Liberal California Now Trying to Give Illegal Aliens This Huge Benefit

California’s legislators have taken an unprecedented move to include the estimated 2.6 million illegal aliens in that state in Obamacare health coverage.

According to the Daily Signal,

California state Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, authored legislation, SB 10, that requests the federal government give Covered California permission to cover illegal immigrants.

Under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, health care exchanges cannot allow illegal immigrants to receive exchange tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies.

State government can make requests for federal government consideration to modify Obamacare to extend health coverage in their state, ThinkProgress reported.

“This bill would require the Secretary of California Health and Human Services to apply to the United States Department of Health and Human Services for a waiver to allow individuals who are not eligible to obtain health coverage because of their immigration status to obtain coverage from the Exchange,” text from California SB 10, amended April 13 in the California Assembly, says.

Legislators claim that the illegal aliens would have to pay for their own health insurance plans under this new plan, but considering that health insurance existed prior to Obamacare, but most illegals still chose to not use it, what are the odds that this provision will be followed?

And how does California plan to regulate compliance? American citizens are required to carry health insurance, or face a tax penalty.

Here is Obama telling supporters in 2009 that illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered under Obamacare, while at the same time implying that he would do everything he could to legalize the 12 million illegals:

  • HDMania

    Total BS..stupid idiots running Cali..

  • proudV

    Obama has done nothing but lie to Americans, And now California with Governor Moon Beam will Bankrupt itself and get a Bailout from big brother the Feds. I wish that somewhere in California somebody would say NO MORE!!. This Country has been trashed by Obama and those in power in both the GOP and Democrat party and are as Godless as ever. Some of my friends in Texas are sick of liberal Californians moving in and bringing the B.S. liberal crap with them. Stay in California!!.

    • Rosie46

      Texas should build a wall to keep the liberals and illegals out. Also recall that Muslims do not have to have health insurance as it is against their religion, so get it free when they need care. And guess who is paying for all of this.

      • 77099

        Unfortunately Rosie46, Texas is in no position to build the wall. We have done more than all the other states, except Oklahoma and Arizona, to deal with illegals, and now it is too late because Houston and Dallas are liberal, Houston for many years now. Recall the bathroom privileges push for trans some time ago. Perry had the National Guard on the border as long as he was in office. Bear in mind though, should an illegal be shot the border agent stands an excellent chance of being charged with murder and jailed. The Mexican consulate has more power than the Texas Legislature. Crazy.

        • Rosie46

          I know, and yes, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona have. My daughters were born in Texas and I would move back if I could — I will if they secede. I live in Nevada and Clark County (Las Vegas) has the third highest number of non-English speaking students in the U.S. And our legislature and Governor do nothing. We are getting buried in costs to deal with the education, medical, welfare and legal costs of these foreign invaders — keeping in mind that Obama’s buddy, Harry Reid, is our senator and wants them all to be able to vote.

          The “leadership” in this country cares more about what the Mexican government wants than what U.S. citizens want. The Mexican president wants the illegas here so they can send money back to Mexico. Think of the boost in our economy if all the illegals were deported and U.S. citizens given those jobs. Unemployment would go down and welfare would go down, even if by force.

          • 77099

            All true so I hope we can look for that change. I am torn, I have to admit. I know the wonderful children of a jerk of an illegal who shouts I will NEVER PAY TAXES. I want him gone, but I love these kids. But come on back, there are jobs here and we still speak with a twang. Texans may leave, but its still home.

          • Rosie46

            I know what you are saying. They want to come here, work here, take benefits here, but don’t want to pay taxes. Sadly the children are the ones who are penalized, but there are jobs in Mexico now and they are prospering more than we are. These people should be gone and come in the right way like many others have.

            I am semi-retired and can work from anywhere, my one daughter is with a radiology clinic in ultrasound and the other is in sales management. We lived in Waco for 5 years, but my favorite city is Austin, but they lean to the liberal, do they not?

          • 77099

            They sure are, College town very liberal. Austin is a little more expensive, I think they have better paying jobs.

          • Rosie46

            It will be something to consider as both my daughters were born in Texas, though have lost their Texas drawl.

