it again SEE MY POST SEVERAL UP FROM THIS ONE!! He’s a F–KING PHONY!!

  • grinnie

    Just go home McCain, just go home.

  • Maggietish

    One can certainly wish John McCain well and pray for his recovery. Truth be told his behavior has been so over-the-top erratic that he really needs to retire. The things that he’s done and said over the last few months are borderline treasonous against the United States. He’s allowed his utter hatred for President Trump to clearly overwhelm him which has resulted in him making decisions, giving speeches, actually contacting other world leaders trying to undermine President Trump and his supporters. For a man who was once thought of as a patriot and a hero his Legacy now is his utter betrayal of the American people in the United States of America.

  • Cecil Highsmith

    McCain is delusional and needs to retire, moreso he has no supporters! Matter of a fact he should have gotten out of office after he let Obama win.

  • George Rowe

    McCain – do not return.
    I was once a McCain supporter.
    For that, I apologize to you ALL!
    If I could I would take it back.

  • Kristen Kunkle

    You are at the end of the road! Retire, you arrogant old fool!

  • Free America

    When you suffer from a disease that effects your brain not to mention the drugs you are on you should not be allowed to serve in the Government. The very fact that he does not have the mental capacity to resign shows he lacks sound judgement.

  • Vaquero

    Stay home ,
    you fake war hero and anti- American traitor.

  • Bro_Steve

    Does he have any more supporters?

  • Barbara DuVall

    I think all of you have pretty much summed it up for me!

  • McCain is an asshole. I hope he dies from brain cancer. He has shit for brains anyhow.

  • cyndi

    John McCain is 80, with health issues; he will get top notch care-BECAUSE he is not at risk from Obama care coverage as he is paid well; if it were you or I we would have to retire. We need term limits for these lifers whose tentacles stretch into many ways to make money. We need age limits, before mental deterioration sets in.

  • KKmoderate

    You mean he’s thanking BOTH of them?

  • Hillgirl19

    Does he still have any supporters?


    Now McCoward mccain is having visions of grandeur! Just how many supporters does he believe he has? A whopping 5?

    • Charles Lagioia


  • C K Johnson

    All 2 of his supporters got thank you notes from Songbird McCain.

    • Charles Lagioia


  • mallen11

    He does not get my support.

  • armyisnumber1

    If he has an operation to try and remove the tumor the best they can, and undergo treatments, he will not be here this time last year. Three people I know had this and none of them lasted more than 9 months.

  • Art946

    McCain is hoping everyone forgets or has never heard about his Vietnam legacy! Look him up on Youtube.

  • Robalou01

    What supporters? His athletic supporters?

  • Ken Gulledge

    I saw my wife take chemo and radiation. Radiation destroys your brain . You need to let an Abel bodied clear thinking person to take your place .youre not fit for duty !

  • slidenglide

    Let me see, did he have two or three supporters?? I know it couldn’t have been more than that and if there was they were probably all Democrats. He stabbed the American people in the back. He is a disgrace to being called a Republican.

  • hwitbera

    John McCain should be impeached for his failure to follow the wishes of his constituents who voted him into office! At the very least, he should opt for retirement and let a true representative of Arizona take over his Senate Office.

  • Marvin Newman

    you are a traitor to your party. I hope your constituents love the medical insurance increase in their monthly bills! You should never have been re elected in your state! You are a dinosaur that should have expired years ago.

  • Steven Coy


  • armydadtexas

    McCain is a SLEAZY P.O.S. He has always b een a closet democ-RAT. Perhaps it is time for his dumb a$$ to either retire or join with his beloved “friends” on the left side of the aisle.

  • Tread7

    McCain a Globlist Bum !!!

  • NYOB

    What supporters?

  • Hardcore

    Piss on “Song Bird McCain” as his fellow Hanoi Hilton POWs called him for singing to the NVA! McCain has been an ass hole his complete military and political life. He is NO better than Hanoi Jane Fonda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!