Liberals Still Searching For Trump-Russia Collusion

New York Times columnist David Brooks is claiming that he believes there was Trump-Russia collusion more than ever before. He stated there have been “clouds of behavior that make it seem a little more plausible.”

Brooks stated, “I’m sitting out these recent allegations of Michael Cohen, just because I don’t know whether he’s believable. He’s in legal jeopardy. I mean, it just — it’s fishy. I wouldn’t want to like — if you were a journalist, you wouldn’t want to write a story based on — and say that definitely is true.”

Brooks added, “On the other hand, I’ve been a skeptic of the Russia thing. And so, I’ve had like it from zero to 10, I’ve been a three for a long time, just because I think there was no campaign to collude. So they probably didn’t collude. I have to say, I’m moving up to a five or a six these days, just because there’s been clouds of behavior that does begin to smell pretty fishy. And those are clouds of behavior surrounding whether the Russians actually got analytics from the Democratic computers and handed it to the Trump campaign. Those are weird timings with the Russian assaults connected to Trump tweets and Trump statements. And then, on the obstruction of justice side, what Mueller’s looking over, the tweets, and the whole constellation of things.”

“So, again, there’s no one thing where you can say they colluded. That still seems to elude us, but there are clouds of behavior that make it seem a little more plausible.”

  • KKmoderate

    I want to puke! This is journalistic “clouds of behavior that does begin to smell pretty fishy”.

  • Mike Cummings

    Turn left at Hillary and the DNC . The collusion there is so deep that you need a controlled media to ignore it.

  • Gen11American

    There is PLENTY of evidence regarding collusion readily available to Witch Hunt Mueller and his partisan team of Democratic donor lawyers! All they have to do is open their GD eyes and demand that Rosenstein cease his efforts to protect the rep of the FBI and DOJ by heavily redacting documents submitted to Congress! Obviously, he’s trying to keep the truth about the FBI’s and DOJ’s despicable failure to indict HRC and the DNC, who paid millions to a foreign spy (Christopher Steele) for a salacious, phony Russian dossier which was used as the basis for acquiring FISA Warrants, which in turn were used to spy on the Trump Campaign! Since there is no possible way such a deplorable political tactic could be utilized against a Democratic opponent without Obama’s full knowledge and consent, which means that our former 44th Marxist Muslim homosexual globalist presidential puppet of George Soros, who financed Obama’s 2008 & 2012 presidential campaigns, and also Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 run, is infinitely more guilty of collusion than any current or former members of the Trump presidential campaign team in 2016! Yet, despite all the evidence which has already been disclosed, Muckraker Mueller totally ignores Obama’s role, refuses to investigate Hillary Clinton’s deplorable violations of national security while Sec of State, and wastes his time, and $$millions of taxpayer dollars, indicting Russians who will NEVER see the inside of a Federal courtroom in this country, nor serve a single day behind bars in punishment for attempting to influence our 2016 election, because they’re too smart to board planes bound for the United States!

  • Marty Koval

    The only collusion that is going on is between the liberal media and liberal politicians to deceive and mislead the ill informed electorate into thinking that President Trump is an evil and corrupt president. They are intentionally doing this to give themselves an unfair market advantage to gain political wins in local, state and national elections.

    It is obvious that these people are being controlled by Satan, the Great Deceiver and Father of Lies. Why? Because they are emulating Satan’s mode of operation, which we see on John 10:10 – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. The liberal media and liberal politicians want to destroy President Trump and any other
    politician that has a different view on political, moral and social issues.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    The great tragedy of all this is that even if they found “collusion” it isn’t a crime!! What they are looking for does not exist in criminal law!

  • Brian Hogan

    The only clouds I see, are the clouds of lies being put out by DNC and the RINO’s. David Brooks is obviously seeing the clouds of delusion floating around his otherwise empty head.

  • David Atherton

    You want collusion look to the media and Demborats

  • Tiger

    The only Russian Collusion was within the DNC, FBI and CIA. Lots of collusion there.