Maxine Waters Blames Trump For Her Actions

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) recently attacked Rep. Jeb Hensarling’s (R-TX) calls for civility.

Hensarling stated, “For those who daily promote diversity, I would call on them to respect diversity of opinion, which is the most important form of diversity in a free and democratic society. There was a time in America’s history when you could be denied service in a restaurant based on the color of your skin—now, apparently, it’s the color of your voter registration card.”

In an attempt to further encourage protesters to confront members of the Trump administration, Water said, “I think every reasonable person has concluded that the president of the United States of America has advocated violence, he has been divisive and he has been the one that has caused what we see happening today where people are trying to push back on his policies.”

“So Mr. Chairman, if you want to talk about civility, you start with the president of the United States. You implore him not to continue to promote violence, not to continue to promote divisiveness, and then I think he would be a better example. And people would follow a better example rather than get trapped into what he is advocating, which is pure violence.”

  • disqus_62uNYdi7Wj

    Some how we have to get help for this woman. She is without any doubt a very sick person.

    • Eric

      Her level of sick has no known cure. When animals and pets get this way they’re put down. It’s the humane thing to do. I’m surprised she hasn’t simply dropped dead due to the INTENSE HATRED within her body.

    • Ddenney1

      Obama care doesn’t cover NUTS????

      • GomeznSA

        Nope – o’care Is nuts, but doesn’t cover them. After all the dems – for the most part – have been letting the mentally handicapped (can’t call them ‘crazy’ anymore as that is ‘demeaning’ – or something) loose on society for several decades. Hmmm maybe that is being done intentionally – the dems can ‘hide’ more easily that way………………after all liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    • Steve

      Put her in the same “home” as crazy “Uncle Joe”?

      • GomeznSA

        There probably isn’t a ‘home’ big enough to house all of the likely candidates, maybe a former prison in kaly could be repurposed – since they are letting all of the criminals out….

    • cjjf

      We can only help those who recognize they need it.

  • Freedom Fighter

    “…what he [POTUS DJT] is advocating, which is pure violence.”—-and, of course, you can cite specific examples, right, Auntie? You truly are a vile POS.

    • GomeznSA

      What the Maxies of the world fail to realize is that if those on the right were even remotely as violent (and willing to use that violence) as they claim we are, there would no longer be any of them left – which simply proves we are NOT what they claim we are.

      • Mo

        I say that “Open Season” should be declared on the Demoncraps and all of their violent followers with no bag limits. I wonder how fast they would straighten up their act. As long as we allow them to get away with their violent acts, they will only become more emboldened esculate the violence until someone gets killed. Can anyone imagine what would have happened if one of us would have said what she has said about President Trump about President Obama. Hell would have rained down upon us and we would have been locked up already and the keys thrown away.

  • attli

    mad maxine is a moron.

    • mudguy1

      Don’t insult morons.

      • Ddenney1

        You’re right my apologies to ALL Californians that are not yet packing or able to leave!!!


          “The number of Californians leaving the state and moving to Texas is at its highest level in nearly a decade, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service. According to IRS migration data, which uses individual income tax returns to record year-to-year address changes, over 250,000 California residents moved out of the state between 2013 and 2014, the latest period for which data was available. The tax returns reported more than $21 billion in adjusted gross income to the IRS.”

          • Ddenney1

            I know! You should check the CORPORATE offices that are fleeing right NOW!!!!

      • Steve

        I didn’t know you could!

  • Elly

    Maxine Waters is so totally delusional. It’s the Democrat party that has been so divisive, not Trump. He is trying to make America great again. He is pro America, not anti American like the socialist party of Democrats. They always claim “tolerance” yet they are the ones who are so Intolerant of others who don’t agree with them. A sorry lot!

    • Ron C

      True…they have always been a hate group. They invented the KKK.

  • jon

    its called the baker act she can be sen to a hospital for 72 hrs to allow a mental health evaluation as a threat to herself or others

    • scot_belle

      In California…this is called…. 51-50: Danger to self or others.

