Maxine Waters Calls Trump ‘Deplorable’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated on MSNBC that President Trump was the “most despicable, the most deplorable human being” that she’s ever met.

Waters stated, “The president calling Comey a liar is laughable. The president is the biggest liar in the universe. The president accusing Comey of having leaked classified information — well, look what the president has done. He gave classified information to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister right in the White House, and it certainly made our ally, Israel, very upset that he had done that. So the president trying to defend himself against Comey and trying to make someone believe that he’s telling the truth really does not fly.”

“I think that our special counsel, Mueller, has been doing a great job. I do think that this president should be forced to testify. All of this business about him not wanting to interview, what is he hiding? If he’s not guilty of anything, why is he resisting so hard, you know, coming forward and interviewing and telling his side of the story? I believe that the president of the United States is perhaps the most despicable, the most deplorable human being that I’ve ever encountered in my life. He does not deserve to be president of the United States. I want him impeached. I don’t want to wait until 2020. I think this country deserves better. He has no respect for our democracy.”

  • Michael Ksen

    Should be charged with hate speech violation and impeached.

    • DrRocker

      Trump should be impeached! I agree!

      • Bernie

        More blabber from a phony like you!?

      • draftinging

        You are full of shit,too

      • Arlene Peters

        See, you just proved that anyone who doesn’t think this a**hole is a bigot is stupid… You gave a completely reply that has “NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT Michael Ksen EVEN SAID”… DUH, YEP, YOU’RE A LIBTARD ALRIGHT..

      • Harley_earl

        Maybe you should get your news from someone else besides CNN. I figured more people would want to read through what the 45th President has accomplished with everyone pushing against him , at their own pace.
        1. Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court
        2. Stock Market reached an all-time high
        3. Consumer confidence at 17-year high
        4. More than 2 million jobs created
        5. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7-year high
        6. Unemployment rate at 17-year low
        7. Black and Hispanic unemployment the lowest in recorded history
        8. Signed the Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act
        9. Gutted Obama-era regulations
        10. Ended war on coal
        11. Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations
        12. Promoted buying and hiring American
        13. Investment from major businesses (FoxConn, Toyota, Ford and others)
        14. Reduced illegal immigration
        15. Bids for Border Wall underway
        16. Fighting back against sanctuary cities
        17. Created Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office
        18. Changed rules of engagement against ISIS
        19. Drafted plans to defeat ISIS
        20. Worked to reduce F-35 cost
        21. 5-year lobbying ban
        22. Sanctioned Iran over missile program
        23. Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons
        24. Introduced tax reform plan
        25. Renegotiating NAFTA
        26. Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
        27. Removed The United States out of The Paris Accord
        28. Created task force to reduce crime
        29. DOJ targeting MS-13
        30. Signed an Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth
        31. Signed Executive Order to protect police officers
        32. Signed Executive Order to target drug cartels
        33. Signed Executive Order for religious freedom
        34. Sending education back to The States
        35. Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs
        36. SCOTUS upheld parts of President Trump’s temporary travel ban Executive Order
        37. Authorized the construction of The Keystone Pipeline
        38. Created commission on opioid addiction
        39. Combating human trafficking (both EO and action)
        40. Rollback of Obama’s Cuba policy
        41. Food Stamp use lowest level in 7 years
        42. Reduced White House payroll
        43. Donating Presidential Salary
        44. Executive Order on Obamacare subsidies
        45. Would not certify the Iran Nuclear Deal
        46. Successful trip to Asia
        47. Signed trade deal with China
        48. Designated North Korea a terrorist state
        49. ISIS lost virtually all of its territory
        50. Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
        51. Passage of Tax Reform Bill
        52. Signed 130 bills into law
        53. Made 136 Presidential Proclamations
        54. Signed 64 Executive Orders
        55. MAGA!

    • csmith1956

      Sorry snowflake, no such thing as hate speech in America.

  • gideonrockwell

    Just look at that picture. This is the picture of a totally unhinged psychotic moonbat. She does not even live in the district she represents. She lives in a multimillion dollar estate outside the district she may have a write off piece of property in the district, but she lives in a protected community of limosine libertards.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      With Dems it is ” Do as I say, not as I do” It’s always a double standard where they are concerned.

      • DrRocker

        Please…don’t blame them… Trump is a walking disaster!

        • Bernie

          You want to see disaster?
          I’m from the South Side of Chicago.
          You want to see what the phony White left-wing loons did?
          Come on….I’ll take you on a tour.
          Then after the tour, you can run back your lily White neighborhood, pat yourself on the back, tell all your friends how caring and sympathetic you are and what an “intelligent” guy you think you are.
          You’re as phony as 3 dollar bill!

          • Arlene Peters

            Good job explaining what that “pig” is.. but we all know that the left will never read any of this… Actually I don’t think they know how to read… They have destroyed city after city that they claim they want improved yet they do NOTHING that benefits the people of these communities but “keep them there” and “keep them down”… They NEED these people “uneducated” OR THEY WOULD NEVER GET ANY VOTES.. SHAMEFUL.. AND SHE IS THE BIGGEST SHAME TO HER PEOPLE..