          • humandegradation

            I am like you with the children, BUT my blood boils to hear the racist for profit Mexican gov and the Mexican media and the racist for profit tons of lawyers advised them ” do not forget how Americans think the children are important, if you have and American children…, your children are Americans they can not be deported and the gov can not separate families. Can we call CPS on Hussein Obama with their parents using their children for greed, for dragging the children from their countries for greed? NO because Hussein/ democrats are the power and we have a very corrupt dictator using the presidential position and the children to destroy the USA!

          • 77099

            I understand what you are saying, and that is the very reason I am torn. These kids will benefit from being here, and hopefully the US will benefit from having them. However we cannot take in all the children in the world because we think we would be best for them. Their father is a loud mouth know-it-all. But while he doesn’t pay taxes, I do, even at my advanced age I will pay tax to educate his children. Therefore I feel a little entitled to be outraged by him.

          • John

            That’s because everybody knows most Americans are fed up with all the current and not so far past politicians and don’t actually vote anymore, but Obama and his commie muslim cronies know that if they keep giving illegals all this free shi-, they WILL vote, as long as they can read the ballots!

          • Rosie46

            They don’t even have to read the ballots. Harry Reid (Nevada) buses them to the polls, they walk in just long enough to vote for the important races (president and congressional seats) and then they leave. And yes, illegals were voting. Some said they were not citizens and were told to go vote anyway. Now they are all afraid of Trump.

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          only for a short time Things are about to change in a big way

        • John

          As with other countries we need to change our immigration laws to shoot illegals crossing our borders illegally. It would end so many problems with illegals in this country,especially financial ones.

          People need to realize Americans did not build the Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from the French!

          • dhmill

            Saudi Arabia has armed guards along their border that fronts the Suez Canal and on the opposite side of the canal Egypt does also.
            They do not have a problem with illegals!
            Why are we not guarding our border?

          • john

            Because O’fraud is trying to force them to turn their head and do nothing and turning them back loose after being caught doing crimes anything..

        • Rboo

          Don’t forget Austin!

          • 77099

            I hope you are right, but who knows? This has been since Lanier. White began the ultra liberal and it has worsened since. Actually I am a suburb so I have no say, but where Houston goes so goes S Texas. I did forget Austin. I have considered Texarkana – the Ark side.

    • Cdreeder

      They are bankrupted already! Less than half the people there pay taxes

    • john

      It must be sad being O’fraud ..Every where he goes people knows he’s a back stabbing liar…

    • ARJAY

      To those in californication who want to move to a new state, move about 500-600 miles to the WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bill

        hey, hey it’s not californication it is the peoples republik of Kalifornexico. californication is what the democrat/progressive/socialist/communist overlords do to the citizens of Kalifornexico.

        • ARJAY

          OK, I’ll go along with that.

          But I still say those residents who want to move, move 500 to 600 miles to the WEST!!

    • danielistical

      were you in a coma from 2000 untill 2008? where were you on OCT 26th 2008 …the economy is is in grave danger of collapse if we do not bail out wal street immediately,,,GEORGE W BUSH can you get enough brain cells to tell me one of these lies you CLAIM obama is saying ? or are you like the rest and have memory problems when you get asked to prove what you say?

    • Mike Tanco

      He is a habitual liar and it’s said he always has been. The American people have had the greatest scam in history pulled on them and the uninformed and Moronic groups will continue to follow this fraud. Yes “FRAUD” !! He is a fraud, a liar, a traitor and is still a Muslim.

    • JohnB

      This liberalism all migrated here from the east. They moved here “for the weather”.

  • Ardvark

    Where is the San Andreas when we need it?

    • dhmill

      California will not fall off! Darn it! The western side of California is only moving northward with each large earthquake!

  • Mike Tanco

    King Obama is a liar, a fraud, a traitor and is still a Muslim. He is above our laws and the Dems are trying to get another just like him in the White House in 2016. Let’s hope the Morons that put him in the White House twice either don’t vote or they realize he has this country screwed up.