      • Steve

        In California this includes the Governor and most of the State Legislature!

  • toothii

    That’s like blaming the pencil for a misspelling or a fork for being overweight! The Dems are equating Waters to one of Pavlov’s dogs. Come to think of it it’s not too far off! Waters has a history of either promoting violence or endorsing it. For those old enough to remember the LA riots and how Reginald Denny was yanked out of his truck and near beaten to death. Maxine Waters went on record saying he wasn’t beaten enough ! So what does that tell you about those who support her?

    • Ddenney1

      She partied with the thugs!!!!

  • Eric

    And thus, the way of the Progressive Democrats,……. accept no responsibility for your own actions, blames others for your OBVIOUS character flaws and above all else,…. Blame Trump. This demonstrates the ignorance, hatred, bigotry, racism and totally stupidity that we’re fighting to keep America as it was founded. These people are truly dangerous and it will be they who start the next civil war and they’ll cast the first stones (they’ve actually already done that) ! ! !

    • Steve

      The next civil war, will it involve shooting? I hear the Republicans are looking forward to it. They have more guns!

      • GomeznSA

        Sigh, spoken like a true ‘progressive’ – yes our side probably has the most guns and ammo, but NONE of us are “looking forward to it” – only insane people (ie lefties) would look forward to something that will NOT have any ‘winners’ – just survivors.

        • Steve

          Progressive? Just because I’m a true “lefty” ( handed that is, they’ve bastardised the word in our opinion ) where did you get progressive from a sarcastic comment? Maybe your not looking forward to it but as in our first “Civil War” the ” Country” as it was meant to be, will win and as in the first time it may be necessary to preserve the Union. There’s still time and to get out if your unwilling to defend it, if and when it comes to it! ( I’ve been a registered “Independent” since 1980 by the way; and I dropped out of college in1970 knowing full well I’d be drafted, so I guess that makes me insane! )


            Dang! Prolific aren’t you!!


        Yup limp wrist, better than waiting for you leftists to slap us with your purses!

      • Steve Volkle

        Not true I bet the recent shotings that have taken place were done by LIBTards Where did they get their guns????

    • Steve

      Well said! Much better than getting into a battle of wits with unarmed “socialists” which seems to be the norm!

  • joe purshock

    The left is in a panic. They will say and do ANYTHING at this point.

  • Broos

    Dispose of DEMaxi-pad.

  • Vince


    • Ddenney1

      20 years in congress so her constituents must be!

      • GomeznSA

        That is 20 years in CONgress – ‘representing’ a district that she doesn’t even live in. Of course there probably aren’t too many 4.3 million dollar mansions in that district…………..

    • Steve

      She’s playing to the leftists who’ve already drunk the Kool-aid! No adult mind of any other party is gonna buy into her delusional rants, only guaranteed by the “Bill of Rights” she and the others want to abklish!

      • Mo

        It’s all of the ILLEGALS that keep voting her in.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Waters is completely and utterly insane with hatred, and for no good reason. If she had any class, and she does not, she would resign.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    She is the one going for violence. Just because you do not agree with someone you should not use violence which could end up in a war. She and the ones running the state are allowing ILLEGALS to freely enter and the hell with our laws. So I think they should be LOCKED UP for violating the FEDERAL LAWS which are over all state laws!!

    • cjjf

      I do wonder why we are not prosecuting accomplices for this aiding and abetting.

      • Ddenney1

        Because in reality the elites of both parties are for ONE WORLD ORDER and scoff at me/us as conspiracy theorists. Not true on my part I read the word of GOD and it is all in there!!! But we still eventually WIN BABY!!!!

  • Irene M

    My goodness, mad max has given the President alot of power over her, the illegals, the constitution, etc! What she should say is “The devil made me do it”! referring to her dumbocrat party!!! LOL!!

  • JoAnn Graham

    Yes that’s the dem party. Who believe they are above the law and never obey the laws…and when things backfire on them blame everyone but themselves..for their out of control behavior.

