Left Demands Republicans To Abandon Trump

Democrats are truly grasping at straws now, as their latest strategy for avoiding a repeat of the government shutdown is to convince Republicans to side with them over President Trump.

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin shared his “call to action” with an audience at Georgetown University. 

“The only way to avoid another shutdown is if Republican senators will join Democratic senators and say, we’re just not going to go through this again. I think we’re close to that. I think there are enough Republicans that are just fed up with it. … So, we need 60, 47, we need 13 of them. At a high-water mark, we had nine, before this last shutdown was lifted. I think it’ll be hard as heck for the president to keep his ranks solid among Senate Republicans if he tries to go for another shutdown. So, I’ve got my fingers crossed that that will avoid that possibility. With votes in the Senate and in the House, we can fund the government, maybe even over his veto…if it reaches that point,” Durbin claimed.

Durbin then claimed that finding common ground on immigration wasn’t out of reach, “but I don’t know if we can find common ground with this president.”