Maher Thanks NYT Op-Ed Writer

HBO’s Bill Maher’s message for the anonymous New York Times op-ed writer was “thank you for your service.”

After expressing his belief that Chief of Staff John Kelly wrote the op-ed, Maher said, “[M]y outlier opinion on this, is this person, I would like to say to them, thank you for your service. I –seriously, let me explain why, the United States has made the same mistake overseas so many times. We take out Saddam Hussein or somebody we don’t like and not think about what comes next. Yeah, Saddam Hussein was terrible, what came next? ISIS. What comes next if these people who are preventing him from doing really crazy things go?”

  • Manuel Bou


    • john vieira

      ???? I missed something??? The USA/CIA/NATO DID create ISIS…armed, aided and abetted them too…was so obvious t’was not funny and called Obama out on it in mid 2016- he and Hillary were their parents…three months later he admitted it…oh and McCain was their Godfather…

  • jackieonthetrunk

    Bill Maher, expert political and national security expert. Wonder if he feels going over to Europe or fighting the Japanese in the Pacific was also a mistake. Probably.

    My message for Maher: GFY.

  • gideonrockwell

    Maher is just assisting NYT in perpetuating a lie. I don’t believe the op-ed came from anyone in the White House. I believe NYT is engaging in some head games to start some discord within the Administration. Just like the whole Russian Collusion Story the Op-Ed is all lie created by someone or some group at the NYT.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Maher is an INBRED operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization. He is a classic example of why INCEST Laws should be strictly enforced.
    It is with reasonable medical certainty this causes mental illness, which is the problem with this entity.

    • James

      Where’s that put Hannity? Republican right wing fascist dictator Putin lover pedophile badly in need of a vasectomy to prevent more Hannities

  • Wenda Kennedy

    The story brought the problem out into the light. Maher just mis-defined it. It’s not the President and his doings. President Trump is within his rights and doing what he was elected to do. The problem brought to light with this article is with people who think that they have the right to mess in things where they have no business. If this OP-ED person doesn’t like his/her job — quit. If he/she doesn’t agree with Trump, vote in 2020, write a book, become on pundit, stand on a street corner and talk to people… Do something on their time, not ours. If he/she wants to make a difference, go work for charity. Their OP-ED piece just proved that Trump and his backers were right. There is a Deep State. Thank you Mr./Ms. writer for proving us right.

  • bobvelon

    Mr. Maher your living proof your an asshole and a Trump hater. I hope you wake up and stop being a misfit and a snowflake for the communist party…

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    The whole lot of them has just turned into a lying sack of drama queens. They all try to outdo the other, that’s how they make their living by talking garbage. You have a multitude of halfwits out there that believe every word they say.

  • Luzianagal

    John Kelly has more backbone than a slimy piece of crap like you! If he wants to say something he’ll say it to your face unlike you to hide behind the curtain!!! SMH!!

    • Bernie

      I’m a 75 year old Vietnam era vet and a once- proud South Side Chicago minority democrat.
      I want to thank phonies like Kerry, Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary, yourself and the rest of the democrat party, who make it easier and easier that I am now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable” and now, according to you, a “slimy piece of crp” conservative voter and Trump supporter.
      Thank you…..!
      P.S. No need to answer because I know you haven’t got an answer!

      • Luzianagal

        First of all, thank you for your service & second of all, I wasn’t talking about ALL Demos! I was talking straight to Maher about not having enough courage to say anything to anyone’s face, because he was saying that Kelly had written the anonymous NYT op-ed & I said Kelly would tell it to your face, if he wants to say anything, not anonymously! I am a #ForeverTrumper & proud Repub! I voted Trump & will vote Trump again, but if I thought a Demo would do the job, I’d vote for them too! Again, thx for your service!

        • Bernie

          My bad and humble apologies.
          I thought you addressing your comments to republicans.
          In the future, start off your comments with an address like I did to you.

          • Luzianagal

            Apology accepted! I sometime let my mouth open, before my brain begins to function….lol! I have a bad habit of thinking people know what I’m talking about, even when I leave out things! Advice noted, thx!

  • dcartmill

    Bill Maher is nothing more than an arrogant ,obnoxious , self-important “sewer rat”. There is an old saying that ,”if you lay down with dogs you are going to get fleas”, So if there is any question as to what you get when you lay down with a sewer rat , you will get fleas , STD’s , and you’ill never get rid of the stink. Maher is just a piece of garbage ,that is “somehow “managing to stay on TV ( Just thinking about all of his risqué comments and innuendos,does make you wonder, what’s going on in the back room) I would also add that except for his limited audience , he is being lumped in with Nancy Pelosi ,Maxine Waters ,Chris Matthews ,which if he is as smart as he thinks he is should be a wake up call .

  • Jmanjo

    Maher is a synonym for excrement!

  • George Reed

    He is now showing just ignorant he really is liberal jerk.

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    Is it me or are there others that would like to punch this asshole right in the nose