  • shadowlee

    She has not got any in over 30 yrs.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Maxine Waters is a one woman left wing hate group!

  • pics fixer

    There is no question that civility is needed in the politics of our country. Without it there can’t be a country! Also, we are all responsible for ourselves. I personally don’t approve of any name calling or other forms of personal disrespect because all that ever does is lead to defensiveness, division and aggressive actions. Invading any officials private space is a bad thing and shouldn’t be encouraged and that includes Waters. In the public space and commons, demonstrate you heart out, Just keep it respectful. That is a very wide berth.

    Civility can’t be one sided. You can’t demand it and not practice it. The leader must lead by example. That is who must always show civil behavior which gives that person the right to demand it. Unfortunately our leader is not a very good example and actually encourages the kind of behavior we don’t need. Waters wan’t first but that doesn’t make her right. Our President must take responsibility for his actions. Also, he has to be the kind of example of the civil behavior we need to function as a nation. He IS the leader and how he acts has the strongest effect on the nation. The buck stops with him. That IS part of the job!

    • Ron

      Hi pics Fixer. I agree with you that the leader must demonstrate civil behavior or his asking us to do so will not be seen as credible. I also believe Mr Trump has a tendency to speak in a terse and confrontive fashion. I have observed that he uses this style when treated rudely or aggressively by others. I believe he adopted this style growing up in the Burroughs of New York where one got tough or they didn’t survive. Still you have a point. What I do like is that Trump also knows how to use his aggression in an integrated way to fight for policies that protect and strengthen our citizens. As such, his aggression is not all bad. My wish is that he keep the good part and tone it down when appropriate. I hope he can do that. I for one want our president to be strong but not pandering to leaders and factions that mean us ill will. Perhaps we could pray for him. It might seem silly to do so but I’ve found that prayer can transform the prayer as well. We all need that, me included.

      • pics fixer

        I agree, a President who pushes policies they want in an aggressive way is OK and, to be honest, is the norm. No problem with that. Hell, Johnson was the shining example of master arm twister. He wasn’t un-civil. Here is the problem: As POTUS, while it’s OK to be aggressive to get done what you feel should be done you cannot be acting like the bully in the school yard. You can call people names, you can’t give opponents childish labels, you can’t lie about what people say and about who they are and what they mean. You can’t invent things or say you did or didn’t do or say things that are recorded for the world to see. You can’t use a public platform to say things off the top of your head in that moment of time because that’s how you feel just then because your words carry enormous, world wide weight. POTUS’s words can move mountains.

        Civility in the American discourse starts at the top. Trump IS the prime example and he must make it clear, as our President, that incivility is not OK. At that he fails. He promotes it. So, “Well, that’s Trump” doesn’t cut it. It’s undignified and there is NO excuse.

        In my lifetime [I go back to Eisenhower, my first vote was Kennedy/Nixon] I have NEVER seen anything like this. NEVER!

  • Gary Hull

    Auntie Max has plundered the system for entirely too long. She has profited from the gullibility of her constituents for many years. Her first response to any virtually anything is that you are being racist against a black woman. I have observed over .the years that the people always claiming racism are the most racist of all. If she left tomorrow it would be none to soon. Gary

    • pics fixer

      In what way, specifically?

  • Along Came Jones

    Maxine Waters Blames Trump For Her Actions, she must blame Al Sharpton for her looks.

  • jmac67

    Someday she will do the perp walk and I will laugh for a week

  • scot_belle
    1. Incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. Any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Rebellious disorder.


    Petition to remove Waters from Congress:

  • Mac Daddy

    This old bitch as always wants to blame someone else when she screws up. She is your typical Democrat who flaps their gums just to here themselves talk but when called on it, “Oh it’s them Bad Republicans”. Also maybe she is a little worried about Pay-Back. Because Payback Is A Bitch. Have a nice day Slapsie Maxie . LOL

  • Joseph Morgan

    This woman is so filled with HATE except for those who still pay her, just proves the liberal socialists have NO concern except for their pocketbooks. With her past history she should be committed.