  • apzzyk

    This is a public health matter. Does it really make any difference to you if that mosquito that just took blood from you and gave you the Zita virus just had bitten a legal or illegal? You will still get the virus.
    In CA there are illegals of all nationalities – just look at the most recent census records where they are at least broken down by a question of where were your parents born, and major cities are where they can best blend in, and CA has many cities over 250K. I really hate to tell you this, but the Donald’s Great wall will not protect the US from diseases. Now, with the pro-life and pro-pin head Congress on the money raising trail, the research to develop a vaccine (no they will not cause mental retardation or autism in adults) time is being wasted, but money saved, by the CDC in getting farther behind on the necessary research. The Koch bros could probably fund this, but there will be no profit.
    Illegals with jobs do pay taxes, but they cannot collect the refunds and will never be able to collect Social Security. My son-in-law is a green card holding Ph.D, who got that at a major Mid-Western U., and the reason why he can get tax refunds is because of his American wife, but unless he becomes a citizen he will not be able to get his SS or Medicare. He, his wife, and their 5 kids (all US Citizens) would be better off if they were to live in Mexico because of the lower prices there on almost everything, but he thinks that because a part of his education was on the US taxpayers dime that he should stick around for at least another year.
    Pueorto Rico is broke and in default – we bailed out the Banks and the Auto Industry, but Cuba will probably have to pick up Peurto Rico, and Canada will probably have to do the same to MI – Will we be able to sell KS after Gov Brownback has eliminated all taxes?

    • Athanasios1

      You should move to Mexico and help build that wall…as long as you stay on that side of the wall with your hateful opinions…

      • apzzyk

        I was seriously considering moving to the Ycatan area of Mexico, but my timing was off – my house was under-water, and living month to month on 100% VA disability and Social Security would have made buying a newer large motor home so that I could get there with my large dog and 4 cats. There are Sr. places down there where just my $1K a month SS would take care of my needs and I could have got my grandson into a very good Mexican University for about the same amount, and buy Mexican Health and Dental Insurance on both of us for another $100/mo – you should check it our, there are a lot of Americans living there were there are strict gun laws and other things that make me feel better. The ex-pats all vote absentee, so no voter ID required, and you might want to think about that for yourself.

        • Athanasios1

          How much do you need to get out and stay out? But no voting. You must give up your US Citizenshio, your Bill of Rights and your anti Amercan soeech. Go fown there and talk about the drug cartels and see how long you last. Now how much do you need?

    • KBB

      YOU ARE AN A$$WIPE. Answer me this- Brainiac, why hasn’t the Clinton Foundation funded a cure? Huh? Speak up, we all want to bask in your stupidity!!! Maybe it’s because that criminal organization is set up to fund Willy and Hitlery’s filthy sexual peccadilloes. You useless a$$clown.

      • proudV

        Seems to me that you are the asshole, Liberals always turn to calling people names. The fact remains that if you enter this Country illegally, You are illegal. And Obamacare is breaking the bank of many other States and even Obama (lying again) Said illegals would not be eligible for insurance. And even though I might feel for apzzyk, Illegal is illegal Period!!.

      • apzzyk

        Just heard that Harvard, MIT and some other U researchers at least came up with a test based on the one for Ebola. The next step will be trying to find a vaccine, and for just the annual flu shot (for which the government pays for the development and distribution charges) it takes a year of international research just to make the best guess possible. This year, the vaccine has only been about 50% effective, so that probably only saved about 10K lives and Billions in treatment. All you have to do to learn such things is to turn off FOX news and watch the liberal media for a few minutes. The only thing that sex has to do with Zita, is that it can be transmitted that way as well as by mosquitos. Do NOT get the vaccines – they give you smarts too.

    • Dee Ward

      Better plan is to cut off benefits and start enforcing our laws. Also illegals that pay taxes using someone else ss# do file and receive returns. They use itin# and recently admitted by the IRS they do not do anything about the the illegals using ss# that do not match their names. They just send out the refund. The families of illegals qualify for max welfare benefits as they do not claim the income they make under the table or using someone else ss#. Regarding taxes illegals pay in about 24 billion a year but cost the US tax payer more than 300 billion. We can protect Americans from the crime, diseases, huge tax burden of illegals by cutting benefits and deporting. When you keep giving rewards more illegal keep coming. There NO common sense reason to allow illegals to remain in our country. NONE Make an HONEST pro/con list and this becomes very obvious.

      • John

        Don’t you know Obama only enforces laws he like or agrees with which is another direct violation of the Constitution which he hates. Look how they make sure that the federal laws for marijuana are strictly enforced,but any immigration laws they want ignored especially by any state that shares borders with Mexico!