          • 8gary8

            Sadly, much truth!

          • GoldenGirl2u

            The more people pay attention it is staring them in the face, Dems. only care about uneducated, criminal and illegals for the vote. Seems to me that these so called elected officials should be thrown out of office and or charged for Treason, as they are destroying the country from within and that makes them “Enemy #1”

          • Arlene Peters

            Perfectly stated… You hit the nail on the head. I heard on t.v. today that dems in Fl. are pushing to give “convicted felons” the right to vote back. Even on t.v. they stated that this will help the dems win Florida.. Don’t think they can sink any lower to gather votes..

        • Robert Kahlcke

          and your an inbred, whelped from a swine that was fornicated by a goat

          • BILL

            Did you secure grammar in Score you’re is the correct usage of your post you ignorant imbicile.

        • bwyatt33

          And Obummer wasn’t or Hillary? Still sucking that Kool-aid.

        • BILL

          Well if he is he still better than any fucking Democrat

        • draftinging

          You are full of shit!!!

        • oldwhale

          You’re off your rocker, Dr.Rocker. Shame on you.

        • George Reed

          You are off your rocker ! Doc

        • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

          DrRocker—You must be STUPID , Trump is making things BETTER.

    • Nigel

      Allen West nailed it on Maxie

  • FranklinsGhost

    I guess she hasn’t looked in the mirror recently. If it wasn’t for gerrymandering, she wouldn’t even have an elected position.

    • She would break the mirror.

  • 1josephg1

    Hey fool! Look in the mirror and you will see a real deplorable, despicable scumbag.

    • Elly

      1josephg1 – Calling Trump deplorable is a laugh, when her Obama was the most deplorable human (?) being who ever lived. And yes, she should look in the mirror to see another deplorable human being. She is truly psychotic.

      • oldwhale

        We still don’t know who obama is. Do you realize that? $38 million to seal his records? A couple of deaths along the way?

  • HelloFromTO

    They say what we see in others is often a mirror of our true self. Objectively speaking, I’d say that is definitely true in this case. She ought to be careful, those kinds of thoughts often lead to physical ailments.

  • Jane Stacy

    maxine waters is mentally unstable and should be taken out of office and committed

    • I don’t think the nut house would take her. Maxine would drive them insane.

      • E Scott Hollingsworth

        Keep her sedated and she won’t. If she was given sodium pentathol well’ find out if is a liar or not.

    • maxovrdriv

      What does that say for those that vote her in office every two years?

      • bwyatt33

        That they are stupid. She certainly does not live in the district her voters are in.

        • Arlene Peters

          Right, and she keeps her voters “illiterate and illegal”… ONLY ONES WHO WILL VOTE FOR HER…

        • edward martis

          Actually; she does—–She has a mansion up in Pacific Heights … ….From her mansion; she can see SFO City /Pacific Ocean and SFO Bay at the same time….Her other mansion is close to Napa (wine country) about 35 miles from SFO——Nancy cong. dist. is the whole of SFO County and SFO City——(the same thing)——I live by the SFO Airport (Burlingame—San Mateo County) ….This piece of crap just turned 76 yrs. of age—-When she croaks; hopefully soon ; another; crazy, demented communist will just take her place–……………………….—

      • GymS

        Her constituency are coloreds and they vote strictly by race.

      • edward martis

        The voters that re-elect her are just as crazy as she is—-Welcome to the city and county if SFO; which encompasses her cong. district…….a TRUE insane asylum….If you would like to live in A TRUE Communist country; then, by ALL means come here…..and see for yourself=====The whole of the SFO Bay area is controlled by the ‘gays’/ communists/ pedofiles—–DO NOT COME HERE !! You WILL NOT like it ….and if you do; come armed with a police-sized can (or 2) of ‘pepper-spray’——-crazy homeless are EVERYWHERE——as is tons of human feces and used hypo needles………..Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oldwhale

      I think all of them should be tested for drugs. All drugs, and if they are taking drugs for memory, especially, they should be not be eligible for re-election. They must resign. Look at McCain. And did y’all know that alcohol can be kept in Congressional offices, and they are drunk a lot of the time? Hell, their business day is what, less than five hours? WTF! And yes, I’m angry.

    • edward martis

      along with Pelosi who is way beyond NUTS and always has been……

    • Rabbit

      Waters is a nut case, along with Pelosi,Feinstein, Brown, California do this country a favor put someone in office who will make us better, not fight against us on every move. I don’t give a crap what their party affiliation is, just someone who isn’t looking to line their pockets and tries to help. Waters it is time for you to retire! Every time you open your mouth your head disappears

      • gideonrockwell

        I keep hoping Kalifornia will leave the Union. Maybe all of the Libertards will immigrate there and we can wall it off.

  • She has never met herself ,she is disgusting

  • barry1817

    amazing how liberals in her district keep voting for this fool, who has done nothing save enrich herself on their backs.

    You know sort of like how the house slaves did so much better than the the fields slaves

  • JR Quarrels

    She is a vile racist liberal derelict!