  • Wade

    Maxine is far more dangerous than all semi-auto weapons in the hands of responsible people. The venom and hate she spews forth from that pie hole will eventually get good people killed. For that one reason alone, she should be run out of public service. I hate to think that one dollar of taxpayer funds will be paid to her when she does leave. Maybe, if she was expelled, we wouldn’t have to.

  • mudguy1

    Typical, Democrats always blame others of what they are doing or have done.
    This has been going on since the days of slavery and the KKK.

  • Rich

    WOW This is the face of the intellectual and tolerant super party. Is she, by any chance, related to Hillory ?

  • Ron

    Like most liberals, they are still living in a dependent, child like ego state. They have no boundaries and wish no boundaries, even national boundaries. Because they have no internalized boundaries and accept no limits, by default they end up narcissistic and me me me in their orientation. This is okay at age one but not ages 40 to 75. They accept no responsibility as they are living life in a two year old orientation. Thus, all they have is their feeeeelings to guide them but no adult personality structure. Thus they are totally emotionally reactive with no adult judgement. They are undifferentiated with no tolerance for the angst they feel when someone disagrees with them. Essentially they are unparented, particularly unfathered. No one set healthy limits with them when they were children OR the ones that parented them abused them. Both senarios produce the same arrested development. So: They now need parenting in the political arena: Be firm yet kind. Tell them no to their emotion driven mindless suggestions and then hold them accountable and redirect them to more workable, higher brain function, policies. Don’t act superior because you’re not. Just reparent, including tough love, as needed. Senate and house committees looking into FBI/NSA corruption is an example. While doing all this, look for the log in your own eye so you can better see to remove the splinter in your neighbor’s. Tell the truth and admit weakness and that you don”t know many things. Embrace tough love but hold yourself accountable in the same manner. Good luck.

    • Wade

      Everything you said is true. I can’t remove any splinters, I have logs of my own. My fear is that people like her in leadership roles will have detrimental effects on the very people you have described and they will totally buy into the hate and intolerance that she herself is spreading.

      • Ron

        Hi Wade. Thanks for the comment. I believe you are dead on and that this very senario will happen. We can’t control who her rage message resonates with. Many people have old unfinished battles they carry around inside that people like Maxine reactivate. We have to kindly hold these folks accountable when they get activated but with both firmness And kindness. I know many will not respond to reason but we have to try. Failing that, we then have to rely on law enforcement and our elected officials to act in our stead. Not a perfect system but its what the founders set up. They forsaw unethical and divisive people doing unethical things. God himself told us to remove the log in our own eye first. I hope I can see the log I need to remove and that’s where folks like you come in as well as good neighbors and caring family. Thanks for caring enough to respond.

    • Jeannie


      • Ron

        Hi Jeannie: I think you have nailed it. Its God we need right now to help us. Our human frailties, egos, need to control and be important have gotten us into this mess. Thank you for your blessing and evoking the power, mercy and love of God. I just know God heard your requests. God be with you also. I believe that right in the middle of disaster that God often does some of his most mighty works. Spirit prompts me to recall that Christ said that those given to him will not be snatched out of his hand. I believe you are one of those people, one of God’s own. Keep following his will and I will endeavor to do the same.

        • Jeannie


  • Robert Dimmock

    Maxine needs to be inn therapy, for Mental incompentcy. She speaks without thinking, she needs anger management training . Send her home without pay.

  • Ron C

    Why are republicans putting up with this garbage…and when all they have to do is quote Saul Alinsky book…Stop hiding behind the chickens, and stand up for this country…the socialist are fighting for real…damn!

  • Brianbrown28us

    Maxine Waters needs to be jailed in a prison for the criminally insane for her many rants, inciting violence against those she doesn’t agree with throughout her life. As long as these criminal outbursts go unpunished, from all politicians, media outlets and entertainers, the negativity, hate, divisiveness and violence will only get worse!