      • bill

        dee the illegals also send nearly 100 million dollars a year back to mexico. that’s one reason that Mexicos’ economy is doing well.

    • Peggie

      You haven’t been keeping up. The illegals do get refunds some for as
      many as 20 children(they claim all their relatives as dependents. All the illegals are getting food stamps and many are getting Medicare and SS. Though none have ever paid into it. We are paying for all of them, for illness, schooling, free lunches, housing, food, etc. The average paid for each is around 17,000/yr. I read everything I see, some of it poorly written, and no news allowed on TV.

      • 77099

        You are 100% correct. They do file for refunds, even for children in Mexico. We are the world’s biggest SAPS.

  • Colloc

    California is run by idiots and the idiot voters keep voting them in. Illegals don’t need or deserve health care. They go to hospital ERs all the time and then skip out on the bill. What Illegals need is to be kicked out of the US.

  • J.B. Young

    We need to cede California back to Mexico, since they love illegals so much. Let the Mexican government deal with their bankruptcy.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      And close-off the borders to the rest of the states.Make sure Hollywood and the rest of the freaks are contained in that state.

    • freethinker4

      No just deport the illegals to Mexico And all the liberals through out the country can choose there new homeland with a one way ticket on us of course.

    • Who in hell do you think you are???

      • J.B. Young

        Good grief, man! Get a grip. I was being sarcastic. But you certainly have to admit that California is being run by a bunch liberal loons

  • Niko

    I cannot wait till that filthy lying bastard and the he/she pig he is married to ,die off or meet their end expeditiously… I prefer the later!!!!

  • Jacob Bagnell

    Brown and the rest are dumb SOB”S. Why don’t they ship illegals out of here. They are bankrupting this state.

  • Flyby

    People speak of sanctuary cities. California has become a sanctuary state with unlimited freebies. We’d be doing ourselves a favor by walling it off.

    • KBB

      I agree. But first, I hope the hardworking taxpayers who are innocent victims of this Ponzi scheme get out. The rest can slide into the Pacific.

      • dhmill

        I did escape in 1994

    • Are you from California?

    • bill

      very true. downtown L.A. has more signage in spanish by far than any other language. from the 405 freeway to the 15 freeway there is more mexicans in that area than there are in Jaurez. the only signage that competes at all is southeast asian languge. Kalifornexico has a near 50% mexican population. that is why californians are leaving. the seiu union, which is 85% mexican, and the teachers union OWN Kalifornexicos democrats. even the scum that ruined California, the NY, philly, north NJ scum that moved to California in the late 60s and early 70s, having totally f**ked up California are now moving out like the filthy vermin they are.

  • joe 35

    This governor is nuts. When California goes up in smoke who in the hell are they going to go to to bail them out.

    • 77099

      to us of course.

  • conc11111

    Pure trash

  • farmboy1993

    They are illegals! They are going to be sent home! Why are we even talking about any of this! They are illegals!

  • Carrie Barton

    I know I don’t have health care now because of Obama Care. I have to pay out of pocket. So when the rest of the people can’t afford to pay then no one will have health care

    • Cdreeder

      ILLIGALS will have it so they can vote democrap

  • pysco

    Stupid assholes in state government can’t even take car of legal citizens….. you elect idiots, you get idiot bills…

  • Cdreeder

    Commiefornia is just full retard now. THEY ARE ILLIGAL! IDIOTS

  • tax man

    We need to deport ALL illegal criminal aliens! They need to be permanently removed from the USA and never allowed to return for any reason! They are just plain criminals with no respect for America and just want to take advantage of our generosity and free medical, free housing, free food, free phones, free everything! They need to be rounded up, locked up, immediately scheduled for deportation and dropped off in the country of their ancestors in the Capital at the government headquarters after being fingerprinted, DNA tests taken and put on a Do Not Enter list to America. If they are Minors they need to be turned over to the Red Cross in their country of origin. These criminals are evil and America needs to get rid of them!

    • John

      Could not have said it any better!

  • Daniel

    Liberals will do anything, including purchasing votes, to win an election!