  • norm cook

    Its too bad the dumbcrats don’t see just how deranged waters and pelossi are. Neither one can get thru a statement without forgetting what they wanted to say, even then it comes out disoriented

  • David S

    The majority of Dem’s will blame Trump and anyone else for their repetitive failures in Congress and life. They continue to do nothing but destroy America. Just look at their records, individually and collectively. Schumer, Pelosi, Kane, Warner, Warren, etc. actively thwart the operation of the American government, just to insure their election and SPEND your hard earn money on frivolous projects and programs. The Dem’s own it….you backed a lame duck and continue to do so. The voting booths will support what American’s think and want.

  • Terry Butts

    The only one to blame for a persons actions is that person themselves.

    Liberals seem to think people are mindless beings that just react to others and thus the others are to blame for even the most vicious acts they commit.

    We essentially see this false ideology put forth in court and the media after every crime in recent history if the perpetrator was a liberal.

    Attempts to blame everything from INANIMATE OBJECTS to the parents or school of the criminals rather than the only one who can control their actions the person who MINDLESSLY committed the act.

  • Bruce Weatherly

    I do believe that is the way it works with hate. Just as it was Obama’s fault Republicans were and still are full of hate for him, it is Trumps fault for the hatred going his way. If that is true then explain the hatred Trump has constantly spewed towards Hilary. Is that Hatred from Trump his fault or Hilary’s.

    • cjjf

      You do know that you can hate a persons actions without hating the person, don’t you? Like you can hate something your child did but you still love your child. I think there is a great deal of disgust for Hillary’s actions, but i really don’t think Trump wastes his energy on hatred of any people.

      • Bruce Weatherly

        Yes I do know you can hate action, even those implied by someone, without hating the person. I have never thought Trump hated Hilary. They were very cordial with each other until he ran for office, He then looked at the base he needed to be on his side and started hammering Hilary. Why? To win the nomination, After that it had to continue. Find me an article, a speech or anything prior to his running for President where he was negative towards the Clintons. She has been a target for 25 years to ignite the conservative base. Any time the conservatives feel threatened here comes something about Hilary. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not. They haven’t produced a single shred of evidence to show she is guilty of anything yet I’m sure you have her marled a guilty. Why? Because FAUX News, the Republican Party, Donald Trump continuously say she is. Saying crooked Hilary doesn’t mean Donald Trump hates Hilary it means he needs to ignite his base. People that do that more often than not are doing everything they can to divert your attention away from themselves. Just like the news we read, hear on the radio, watch on TV is not fake and full of lies, when they are saying something about you that you do not like call them liars and if you say it enough the base will believe you. Trump is a politician and that in itself make him a lying no good SOB. I feel the same way about Hilary and all politicians. You may think he loves the people I think he is using the people He sure did as a businessman.

        • cjjf

          Frankly, i dont believe anything from any politician or journalist until I research for myself.
          I have labled Hillary guilty, of cleaning her computer devices when they should have been turned in for inspection and of using her unsecure private email for government business. At the very least she is guily of destroying evidence and obstruction of finding the truth. I can only surmise that the truth would have been more harmful to her than the destruction was.
          It certainly is your right to have your own opinions, but frankly, thinking Trump is a politician makes me laugh. He has no polical savvy what so ever.

          • Bruce Weatherly

            If Hilary is guilty of anything then charge her, But they can’t charge Hilary, because when they do they lose the one go to person they can use to rally the base. They have been very successful of riding the hate Hilary bandwagon and still have the horse hitched for another round. As for Trump not being a politician. Why because he was a businessman? Businessmen are as big a politician as anyone in Washington. Who do politicians interact with? Trump ever call you? You ever have a sit down with your congressman? How about your Senator. No Trump is a very shrewd politician using the techniques conservative hate to see used against the U.S. Think about Hugo Chavez, Muammar Ghadaffy or Ayatollah Khomeini and the way they interacted with their adversaries. Very similar to Trumps approach to everyone on earth. It isn’t the way Americans typically view a politician, but he is definitely political and as such a blood sucking worm like Hilary, George W. Bill George H,, Ronnie and all the rest. I will exclude Carter because I do believe he was honest man and look at how ineffective he was at getting things done. We love our snakes.

          • cjjf

            Actually i have had a sitdown with my Senator, years ago. And given the destruction of the subpoenaed comuters and phones, prosecution is difficult at best, and since it happened under her own watch of course she wasnt going to go along with prosecuting herself.

          • Bruce Weatherly

            The best advice I can give you the computer were destroy along with the phones is either find more evidence someplace else or give up the chase. One thing I learned about e-mail is if you create one or receive one it will never go away no matter how many computers you destroy.

          • Bruce Weatherly

            Hilary is a convenient distraction when something goes wrong in the Republican network. They can’t afford a conviction, because then the boogeyman goes to prison and is forgotten like all the political boogeymen sitting in prison today. Every businessman is a politician and every politician is a businessman. In business you have to be Trump may not be a conventional politician, bur he is definitely a politician. Think of Hugo Chavez, Nikita Khrushchev or Fidel Castro. All were very forceful in their approach o interacting with people. If you don’t already like the man you typically don’t warm to people like that.

          • cjjf

            Is she a distraction to hide something republican led or a distraction like the border which the democrats are using to hide the failed Russia collusion scheme? After all, children are only being separated if the parents jump the border instead of ckming through a port of entry and even Obama did it. I look for distractions and frankly, i think the democrats are king of them, republicans dont know how to distract worth beans

          • Bruce Weatherly

            She has been used for years to distract attention away from some unpleasant. Democrats are definitely using the border, but not to draw attention away from anything, but to something they feel will help them in the fall. There is no doubt Russia meddled in our election and this was not the first time nor will it be the last. That is what they what we do. Our concern should not be anything more than how can we stop it or at least minimize it. Instead we say it didn’t happen. Just as our concern on Benghazi should have been a lessons learned investigation so should be the Russian investigation. Instead they are political and since that always works they will always do it.

          • cjjf

            Russia meddling is one thing. The DNC computers probably could have helped with that. Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is another. Spending millions on a special council to investigate said alleged collusion, based on a dossier that was unverified and unsubstantiated, put together by Trump haters and Clinton supporters is what they want to distract from.

          • Bruce Weatherly

            It can’t be about the money. After spending million on the Izza investigation and finding nothing, Trey Gowdy spent millions more to find nothing. I am not defending Hilary that should be done in court by an attorney if the evidence supports charges. What I am saying is it is time to put all these investigations to bed, let candidates run on the issues. The alternative is more of nothing, four years of innuendos. This crap is like the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination. There are a thousand documents supporting Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone shooter, but since someone was on the grassy knoll there had to be two shooters. There might have been, but the evidence sure doesn’t support it.

  • cjjf

    I have yet to hear president Trump advocate violence and honestly have been pleasantly surprised that he has shown civility in the face of those democrats that do. Obviously, Maxine has no concept of civil rights or personal responsibility.

  • Ddenney1

    I am 60 years old and know for a fact the left has been name calling and calling for destruction of property for decades!!! Go back and look at the 60’s and more recently on college campuses in the last YEAR!!!! Then when SOMEBODY gets KILLED they yell louder that it IS ALWAYS SOMEBODY ELSE AT FAULT! But I give MAD ASS MAX a pass because SHE IS A MORON and I blame the people that keep embarrassing themselves by reelecting her!!! Why hasn’t CALIFORNIA kept their words and SUCCEEDED like they promised!!! It would go ALONG way to fixing congress!!!! Max, Frankenstein opps Finstein and Peloise ALL WOULD BE GONE!!!! It might even be worth forgiving them their billions of dollars of debt they have! They claim they they have a top 10 economy even after 15 companies LEFT DUE TO STUPID TAXES AND REGS!!!!

  • Estell Newton

    Another case of a lunatic not taking responsibility for her own actions. Sorry Maxine. but it’s your fault.

  • dosadoe

    Maxine (Impeach 45) Waters: I dindu nuffin!