    • dhmill

      Or they simply make up the votes as Johnson did in Texas

  • Eva St. Clair

    Oh, hell – why don’t we just cover the whole world and be done with it? WTH is wrong with these politicians? Do they think we work just to give our money away?

    • dhmill

      In a word, YES!

  • Steve W

    Oh boy, something else we taxpayers and our children will get to pay for.

  • Robert Truss

    California is broke and trying to give what they don’t have?

  • otoman

    Liberalism is a disease that invades the very soul of man. It turns truth into lies, and lies into truth. The sad part is, those that partake in liberalism love the deceit that they spread.

  • KayO

    Let California pay for it.

  • otoman

    Still waiting for California to fall into the ocean Mr. Gore. Would be the best thing for America.

  • Frank W Brown

    Oh yeah, the land of FRUITS, NUTS, GRANOLA and moonbeam Brown, krazy kalifornia SHOULD have a WALL around the whole place!!!

  • Yourko

    Hell NO!!!!!! Go back toy your country of origin/citizenship…, and get your health care there…..

  • ADRoberts

    To a Democrat there is NEVER enough spending. And they want to give it all to those who did not work or earn much of a living. WHY? For the votes they are buying.

  • John

    More B.S. from the head B.S. artist in charge. His term ending can’t happen any sooner. Just keep watching because he will do the most fu–ed up stuff during his last days in office. I just can’t wait to see who he pardons on his last day as president.

  • Mys77

    California is a cess pool of mental degenerates.

  • sirwiley

    Liberals ripe for hanging. We pay for it and they spend it all and borrow more to giveaway to those that NEVER contribute.

  • grmetalman

    Let there be a massive earthquake and california can drop off into the ocean. No big loss

  • grmetalman

    Time to pass a law that if they are deported and return they will be executed right away

  • RGW

    Fork you, oBraindead and your dog Moonbeam, I’m leaving… Heading for higher ground.

  • Rboo

    The illegals would only have to pay for it if they were working, if they weren’t working they would just get on Medicaid like the rest of the Obamacare recipients. Do people not realize that is all Obamacare is? If you’re working then you’re forced to buy healthcare coverage, if not Obamacare opened the door for everyone to get on Medicaid which use to be just for pregnant women and minor children, now anyone can get on it and our tax dollars can pay for it.

  • Patriot47

    The land of fruits and nuts.

  • tax man

    Time to dump Obamacare in its entirety. We have all been cheated out of our previous medical care that was affordable and reliable and now we must pay more for a lost less coverage and we must changes doctors and insurance companies each year. Most of us are covered for things we do not want to pay for or can ever use, and the “promise” of an annual savings of more than $2,500 never materialized and we do, in fact, pay a lost more than we used to. Had BCBS for my wife at about $126 a month before Obamacare and now we pay nearly $800 plus more for her medicines. How did that happen? Plus we had to look around for policies our doctors would accept, and that changes every year! Under our old policy all the doctors in our area accepted it. Just get rid of it and roll us back to the good old days pre-Obama!

  • papawfred

    All I can say in disgust and dismay is damm social liberal facist. Hopefully your day is coming.

  • Kent2012

    another fine example of the type of legislation that comes from the idiot clown aholes that were voted into office by the idiot clown ahole parasites and the whining candy panty socialists….

  • John Marte

    Liberals & the media keep voting Ungodly traitors into office,what do U expect?They dont have jobs so they dont know how to make a profit or handle tax money

  • Phillip Lake

    Here is a bona fide list of what our dip shit president has given, and is giving his illegals and good ole Californication wants to give more?? BS! I was going to copy/paste the article but it is too long. For everyone’s education, and the truth behind dip sht obummer’s legacy, and now California PLEASE take the time to read this article.
    Ask FactCheck
    Cost of Illegal Immigrants at

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    Why not give the whole state of CA to them and build the wall this side of the state. It’s supposed to have one big quake someday anyway. We can help resettle those who want to move to our other states.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    The most illegal of illegal aliens are the welfare freeloader beggar muslim/moslems. I remember seeing the mestizo illegals holding signs in Arizona reading that they must be given everything free or they will kill Police. The Soros tutored and funded slogans of BLM & la raza have been translated into Arabic and various African ebonics dialects by Qatar, Turkey and other terrorist hijra regimes.