  • Mo

    Everything that this BITCH spews is exactly what the person who occupied the Whitehouse for the eight years prior to Trump being elected. obutthead was the most RACIST President we have ever had and he is the one who brought in and preached division, put targets on Law Enforcement and weaponized Government Agencies against the American People. She spews nothing but HATE and is calling for Violence, she should be booted out of Congress, arrested for Insighting Violenvce, SEDITION AND TREASON, be tried and convicted and taken out and SHOT AS THE TRAITOR THAT SHE IS!


    Advocating violence? Show one example of President Trump ever advocating or condoning violence.
    The loony left are the ones who push this narrative. Always the opposite of what they say.
    They are the evil ones and need to be held accountable for their wrong doing. Stop blaming Trump for all your nonsense and stupidity.

  • Jim Wagenmann

    She has got to be the most deranged black person ever. As a representative she has a chance to bring people together. Rather she would follow in obamas footsteps and do everything she can do to divide America.
    Kick her out of congress.

  • ahrcshaw

    It is truly sad, after 85 years of trying to make America great and to appropriately fix her/his faults, I am totally convinced the Democrats have completely lost their marbles. The actions, the words, the leaders calling for resistance, the total obstruction, the minority leader of the Senate calling for resistance, revenge, anything against the elected POTUS, while stating he/they (the democrats will not do anything to solve the immigration problem}. What a bunch of useless air polluting breathers who seem to have Treason on their minds. This is not even about “bad losers”, they have created the deep state to do anything in their power to defy Trump and promote their own agenda. That is TREASON, and our Congress, DOJ, FBI, you name them are sitting on their ass’s, for what??? Washington is not a swamp it is a cesspool, a man/woman (gender correct} cesspool. It seems like it is past time to clean it out. I can only add, “Thank God for Trump” even with all his faults. We, the people need to consider, closing down Washington, DC, moving the government facilities to another state and city, leave the people there, and start all over again with a new bunch. If some of the 51% of the population, representing the democrats, do not leave the democrat treason infested ship after all this, this country is in big trouble.

  • Judy

    Why is anyone discussing this with an obvious psycho? She shouldn’t be worth anyone’s time.

  • suesueb

    She has always advocated violence and nastiness! She needs no help from anyone.

  • John

    In my own highly biased, judgmental, obey the rule of law (especially the U.S. Constitution) opinion, based on advocating violence, being divisive and causing today’s mess (I don’t think she means lower federal taxes for most of us and lower unemployment rate), compared to Waters, I think president Trump is, at worst, third or fourth in nastiness. I place him no worse than twentieth or thirtieth and likely lower. Trump should stand up and tell all in the federal government to stop committing perjury and usurpation and start obeying the Constitution they swore to support.


    I defy any leftist to substantiate this slobs accusations! ” he has been divisive and he has been the one that has caused what we see happening today where people are trying to push back on his policies.”

  • Felipe Gomsz Jr.

    Maxine Waters blames Trump got her mental issues? She really is insane in the membrane! She was like that before her issues with Trump!

  • jim jones

    What else is new, that bitch should get a visit from the KKK!

  • Dan

    As a public servant, I believe Maxine Waters should be examined for her mental stability and also for the possibility she might be under the influence of controlled substances. The justification? No one acts like her that is in the right mind or who is of a sober mind.

  • thomas robinson

    If it’s his fault, it is ONLY because the democrats are being outed for all their criminal activities over the past 50 years, and they don’t like being exposed for what they really are. the BIGGEST BUNCH of criminals EVER assembled in Washington D.C.! you need to listen to your ramblings Maxine, that kind of hate used to come only from Al Sharpton, and the not so reverend Wright! guess you took Obammys’ seat when he left the church of hate !

  • jack


  • Steve Volkle

    Just like Flip Wilson used to say the DEVIL MADE ME DO IT

  • Gary Miller

    There needs to be a minimum IQ level to serve in Congress!

  • Tiger

    AHHH HAAAA proving beyond a shadow of a doubt Trump Syndrome is real.